Sat.May 14, 2022

4 Tips for Effective SMS Marketing!

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Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Content Marketing Strategy – The Decisive Guide! SMS marketing is a very effective way to reach a large audience directly and quickly, while getting immediate feedback.

Who Should ‘Own’ Smart Fulfillment in Your Organization?

Supply Chain Brain

Much has been written about artificial intelligence (AI) software and robotics in the warehouse from a technology and functionality perspective. Far less has been written about the broad question of who “ owns ” t his type of “smart fulfillment” in an organization


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Supply Chain and Logistics Stock Report for Week Ending May 13, 2022

Supply Chain Digest

See who was up and who was down

Five Ways Material Handling Automation Can Overcome Persistent Labor Shortages

Supply Chain Brain

We know that this labor crunch is no joke, and surging e-commerce demands, the “Great Resignation”, and supply chain disruptions have not made it any easier on companies’ bottom line. It’s clear that companies can no longer rely on abundant labor to run warehouses or factories

Gartner on Choosing the Right Supply Chain Visibility Platform for Your Business

Supply Chain Visibility is critical to success in today’s market, but how do you ensure that you choose the right platform? Gartner rates 11 visibility platforms on 100+ capabilities to help you make the best decision for your business. Download the report!

How a Global Consumer Goods Conglomerate Strengthened Demand Planning

Supply Chain Brain

The consumer Goods Industry is highly competitive and supply chain complexities further add to the challenges. To make the situation better, consumer goods companies depend on effective demand planning. But how can they go about it

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Speed Up Your eCommerce Fulfillment Operations by 3X with Robotic Automation

Supply Chain Brain

Consumer buying habits have shifted radically toward eCommerce, putting pressure on fulfillment centers to process more orders, more quickly with existing resources

Five Ways A Warehouse Fulfillment Platform Can Help You Meet Demand and Grow Your Margins

Supply Chain Brain

Warehouse operators have been squeezed from all sides in the past two years as a result of surging demand, more complex fulfillment, space limitations and a shrinking workforce.

Bridging the Gap between Procurement & Finance

Supply Chain Brain

The shift to remote or hybrid work brought on by the pandemic has made it very clear that strong internal collaboration is essential to every business

How a Global Beverage Company Achieved End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Brain

Access to timely and accurate data can help Food & Beverage companies gain end-to-end real-time supply chain visibility, thus addressing complex challenges but also ensuring customer needs are met.

How to Achieve True Net-Zero Emissions: An Action Plan for Supply Chain Leaders

To achieve sustainability, many firms set lofty net-zero emissions goals. However, meeting them is easier said than done. This GEP whitepaper shows why supply shain leaders should take steps now, and offers an action plan for moving forward.

How the Returns Industry Can Reduce the Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions

Supply Chain Brain

Strategies to Effectively Reduce the Impact of Port Congestion on Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Brain

What exactly is causing the congestion, and how can companies use this information to develop short- and long-term strategies that could counteract the damage

Five Challenges in Parcel Shipping Optimization

Supply Chain Brain

C OVID -19 caused e-commerce to surge as brick-and-mortar businesses closed, workers were sent home, shopping migrated online , and shipping demand pivoted to parcel

The Promise of Digital Twins and Smart Contracts

Supply Chain Brain

Despite numerous advances in plant automation, operating companies today continue to struggle with inefficiencies across supply chains that provide material, equipment and the services required to operate and maintain their facilities.

Using Technology & Strategy to Build a More Resilient Supply Chain

Speaker: Tom Coughlin, President at Coughlin Associates, Inc.

The pandemic has made companies acutely aware of the interdependence of supply chains, with reliance on multiple suppliers to produce crucial components of finished products. One of the consequences will be the growth of more local content in products, and that will require the use of new technologies. In this webinar, learn how to navigate the ways technology working with humans will transform the way products are made and distributed.