Thu.May 12, 2022

Supply Chain Cyber Security in 2022: Shipper Risks Are Increasing


Shippers continually deal with unprecedented disruptions, including the effects of the global pandemic that are still rocking most market and industry niches. In addition, shippers face heightened threats to supply chain cyber security.

Facilities Are a Critical Part of the Enterprise Supply Chain Tech Stack. It’s Time to Start Managing Them That Way

Logistics Viewpoints

Amidst ongoing uncertainty caused by COVID-19 lockdowns in Asia, war in Europe, scarce raw materials and steep inflation, companies are stockpiling inventory as never before in the hopes of mitigating future supply chain shocks.


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Supply Chain Growth in a Challenging Market: A Conversation with Weber’s CFO, Maggie Movius

West Coast and California Logistics

Weber Logistics’ CFO Maggie Movius has been busy. She’s navigated a worldwide pandemic, a partnership between Weber and Stellex Capital Management, and a doubling of Weber’s warehousing footprint in California – all within the past two years.

From Disorderly Data to Supply Chain Insights: A Five-Step Plan

Supply Chain Brain

In recent years, companies have heavily invested in tools to collect and create new data sets. Yet they continue to face challenges in translating that data into valuable business insights that lead to supply chain improvements

Tools 91

Perfect Your Back-to-School Strategy with End-to-End Ocean Visibility

Speaker: Mark Delaney and Steve Dowse

In this webinar, we discuss key challenges in product availability, ways to create agility in your supply chain operations despite ocean disruptions, and how end-to-end ocean visibility can mitigate key retail concerns this back-to-school season and beyond.

Availability of Part Two Research Report- Your Workforce: The Most Critical Link in Supply Chain Capability

Supply Chain Matters

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group , through its affiliated Supply Chain Matters blog, announces the release of a second published research advisory in an overall three-part series: The Importance of Supply Chain and Human Resources Strategy Alignment for Addressing Talent Recruitment and Retention Needs- Part Two. Introduction and Purpose.

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Freight Invoice Facts to Know About Errors

Intelligent Audit

When delayed at a rail crossing, a train can appear to have countless cars. Yet the tracks available to the trains stretch drastically further than the eye can see. Often, the general public’s view of freight transportation is similar.

U.S., EU Plan to Pledge Supply Chain Cooperation to Counter Russia

Supply Chain Brain

The U.S. and European Union plan to keep addressing supply chain and other disruptions as they project a unified front against Russia when high-level officials meet starting Sunday to discuss cooperation on trade and technology issues in Paris

Can Companies “Uber-ize” Their Way Out of Supply Chain Troubles?

MIT Supply Chain

Uber revolutionized passenger transportation by providing a third-party platform where consumers “compete” with each other for rides.

Watch: AGVs: Are They Right for Your Warehouse?

Supply Chain Brain

Nicola Tomatis, chief executive officer of BlueBotics, discusses interoperability of AGVs and things to consider before investing in automated vehicles

How to Optimize Your Supply Chain in Times of Disruption

Disruptions expose gaps in the supply chain and amplify problems. What can be done? Research by GEP and North Carolina State University shows how tech can fix the gaps and ensure supply chain resilience and optimization. Download now!

Champions of Sustainability: Tim Cook


Sustainability has become both a strategic and operational objective for manufacturers globally. Sustainable business practices are not only good for the environment, they can increase company viability in the long term through growth, global competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Biden Under Fire for FDA’s Delay in Fixing Baby Formula Shortage

Supply Chain Brain

The White House raced Thursday to show it’s trying to ease a national baby formula shortage, as Republicans showered criticism on President Biden for a crisis that has left frantic parents scouring store shelves to feed their children

Air Shipment: Achieving Agility, Speed, and Resilience

American Global Logistics

As global supply chains adapted to chaotic conditions, businesses turned to multi-modal solutions. Air cargo movement became a prominent piece of those multi-modal solutions. As conditions normalize, let’s look at how air shipment compares to when these crises were at their peaks. Is air shipment competitive as the crises eventually subside? What are the risks […]. The post Air Shipment: Achieving Agility, Speed, and Resilience appeared first on AGL. Blog News

The Anatomy of a Highly Optimized eCommerce Distribution Centre!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Featuring Our 10 Best Warehouse Order Fulfillment Articles! A lot has changed over the years in regard to distribution centers.

