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Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Social Media-Fueled Demand Volatility?


Have you noticed how the clock speed of just about everything has sped up considerably in just a few years?

Fragmented Planning Undermines Supply Chain Success


Even under the best circumstances, developing production/sourcing plans three, six or nine months into the future with a high degree of confidence is difficult. During times of change and disruption it is nearly impossible to get an accurate plan. Huge sales and margin impacts hang in the balance.

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Dock Scheduling: A Requirement as Retailers Double Down on WMS & WES

C3 Solutions

Supply chains across the globe need more efficiency to survive. The opportunities to grow fulfillment and improve the flow of inbound and outbound freight depend on multiple factors. Items need efficient unloading and comprehensive, digital put-away processes.

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Why SME Manufacturers Love This New Stock Control Software Right Now


Running a business right now is challenging. Unpredictable demand, disrupted supply chains, cashflow uncertainty all make things a lot more difficult

How Georgia-Pacific Turned Their Supply Chain into a Competitive Advantage

Georgia-Pacific, one of the world's leading manufacturers of tissue, pulp and paper and supplier to top brands like Brawny, Angel Soft and DIXIE, trusts ClearMetal for their supply chain requirements. Read the case study to hear how one company turned the reliability and transparency of its supply chain into distinct competitive advantages.

Chainalytics’ Ashley Thompson Among Top Women in Supply Chain


Atlanta, GA (September 23, 2020) – Chainalytics, a recognized global leader in supply chain consulting and analytics, announced today that Ashley Thompson has been selected by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine as a recipient of the first annual Women in Supply Chain award.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Customer’s Out-of-Box Experience


When virtually any category of consumer product is eligible for the “unboxing video” phenomenon, you need to create unique out-of-box experiences (OOBE) to surprise and delight your customers. The resulting social media buzz and positive reviews can help secure the success of your brand.

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Lessons for COVID-19 and Supply Chain Management – Six Months Later


Over the past six months, significant progress has been made in understanding COVID-19 and reducing its health and economic impact.

Reshoring or…rightshoring?

In the Supply Chain

By Harel Boren (pictured). CEO & co-founder of Inspekto. The post Reshoring or…rightshoring? appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Resiliency of Your Supply Chain – And How to Improve it.


Covid-19 has been a good lesson for most companies to bring to surface the vulnerability of their supply chains. However, we have many other events including recent tariffs and trade wars, economic downturn of 2008, and tsunami in Japan.

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Mission Critical: Leveraging Learning Engineering to Drive Digital Transformation

Speaker: Trish Uhl, Founder of Owl's Ledge LLC and the Talent & Learning Analytics Leadership Forum

Digital is disrupting every part of an organization's value chain at a record pace, creating a critical need to transform operations and employees' ways of working. Formal training alone can't keep up; it's often too slow, too generic, inconvenient, inefficient, unduly expensive and lacks or lags methods for measuring business-related effectiveness. Trish Uhl show you how to start leveraging Learning Engineering, a multidisciplinary approach that combines modern technology, data analytics, decision science, learning sciences and change management with human-centered engineering design methodologies to ultimately deliver targeted learning outcomes and business results that keep pace with the business and merge learning into the flow of work and lead Digital Adoption.

Removing the barriers to ensure a smarter future for physical access control

In the Supply Chain

By John Allen (pictured). Physical Access Control Business Development Manager, Axis Communications. The post Removing the barriers to ensure a smarter future for physical access control appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

QAD Tomorrow: What’s Next for Manufacturers?


Thank you to those of you who joined us for QAD Tomorrow, our virtual thought stream, which was focused on the unforeseen disruption in manufacturing and the new transformation imperative. For those who weren’t able to attend, it’s not too late to view the thought stream replay.

Vaccine supply chain delays are almost inevitable

In the Supply Chain

By Madhav Durbha (pictured). Group Vice President of Industry Strategy, LLamasoft. The post Vaccine supply chain delays are almost inevitable appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Flyjac Logistics deploys BluJay’s forwarders solution to amp customer experience

BluJay Solutions

BluJay Solutions, a leading provider of supply chain software and services, revealed that Flyjac Logistics has deployed BluJay’s Transportation Management for Forwarders platform (TMFF) to improve operational efficiencies and customer service. Read the full story here.

