Sat.Nov 18, 2023

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How Machine Learning Works, Benefits and its Applications


When you think about machine learning, you might imagine robots learning as they interact with their surroundings. In numerous aspects, you’re not too far off. Within the specialized subject of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning refers to the ability of systems and machines to learn from their experiences and get better without explicit programming.

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From Chaos to Control: TMS Systems Simplified

IT Supply Chain

By Richard Pearson (pictured) Content Writer The post From Chaos to Control: TMS Systems Simplified appeared first on IT Supply Chain.

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Barometers of Holiday Period Sales- Walmart and Target

Supply Chain Matters

Two major U.S. retailers, Walmart and Target , reported quarterly financial performance this week which provide a likely barometer to this current holiday sales and fulfillment period. Walmart U.S. based retailer Walmart’s report of financial performance for the quarter ending on October 27 was headlined with exceeding expectations on revenues and profitability.