Sun.Jul 16, 2017

3 Dangers of Resting on Your Supply Chain Laurels

Inventory and Supply Chain Optimization

It is a common phrase: “Don’t rest on your laurels.” In other words, don’t be satisfied with your past successes. Go out and strive for more. In today’s culture of… Editor's Picks Supply Chain Management innovation omnichannel supply chain supply chain management

There’s a Less Frustrating Way to Negotiate Freight Contracts

Logistics Bureau

What do planes, trains, trucks, and ships all have in common?… … Unless you own them, you have to pay for space onboard. When you negotiate freight contracts though, there’s a lot more to consider (and haggle over) than the price per unit/tonne/pallet that you wish to transport.

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Running efficiently: How athletics and logistics converge


If you’ve read a few coaching books about running, chances are that the authors would agree that how well you run comes down to three factors: 1. VO 2 max. Your VO 2 max levels determine your body’s ability to transport oxygen to your muscles and your muscles ability to utilize this oxygen.