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Defining and Executing Omnichannel Fulfillment

Supply Chain 24/7

Omnichannel is an integrated approach to retail that tries to provide the customers with a consistent shopping experience on different channels: online, via telephone or a brick-and-mortar store

4 ways demand sensing and planning work together


Demand planning is a well-established industry process for determining the level of future demand, so production, logistics, and other teams can plan their activities to meet that demand.

Shareholder Value is Inextricably Linked to Supply Chain Performance

Material Handling & Logistics

"Supply chain integration is an increasingly essential component of shareholder value, and to achieve that, supply chain leaders need to speak the language of the Board of Directors and the executive suite,” said Paul Dittmann of the University of Tennessee

Cold Chain Technology Ensures Temperature-Controlled Environment


Supply chain executives need to ensure that environmental and geological conditions are met. Technology can eliminate data silos and lack of communication for cold chain and blockchain metrics, increasing transparency and improving customer satisfaction.

Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Software

Network design as a discipline is complex and too many businesses are still relying on spreadsheets to design and optimize their supply chain. As a result, most organizations struggle to answer network design questions or test hypotheses in weeks, when results are demanded in hours. This Buyer’s Guide helps you find easy-to-use technology to become more proactive and less reactive when it comes to network design and optimization.

How Exception Automation and TMS Streamlines the Dock


When a process occurs that does not fall within the rules and workflows within a TMS, the process is known as an exception. Unfortunately, the increasing complexity of supply chains and inbound freight management will likely continue to force exceptions in established workflows.

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A Look at Some of the Biggest Trends in Shipping and Logistics


Nowadays, evolving technology can dramatically change the way society functions. I can still remember my very first cellphone. The most high-tech things it could do were make phone calls and send text messages, all hand-crafted in T9 of course.

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The Future of Ocean Data Sharing and Visibility

Talking Logistics

Over the past few years there have been many advancements in freight visibility technology, particularly in trucking. Those advancements are now making their way into other modes of transportation, including ocean transport. What factors are driving this trend? How are these advancements improving the way data is shared in ocean transportation? How are companies leveraging enhanced visibility to deliver business benefits?

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Why Supply Chain Technology Needs Blockchain

Supply Chain Brain

There is a tremendous mismatch in the selection of appropriate technologies to automate complex and decentralized operations

Industry 4.0: The Slow Revolution, Part 2

Enterra Insights

The late Emma Goldman, a twentieth century anarchist and political activist, once stated, “If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.” ” The latest industrial revolution, labeled Industry 4.0, is a revolutionary dance many manufacturers have yet to join. Many analysts believe manufacturers need to start dancing if they are going to survive and thrive in the digital age. Most manufacturers seem to understand the need to transform.

The 2018 Supply Chain Software Buyer's Guide

Learn which supply chain applications are the best for your organization.

Winning the Tariff Waiting Game

American Global Logistics

The last few months have forced many global importers into a holding pattern as they wait for the latest round of tariff headlines. The March deadline has come and gone for 25% tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods, and the U.S.

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Career Progression Amid Personal Challenges

JDA software

Margie Jones has been with JDA for nearly 24 years and has evolved her role throughout the HR organization at JDA – from HR representative all the way to her current role today, as vice president of compensation and benefits. She shares how important it is to mean what you say (and say what you mean!)

Get Set to SOAR, Brokers and Forwarders

BluJay Solutions

We’re preparing for Orlando sunshine as BluJay’s SOAR 2019 Customer Conference draws near, April 23-26. Attendees from around the world will gather to hear about the latest supply chain trends and best practices from peers, partners, and industry experts.

Digital Foundations: Fixing the Basics

HICX Solutions

Many procurement teams today are under tremendous pressure to jump on the digital bandwagon and initiate projects that are glamorous and which contribute to the company’s digital strategy, but which may not connect to procurement’s own needs.

Leveraging Supply Chain Data for Competitive Advantage

What does it mean to become a digital business or digital supply chain?

Separate Demand Signals from ‘Market Noise’ and Bring Precision to your Forecasting


Use Halo Multivariate Demand Signal Management to isolate actual demand signals from inconsistent market activity and improve forecast quality. Multivariate Demand Signal Management (MDSM) brings order to the chaotic flood of structured and unstructured market data a business generates and consumes, revealing complex patterns and helping planners separate actionable demand signals from “market noise and nonsense”.

