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Three ways your supply chain manager can help improve speed-to-market

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By John Caltabiano, VP of Global Supply Chain, Jabil. Given a choice, would you launch your product late, or launch it over budget? Choosing to go to market late might present the greater risk to profitability, according to a report published by McKinsey & Company that claims, on average, going to market six months late but within budget can shave 33 percent off profits

How to Successfully Integrate an E-Commerce Shipping Plan Into Your Traditional Shipping Practices


E-commerce value will exceed $4 trillion by 2025, and demand for e-commerce requires seamless integration between traditional shipping practices and an e-commerce shipping plan. Unfortunately, e-commerce is incredibly complex.

Supply Chain Risk Hits the Big Time

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For too long, supply chain risk management has been mostly confined within supply chain circles. CEOs and government agencies were more than happy to let a few experts deal with supply chain challenges. Thanks to a rise in cyber attacks, supply chain risk management is receiving attention in all quarters.

Key learnings from Supply Chain Insights’ Global Summit


It was a pleasure to attend this month’s Supply Chain Insights Summit in Philadelphia. The conference, organized by Supply Chain Shaman Lora Cecere and her team, was structured around a compelling theme: “imagine the supply chain of 2030.”

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How ClearMetal Customers Stay a Day Ahead of the Competition

Every shipper in the world receives alerts that their shipment arrived at port 1.5 days after it actually happened. ClearMetal customers get alerted 31 hours earlier. Learn how ClearMetal is giving their customers a competitive advantage nobody else can.

Supply Chain Planning for the Busy Holiday Season


Holiday spending accounts for over $650 billion every year in the United States alone. Many businesses make the majority of their sales during the holiday season, which is a perfect time to get ahead of managing their supply chains.

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UltraShipTMS Named to 100 Great Supply Chain Partners List

Supply Chain Collaborator

SupplyChainBrain’s Annual List of Leading Supply Chain Providers Includes UltraShipTMS Again. Fair Lawn, NJ – September 19, 2018 – UltraShipTMS continues to be recognized by major supply chain and logistics industry media for being an innovative leader in the development and delivery of leading transportation logistics technologies.

Hurricane Florence Update: Impacts, Forecasts, and Operational Best Practices


After making landfall last week, Hurricane Florence is crawling northeast along the U.S.'s s east coast. Despite weakening from a Category 4 storm to a Category 1 , the storm is disrupting everyday life and wreaking havoc on infrastructure. Last week we published this breakdown of what to expect from Florence, as well as a list of best practices to help businesses defend their operations from the elements. Here are the latest updates.

Demand forecasting: The secret sauce to a more effective supply chain


Sales and inventory demand forecasting are critical to the longevity of any business.

Blume Global introduces a new digital era of growth, innovation and value creation for the global supply chain ecosystem

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Rez-1, Inc. has announced a significant evolution in its vision to empower a real-time digital, collaborative, and growth-focused global supply chain ecosystem, with its expanded strategic focus, new name and new solution offerings

Optimize Supply Chain Network Capacity Utilization for Manufacturing Competitiveness

Download a complimentary copy of this Gartner report and get best practices to sustain agility and set the stage for growth. More and more companies are using advanced analytics as an enabler to handle demand variability, reign in network complexity, and improve decision making around capacity planning. Will you be among them? Insights you will gain from this report: How you can best structure decision-making around capacity planning. How to design your network to deal with rising complexity and overflows. How to leverage prescriptive analytics to make decisions around desired trade-offs. How to deal with change management and governance.

Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of Sept. 20, 2018

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UPS Investing Big in Peak Season Capacity, Now Union Pacific to Try Precision Railroading, IKEA Going All Green on Local Deliveries, US Truckload Rates Still Heading Higher, Much Higher

The FMCG Leaders Guide to Route to Market Strategy & Execution in 20 Steps

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

Wouldn’t it be great if someone developed and shared a step by step model detailing how to build and improve route to market execution, sales execution and trade marketing strategic and operational plans?

Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series on Volvo Interesting New Electric, Driverless Truck Concep

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Tractor looks more like a European sports car

Video 37

Top U.S. Exports for 2018

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In 2017, the US distributed $2.3 trillion in exports. This made up part of the overall foreign trade amount of $5.2 trillion. Out of this $2.3 trillion in exports included $1.4 trillion in goods, and a number of other varying commodities.

Your Data Has Value. Learn How Technology Can Unlock It.

Supply chain data is flawed, we all know this. Hear ClearMetal CEO, Adam Compain, talk about how the right technology and strategies will give you better visibility and create value within your supply chain. The ability to move from reactive firefighting to proactive planning is closer than you think.

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on The Six Most Likely Scenarios for Autonomous Trucks

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Highway Exit to Exit Automation Tops the List, though Platooning has Few Barriers

Managing My Stress

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If you’re anything like me, you have a long to-do list (or many to-do lists). Of course, I have all the things I need to get done at work and then there are the things I need to get done with the family, the house, and the pets. Just thinking about all the things on my lists can cause me stress. With so much to do, how can you avoid feeling stressed all the time? Since I don’t have the option to sit on a beach all day sipping a tasty drink with an umbrella in it, I’ve had to find ways to cope.

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