Webinar on Demand: Resilient Supply Chain Network Design

Speaker: Bhomik Jain, Paul van Nierop & Aanand Pandey

Companies around the world are struggling to cope with COVID-19 disruption. Are supply chain networks resilient enough to weather the storm? Watch this webinar to learn about our research findings in the realm of network design and optimization, and uncover the capabilities you need to build resilience and agility.

The Future, Now: 8 Ways Machine Learning Transforms Warehousing


"Artificial Intelligence" and "Machine Learning" have recently become buzzwords across different verticals, but what do they actually mean for modern supply chain management? News managing your Supply Chain Industry General Information smart warehouse

RPA in Transportation Management | 3 Ways Robotic Process Automation Maximizes Efficiency


The opportunities to apply robotics and artificial intelligence within the global supply chain are vast. Among these, robotic process automation (RPA) is a key element of supply chain automation that is moving the industry toward efficiency and productivity goals.

Princes turns to QR codes and blockchain for sustainability storytelling – edie


In a piece highlighting the future of food, this article looks at our work with Princes to bring proven sustainability information on-pack for shoppers.

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Supply Chain Game Changer Playbook: Capitalize on Demand Spikes & Prevent Material Shortages From Getting in the Way

Supply Chain Brain

With material shortages and demand volatility becoming the new normal, as we’ve seen with COVID-19, companies are implementing new strategies to keep their organizations nimble and their supply chains operational no matter the situation.

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The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

What is Industrial Symbiosis?


The role of Digital Ecosystems in Circular Supply Chain. This is the fourth installment of the QAD DynaSys blog series focusing on circular supply chains. Industrial Symbiosis is a phrase not often used, if ever, in supply chain circles. However, in the future, it may become more prevalent.

How Can Advanced Sourcing Help Your Business?

EC Sourcing Group

There are many terms when it comes to all levels of procurement management, which is a smaller part of the overall supply chain.

5 Supply Chain Revelations Gleaned From the COVID-19 Pandemic


As businesses re-open and deal with the effects of the pandemic however, priorities have shifted from cost competitiveness and lead times to stock availability and accessibility. Supply chains are complex, and there are always challenges.

Three Things People Get Wrong in Warehouse Design

Logistics Bureau

What are the things that people get wrong most of the time in warehouse design? Here’s what Malcolm Walker , LB Manager Consulting, thoughts about it. Related articles on this topic have appeared throughout our websites, why not check them out? Robobyrne: FACT – The 4 Warehouse Design Principles.

Supply Chain Planning Maturity – How Do You Compare to Peers?

Today's supply chains are networked, global ecosystems. An event upstream in a different country or region can cause considerable disruption downstream. The COVID-19 pandemic is an extreme example of how this unfolds in practice. How prepared are supply chain teams to react and recover, from a planning maturity stance? Download this report to get exclusive insights on planning maturity!

Reimagining How You Purchase Transportation

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Companies want and expect innovation from their 3PLs, and as one of the world’s largest logistics platforms we’re focused on continuing to deliver new and innovative technology built by and for supply chain experts.

Brewers Supply Group Selects BluJay’s Transportation Management to Deliver Best-in-class Service for Customers

BluJay Solutions

BSG to eliminate manual processes, improve visibility, and better leverage data with BluJay’s tech and MTS. Holland, MI – Sept. 22, 2020 – BluJay Solutions , a leading provider of global supply chain software and services, announces that Brewers Supply Group, Inc., has selected BluJay’s Transportation Management technology and Managed Transportation Services to manage freight for its multiple divisions across North America.

UK government considers supply chain deforestation law


The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is consulting on whether or not the government should introduce a new law requiring businesses to ensure that forest-risk commodities they use have been produced legally.

Working from Home – Impacts on Commercial Property Markets


I was recently speaking to Nick Swain , from Kinegistics, who shared with me his thoughts on how working from home is going to be the norm. This was a follow-up to an IACCM Vibe Summit webinar I did with Tim Cummins on the subject of what life will be like in this new economy. Nick noted the following: The impact of more people working from home will mean both a reduced requirement for office space and change in the type and potentially location of the office space required.

B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It's time for you to start selling smarter - and hitting your sales number - with the best B2B database in the market. Get started today.