Sat.Sep 15, 2018

Let the Alumni Debates Begin. Gartner is Back with its Top Supply Chain Graduate University Program Rankings

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Penn State Once Again Top the List, but Here Comes Minnesota

Is UPS’ Strategy Really Transformational?

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Now that the dust has settled and I’ve calmed down a bit, let’s chat about the UPS Transformation meeting that was held Thursday, September 13, 2018. A disclaimer before jumping in, I spent almost 11 years with Big Brown and yes, I do have some, albeit not much, stock in the company.

Three Levels of Inventory Management Awareness Needed to Deliver Omnichannel Profitably

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The majority of inventory solutions being used today were never designed with omnichannel in mind, and require a tremendous amount of effort, baling wire and scotch tape to pull off; and every one of those appeasements or workarounds erodes profitability