The Essential Supply Chain Network Design Tooling Checklist

Dedicated supply chain network design software is fuelled by intuitive scenario analysis capabilities and powerful mathematical optimization. Answer 10 relevant questions to see if advanced network design & scenario modeling technology can help you.

Whither Globalization?

Enterra Insights

The future of globalization remains a bit of a mystery. Despite overwhelming evidence that globalization has improved the world’s economic fortunes — and raised millions out of poverty — it has been aggressively attacked by many in the west as jobs and manufacturing moved overseas.

Global 130

5 TMS Modules to Grow Your Brokerage Fast


The post 5 TMS Modules to Grow Your Brokerage Fast appeared first on 3GTMS. Freight Brokers 3pl brokerage tms

3PL 130

Infographic: 8 Supply Chain Mistakes Companies Make

The Network Effect

The post Infographic: 8 Supply Chain Mistakes Companies Make appeared first on The Network Effect. Network Business

Supply Chain News on Very Interesting Q1 Results for Amazon

Supply Chain Digest

Online Sales Decline again, Fulfillment and Shipping Costs Rise Sharply, as CFO says Amazon has to Many FC Workers

Top 5 Supply Chain Processes That Need Better Collaboration Right Now

A lack of collaboration is a leading cause of supply chain headaches. GEP offers 5 remedies to ease your pain. Download this guide for must-have tools and processes for better supplier interactions.

Cross-border e-Commerce is complex but is fastest growing

ModusLink Corporation

M-Commerce. M-commerce or Mobile commerce has been a growing phenomenon for some time now. Forecasts from various sources continue to show the potential growth if Mobile commerce were to continue its path forward (which is expected).

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on Lessons Learned from Tests of Electric Trucks

Supply Chain Digest

NACFE Report Says Electrics are Ready Right Now for Regional Hauls

How to Choose The Right Ecommerce Platform for Wholesale


A move to wholesale eCommerce can seem overwhelming with so many platforms for managing your sales orders now available. So we’ve put together a practical guide to the software you’ll need – including 11 essential questions to ask when you’re choosing a platform.

7 Contract Management Functions You Can Automate Today and Secure Peace of Mind


• Managing agreements is a critical part of any procurement process. In a normal procurement process, buyers, usually organizations or institutions, send their purchase requests to suppliers to inquire about product availability, pricing, and delivery. •

Common Use Cases for Mathematical Optimization

What is mathematical optimization and what are some of the most common use cases for across industries? How can this type of prescriptive analytics be applied to lower costs, reduce carbon emissions, and build more resilient supply chains? Find out in this guide.

Looking for a North Carolina Warehouse to Rent? Turn to a 3PL

Kanban Logistics

If your company is looking for a North Carolina warehouse to rent, you may be surprised to find ultra-low vacancy rates and stiff competition for availability.

Ocean Shipping is a Mess, and We Need to Fix It

I.C.E. Transport

Who out there remembers the Liner Conference System ? The system allowed two or more ocean shipping companies to provide scheduled cargo service on a particular trade route under uniform rates and common terms.

Bridging the tech gap in the recreational and outdoor power equipment markets


As we continue to witness major transformations happening across industries, many smart investors are keeping an eye on the smaller, untapped industries. For example, the powersports market had been long overdue for disruption, but many VCs were too focused on … Digital Transformation

Warehouse Robotics Risks to Avoid


Drawing on an enlightening conversation with Jim Brownell on the latest episode, let’s examine the dynamics of warehouse robotics. The post Warehouse Robotics Risks to Avoid appeared first on Tecsys. Distribution

GEP Outlook 2022

The GEP Outlook 2022 report explores global business trends and features seven critical leadership themes that will help you proactively prepare for and power through the challenges ahead.