Thu.Feb 25, 2021

Extended Supply Chain - What do all those initials really mean?

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

Is it just me or does FMCG life seems to be increasingly full of initials? New examples seem to pop up on a weekly basis with COVID-19 being top of mind currently.

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How to Maximize Delivery Efficiency and Cut Logistics-Related Costs in 2021 and Beyond

DELMIA Quintiq

In the crowded retail marketplace, customer experience is key, and logistical capabilities are what set the winners apart from the less prepared. Companies that are not able to deliver goods at the right time and place will risk losing their customers to one of many competitors.


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How to Use Data to Fuel Your Retail Reverse Logistics Strategy


How often do you think about your retail reverse logistics strategy? It’s easy to assume retail reverse logistics is solely based on returns. While this is partially true, all retail reverse logistics involve a backward flow of products that return to their origin.

ERP vs. Best-in-Class — What is Best for Managing the Healthcare Supply Chain


ERP vs. Best-in-Class for Healthcare Supply Chain Management? They both do the same thing, or do they? Are ERP systems better than best-in-class supply chain solutions for managing healthcare supply chains?

Just In: Inventory Optimization Research

How are organizations performing on inventory optimization? How can new technologies help your team improve? Find out in this new research report.

What is Reverse Logistics?


What is reverse Logistics? Before we dive in the nuances of reverse logistics, otherwise known as return logistics, integration, let's briefly recap what reverse logistics is. Reverse logistics refers to all operations related to the reuse of products and materials.

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Blockchain Hype and Reality in the Supply Chain

Enterra Insights

The term “blockchain” is bandied about so often one tends to forget, when it comes to supply chain applications, the technology remains in its infancy. With so much be discussed and written about blockchain, John Walker, President at Holo Sail Holdings Incorporated, asks in a headline, “Is blockchain’s role in supply chain logistics overhyped?”[1] ”[1] In answer to that question, my first thought was: All new technologies are hyped?

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AMER 2021 Day 2 Demo 1


Demo Breakout. Effectively Managing Supplier Information, Risk & Performance. Establishing an environment where information is digitally exchanged between buyers and suppliers and where processes are interconnected has become essential in the new generation of procurement and supply chain management.

Delivering Hope: Taimen Transport Ships Life-Saving Vaccines


New daily cases of COVID-19 were increasing at an alarming rate. Vaccines were authorized for emergency use. The vaccination program had only just begun. All eyes were on the success, or failure, of the cold chain. The doses had to make it. The program had to work. Failure was not an option.

Wolves and ships

Supply Chain Movement

Are logistics matching platforms a wolf in sheep’s clothing for freight forwarders? That’s the question posed by Rob Zuidwijk, Professor of Global Supply Chains & Ports at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, in a recently published report.

What Happens When Machine Learning Meets Ocean Shipping?

Read how Unilever developed a first-of-its-kind digital Control Tower with ClearMetal that provides extremely accurate real-time visibility across their sea freight operations.

How Supply Chain Management Software Became Manufacturing’s Shock Absorber In 2021


Bottom Line: Unpredictable demand swings caused by the pandemic are stress-testing supply chain management software systems across manufacturing, helping many manufacturers discover new strengths they hadn’t realize they had before.

Key Insights to Improve LTL Transit Times

CH Robinson Logistics

The transportation industry has faced volatility over the last several years, but nothing like the disruptions of 2020. The less than truckload (LTL) marketplace continues to face unique challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One ongoing situation is longer than normal LTL transit times.

The Dangerous Ripple Effects of High Warehouse Employee Turnover

Kane is Able

Manufacturers and retailers who outsource distribution activities to third-party logistics companies (3PLs) understand that there is a certain amount of churn among warehouse workers. But just how much churn is something they should be paying far more attention to.