Questions Companies with U.S.-Mexico Trade Should be Asking

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Nearly three years ago, C.H. Robinson’s President of Managed Services, Jordan Kass, spoke before Congress to detail industry concerns over the U.S. government’s role in supply chains. Today, amid an uncertain trade situation on the U.S.-Mexico Mexico border, his words seem unusually predictive.

Are You Prepared For A Supply Chain Talent Crisis?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. The Future of Supply Chain Belongs to Those Who Can Find the Talent! Article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Dave Joseph at [link]. The supply chain talent crisis is a significant problem that will cause widespread disruption in the industry. More workers are retiring, and there are just not enough members from the newer generations interested in the industry.

Get Set to SOAR, Brokers and Forwarders

BluJay Solutions

We’re preparing for Orlando sunshine as BluJay’s SOAR 2019 Customer Conference draws near, April 23-26. Attendees from around the world will gather to hear about the latest supply chain trends and best practices from peers, partners, and industry experts. Whatever role you play in supply chain management, you’ll find breakout sessions tailored to your needs.

How To Improve Your Shipper-Carrier Relationship

What Is Career Development and Why It Is Important?

PLS Logistics

The beginning of your career is often filled with many new and exciting opportunities that allow you to try out various different industries. You are young, bold, smart, and full of ambitions.

Transportation TIP List: Week of April 14th, 2019


Transportation TIP List: Week of April 14 th , 2019. Although there will be many opportunities to search for hidden eggs during this weekend’s Easter celebration, our TIP List this week presents quite the opposite.

IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions

Inbound Logistics

New supply chain services and solutions

All The Supply Chain News You Need To Know 4.15 - 4.19

Aborn and Co.

Uber Releases IPO Prospectus, Digital Container Shipping Association Established, Albertsons Joins the Blockchain Movement

Navigating the Road to Successful Automation - A Process Driven Approach

Speaker: Jon Leposky, Director of Operations and Logistics, Z Customization

Automation can be an incredibly powerful tool to lower costs, increase capabilities, and enable scaling. However the road to implementing automation can be long and challenging even when all the proper steps are taken. Being equipped with the proper tools and knowledge of common pitfalls when implementing automation can make the difference between a show stopping disaster and seamless success.


Inbound Logistics

The latest news and trends impacting the steel supply chain

Eric Breen Joins PINC as Vice President of Business Development


Industry veteran joins market leader for yard management systems and inventory robotics technology to further expand global growth Union City, CA — April 17, 2019 — PINC today announced that Eric Breen will be joining the company’s executive team as vice president of business development.

Singularity: Shape-Shifting Self-Aware Supply Chains?

Inbound Logistics

Four recent independent Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances indicate that self-aware supply chains, or what some are calling cognitive supply chains, may be closer than we think

Protect Against Cybercrime – How Cybersecurity Helps!

Clear Spider

Welcome to part two of our blog series! It is estimated that there will be a $2 trillion loss due to cybercrime in 2019.As mentioned last week, cybercrime is an ongoing threat and supply chains are at risk. Cybersecurity will help to defend against cybercriminals and is essential to ensure that all of your important […]. The post Protect Against Cybercrime – How Cybersecurity Helps! appeared first on [link]. Supply Chain cybersecurity prevention Security

Automated Order Processing and Proactive Inventory Management

Speaker: Irina Rosca, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Helix

Organizations need to focus on demand driven supply planning, utilizing real time information on customer orders from all marketplaces (e-commence, Amazon - or other online retailers, and point of sale data from brick and mortar). Focusing on this information once per month during the S&OP meeting is too late for all business units to align. Companies should have seamless integration between order entry, inventory management, forecasting and supply planning models and purchase order status to sense risk, pull levers to mitigate potential risk, and communicate within and outside the organization. This is especially important for new product releases, in store programs or promotions (sales, end caps, PDQ. etc) or online promotions (company run or 3rd party). Depending on total supply chain lead time, not having real time visibility and analysis of this information can significantly affect sales and the bottom line.