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Supply Chain News Makers Video Series on Quantiying the Advantage of Procurement Leaders

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Chris Sawchuk of The Jackett Group Disciussed Procurement Value and Digitization with Dan Gilmore

The Grocery Supply Chain of the Future – Part 3 of 4

Supply Chain Nation

Preparing for the Marketplace of the Future. Parts 1 and 2 of this blog post in this series, The Changing Face in Grocery (part 1) and The Digitalization of Grocery (part 2), discussed the shift in consumer behavior including where, how often, and indeed, how we shop is setting in motion an unprecedented time of uncertainty and opportunity for the grocery industry.

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7 Email Marketing Tips for Manufacturers and Industrial Companies


Editor's Note: As a transportation management solutions company, Cerasis aids manufacturing companies in streamlining logistics & transportation in order to gain efficiency and reduce costs. Like logistics, marketing has many channels and considerations in order to be effective.

The Industrial Internet of Things Has Empowered Manufacturing


The Industrial Internet of Things can use all the data points it can get. Manufacturing Barcode Labeling

Increasing Supply Chain Visibility and Security

Securing the supply chain starts with having visibility into the status of your assets, but this requires more than GPS coordinates on a map, because security isn’t just about preventing theft. Your assets don’t just need to arrive at their destination. They need to get there on time and untainted by heat, moisture, or physical shock.

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4 Important Skills Needed for a Career in Logistics

3PL Insights

There’s a great deal of space for advancement in the field of logistics, as it’s always rapidly expanding. But there are some specific skills necessary to being successful on the job.

New Markets? No Problem. This Infographic Shows You How.

Material Handling & Logistics

For midsize high-tech manufacturers, the market has never been so fierce – or held so much potential. The rise of the middle class, wireless devices and networks, and new selling platforms mean that it’s easier than ever to access global consumers.

Target Acquires Grand Junction and Proves Delivery Matters


Last week, Target Corp. announced its intended acquisition of Grand Junction , a San Francisco-based startup that enables retailers and distributors to speed up the last mile of delivery in local markets by connecting retailers to a network of 700+ carriers.

Podcast Episode 51: The Power of Scaling Up your Operations for Seasonal Spikes


ICECORP is excited to share Episode 51 of the " 2 Babes Talk Supply Chain " Podcast! If you're a seasonal business or have seasonal eCommerce services, episode 51 is for you!

Leveraging Supply Chain Data for Competitive Advantage

What does it mean to become a digital business or digital supply chain?