Wed.Feb 24, 2021

Accounts Payable Superheroes, It’s Time to Empower your Suppliers


Why does Accounts Payable Need Heroes? When the pressure is on the last thing you need is that unwanted distraction. In Accounts Payable, it’s the Supplier inquiry. However, could this interruption by your supplier be turned into an automation opportunity.

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Using Technology to Integrate Your Return Management Strategy


Supply chain leaders have faced significant challenges in the past, and in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic spotlighted the need for supply chain resilience and integration. Among these, an integrated return management strategy can make or break successful operations.


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10 Key Issues The Hackett Group Says Will Impact Supply Chain Transformation in 2021


What Will Impact Procurement Processes in 2021? Supply Chain Transformation is ongoing but never more important than in 2021. Every year, The Hackett Group surveys global organizations to better understand their top priorities.

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American Software Reports Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2021 Results


Subscription Fees Increased 29%, Cloud Services Annual Contract Value Increased 24% for the Quarter. ATLANTA (February 24, 2021) American Software, Inc. NASDAQ: AMSWA) today reported preliminary financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2021.

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Just In: Inventory Optimization Research

How are organizations performing on inventory optimization? How can new technologies help your team improve? Find out in this new research report.

Solvoyo’s Take on Supply Chain Planning

Logistics Viewpoints

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak with Nil Durak, Chief Operating Officer at Solvoyo as part of ARC’s Supply Chain Forum.

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Asking Good Questions (Inspiration Behind Indago)

Talking Logistics

“Leaders today need to revisit an overlooked skill: asking questions.” So writes John Hagel III in a recent Harvard Business School Review article titled, “Good Leadership Is About Asking Good Questions.” Here are some excerpts: You think you have the answers to all important questions?

Autonomous Supply Chains Are on the Horizon

Supply Chain Brain

Companies are discovering that “people-less” operations lead to more efficient supply chains

Ways to Use RFID in Retail!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Complexity in the Retail Supply Chain! Get Our EBOOK HERE. RFID article and permission to publish here provided by Vic Bageria.

Makers & Movers: Global Access and Distribution COVID-19 Vaccine

All Things Supply Chain

Distributing the COVID-19 vaccine across the globe will not come without challenges.

What Happens When Machine Learning Meets Ocean Shipping?

Read how Unilever developed a first-of-its-kind digital Control Tower with ClearMetal that provides extremely accurate real-time visibility across their sea freight operations.

4 Key success to optimize Supply Chain Collaboration


In the first place, Supply Chain Collaboration is one of the Key Pillars of S&OP article. Supply Chain Collaboration is also a critical component of a successful S&OP plan. Secondly, modern technology has facilitated internal cross-functional collaboration (within a corporation).

Three steps to energy efficient motors

IT Supply Chain

By Neil Ballinger (pictured). Head of EMEA at EU Automation. The post Three steps to energy efficient motors appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

How Provenance’s Transparency Framework helps beauty brands communicate product impact


The beauty industry isn’t good at opening up when it comes to ingredients and impact. But the ‘values shopper’ cohort is growing, and brands need to step up to meet their expectations.

Adoption of cloud-enabled physical security given boost by pandemic

IT Supply Chain

By Rodrigue Zbinden (pictured). CEO, Morphean. The post Adoption of cloud-enabled physical security given boost by pandemic appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

The Business Costs of Supply Chain Disruption

Supply chains have weathered a lot recently: a pandemic, natural disasters, trade wars and more. The Economist and GEP surveyed 400 senior execs to find out their real business impacts. The results? Shocking, but not surprising. Read the report now.

How is Tik Tok changing both social media and e-commerce?

BluJay Solutions

BluJay’s Sian Hopwood explores how the supply chain can embrace technology in order to keep up with the instantaneous ‘now economy’, as Tik Tok rolls out its social commerce capabilities. Read the full story at Business Leader. In The News Business Leader

Why regularly conducting a business impact analysis is so important

IT Supply Chain

By Chris Huggett (pictured). Senior Vice President, Europe & India, Sungard AS. The post Why regularly conducting a business impact analysis is so important appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

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5 Technologies to Boost Efficiency, Traceability for Aerospace and Defense


Overview. Aerospace and defense contractors face strict oversight and compliance requirements. Existing and emerging technologies may help with complex inventory management, including 5G, blockchain, AGVs, AI and mobile inventory. Some technologies are more hype than substance.

Ring Side Seats – Northern Ireland

BluJay Solutions

The first month of Brexit has not been normal for trading. Between delays and customs declarations, the entire supply chain is adjusting to new realities.

Demystifying Control Towers: What Drives Effectiveness?

Speaker: Mauro Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of Alkimius Group & Andrew MacMillen, Principal Analyst at Nucleus Research

There are several competing definitions of supply chain control towers. Here to demystify their meaning and what it takes to have a successful implementation is Principal Nucleus Research Analyst, Andrew MacMillen in conversation with Alkimius founder & CEO, Mauro Gonzalez.

New Link Traces Beef From Amazon Rainforest to Grocery Stores

Supply Chain Brain

Meatpacking powerhouses like JBS and Marfrig Global Foods have borne the brunt of watchdog efforts to root out illegal deforestation in Brazil’s beef industry. But a new report is transferring attention further down the supply chain

How digitization can improve food safety

3AG Systems

If you are a food and beverage manufacturer in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space, food safety is clearly one of your top concerns. You have every reason to be kept up at night thinking about threats such as unlabelled allergens, foodborne diseases and chemical contaminants.

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Industry Groups Welcome Biden’s Supply-Chain Executive Order

Supply Chain Brain

Manufacturing and telecommunications industry groups are celebrating President Biden's order aimed at improving U.S. supply chains to reduce reliance on foreign-made products

Improv with Excel? Yes, but…


Even if you’ve never tried improv, you’ve probably heard of the “yes, and…” rule. The idea is that when someone else suggests something outside-the-box, you simply accept it and then expand upon it.

Webinar On-Demand: 3 Ways to Make Your Operational Execution More Robust With S&OE

Speaker: Sander van Lokven and N.S. Krishnan

S&OE provides an early warning system that helps business stakeholders sense and optimize their responses. This keeps the supply chain out of firefighting mode, smoothens relationships with customers and suppliers, and helps sustain margins by reducing the cost to serve.

Pressure on supply chains to balance cost and customer expectations


According to the Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Planning Report 2021 there is an ongoing battle within the logistics space to keep costs down, whilst service requirements from anxious consumers rise in an era of widespread disruption.

AP News: Biden to order a review of US supply chains for vital goods

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Opening Up


Pearl Hu is a Blue Yonder boomerang. The Associate Success coordinator started her career at the company, left, learned and returned! She now considers it her biggest risk and proudest achievement.

Supply Chain by the Numbers for Feb. 25, 2021

Supply Chain Digest

Amazon Pays Bonuses to Quit FC Jobs, Forecast for 2021 GDP Growth Headed Higher, Huge Valuation for Warehouse Robot Maker, Home Depot Low Inventory Growth

Leading Advertising and Analytics Company Outperforms With a Graph Database

Xandr, a division of AT&T, has built an identity graph that connects information on people, households, and more. The company is using this graph to provide advertisers an ability to deliver commercials more successfully than ever before. Learn more.