The Omnichannel Alphabet Soup: Structuring the Unstructured

IT Supply Chain

By Bryce Boothby (pictured). MPO Board Member. The post The Omnichannel Alphabet Soup: Structuring the Unstructured appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

The Business Costs of Supply Chain Disruption

Supply chains have weathered a lot recently: a pandemic, natural disasters, trade wars and more. The Economist and GEP surveyed 400 senior execs to find out their real business impacts. The results? Shocking, but not surprising. Read the report now.

Features to Know Before Buying Kraft Apparel Boxes!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. A Guide to Personalized Packaging! Get Our EBOOK HERE. Kraft apparel boxes article and permission to publish here provided by Jasof Mac.

In the Fast Lane Toward a Contactless Supply Chain

Supply Chain Brain

In the name of safety, touchless technology is on the rise everywhere we look

Why a NC warehouse makes sense post-pandemic

Kanban Logistics

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, much of the country and the economy slowed to a crawl. A notable exception is the logistics industry, where warehousing and transportation operations were busier than ever.

UK – Senior Delivery Consultant

EV Cargo Technology

Location: Gerrards Cross SL9. Salary: £40,000 – £50,000 a year. What is the opportunity? A software implementation consultant role, in the logistics and compliance areas of the supply chain.

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Demystifying Control Towers: What Drives Effectiveness?

Speaker: Mauro Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of Alkimius Group & Andrew MacMillen, Principal Analyst at Nucleus Research

There are several competing definitions of supply chain control towers. Here to demystify their meaning and what it takes to have a successful implementation is Principal Nucleus Research Analyst, Andrew MacMillen in conversation with Alkimius founder & CEO, Mauro Gonzalez.

Survival of the Fittest: Why shippers must build resilience into their supply chains without delay

American Global Logistics

“Survival of the Fittest” has greater meaning for the logistics industry than ever before. Charles Darwin stated, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” The post-pandemic marketplace is rife with change.

The ROI of Modern Order Management Solutions


You have to cut costs and you have to grow. The only way to do both as a food retailer or supplier is to invest in modern order management solutions that will remove the manual processes that not only eat up your time but your profits. Events Supply Chain Management

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Who Is Spending Your Cash?

Supply Chain Action Blog

“Cash is king,” we hear. I have seen this in the core values of major, multi-national corporations. If you travel for your company, you likely face restrictions on the amount and/or cost of travel which you can book without very senior level approval.

The Manufacturing Moral of the “Three Little Pigs”


There is an extremely well-known fable about three little pigs that go off into the world to find their own way. Perhaps the following hallmark phrase will remind you of the story. Little pig, little pig, let me come in.”. “No, No, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.”.

Webinar On-Demand: 3 Ways to Make Your Operational Execution More Robust With S&OE

Speaker: Sander van Lokven and N.S. Krishnan

S&OE provides an early warning system that helps business stakeholders sense and optimize their responses. This keeps the supply chain out of firefighting mode, smoothens relationships with customers and suppliers, and helps sustain margins by reducing the cost to serve.

Security Threats to the COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain

Supply Chain Brain

Only by employing proactive intelligence will vaccine supply chains be able to shift their security posture from reactive to proactive

Five Supply Chain Drivers

Vanguard Software

These five supply chain drivers provide a useful framework for improving supply chain outcomes. Vanguard Predictive Planning™ enables companies to make informed decisions around efficiency and responsiveness within their supply chain. Supply Chain SKU Rationalization

Top 3 Strategies for Supply Chain Planners in 2021


In today’s ever-changing business environment, supply chain planners have a challenging task at hand. They need to understand the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and align short- and long-term supply chain plans to maximize market share and revenue targets.

Logistics property update: February 2021


Amazon to launch first Ireland fulfilment centre to mitigate border chaos. Amazon is to launch their first packing centre in Ireland, to avoid delays brought by new Brexit trade agreements. Looking to use a 650,000 sq.ft.

Leading Advertising and Analytics Company Outperforms With a Graph Database

Xandr, a division of AT&T, has built an identity graph that connects information on people, households, and more. The company is using this graph to provide advertisers an ability to deliver commercials more successfully than ever before. Learn more.