Mon.Jan 18, 2021

How Businesses Can Respond to Disasters by Repositioning Inventory

All Things Supply Chain

Make no mistake, disasters can, and frequently do, wreak havoc on communities and businesses.

Do You Want Visibility or Transparency?

Logistics Viewpoints

Polly Mitchell-Guthrie, the VIce President of Industry Outreach at Kinaxis. Do you want visibility or transparency? Polly Mitchell-Guthrie, posed that provocative question to supply chain professionals on her LinkedIn feed.


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Preventing and diminishing Supply Chain disruptions

Prophetic Technology

The current pandemic unsettled the Supply Chain (SC) when manufacturers and suppliers had to shut down global businesses, first in China and elsewhere. They had to find new strategies to overcome SC disruptions. supply chain disruption

The Rise of IoT Devices in the Supply Chain – Security Concerns & Solutions

IT Supply Chain

By Jori Hamilton (pictured). Business & Cybersecurity Specialist. The post The Rise of IoT Devices in the Supply Chain – Security Concerns & Solutions appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Test Your Knowledge of Sales & Operations Execution

Many supply chain professionals have already taken this assessment spanning across multiple industries and 20 countries. The 15-question assessment takes only 5 minutes to complete. Take it now to see how your S&OE process scores and benchmark it against peers. Responses are aggregated and kept anonymous. We hope it serves as a thought-provoking exercise to improve your approach!

How grocers can effectively run the right promotions in 3 steps


How grocers can effectively run the right promotions in 3 steps. Are you running the right promotions? Are you giving away too much margin? Did you know that 89% of Grocers don’t have the data needed to analyze promotions?

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EU-UK supply chains roiled by surprise tariffs, red tape, delays


Turmoil points to need for robust mapping of supply chains, rigorous analyses of alternate sourcing strategies.

Don’t let apps become hosted version of their old selves: the need for cloud transformation in a post-COVID world

IT Supply Chain

By Neil Hammerton (pictured). CEO & Co-founder, Natterbox. The post Don’t let apps become hosted version of their old selves: the need for cloud transformation in a post-COVID world appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

10 Proven Principles for Best Warehouse Design and Operation

Logistics Bureau

In this article, Logistics Bureau’s Mal Walker, who has spent decades exploring all aspects of warehousing, offers some valuable tips on warehouse design and operation.

Technology must be the foundation for organisational resilience

IT Supply Chain

By Chris Butler (pictured). Lead Principal Consultant, Resilience & Security at Sungard AS. The post Technology must be the foundation for organisational resilience appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Webinar on Demand: 3 Ways to Make Your Operational Execution More Robust With S&OE

Speaker: Sander van Lokven and N.S. Krishnan

S&OE provides an early warning system that helps business stakeholders sense and optimize their responses. This keeps the supply chain out of firefighting mode, smoothens relationships with customers and suppliers, and helps sustain margins by reducing the cost to serve.

Distribution Management: Top 6 Factors That Influence Distribution Management Strategy

BR Williams Supply Chain Management

What is Distribution Management? Distribution management includes forecasting, transportation, warehousing, and delivery within the larger universe of logistics and supply chain management. These require precise tracking, real-time information, and highly-skilled staffing to execute effectively.

Predicting how a ‘people less’ supply chain will help businesses, & why they need to start planning today

IT Supply Chain

By Antony Lovell (pictured). VP Applications, Vuealta. The post Predicting how a ‘people less’ supply chain will help businesses, & why they need to start planning today appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

:o9 Solutions to supply AI-powered IBP platform to Samsung Bioepis

o9 Solutions

A major project to manage Samsung Bioepis’ global supply chain using o9’s IBP platform is underway. Scenario planning features will enable timely responses to market and operational challenges. This can be swiftly applied to all phases of short-, medium-, and long-term planning.

Key trends in the vitamin and supplement industry: 2021 report


The vitamin and supplement industry manufactures and sells goods to support dietary requirements, including products to complement health and fitness regimes.

Leading Advertising and Analytics Company Outperforms With a Graph Database

Xandr, a division of AT&T, has built an identity graph that connects information on people, households, and more. The company is using this graph to provide advertisers an ability to deliver commercials more successfully than ever before. Learn more.

Carsten Lundin, BluJay: “Time to take height for a record number of packages every day”

BluJay Solutions

“The time when we can marvel at how many packages are sent on special occasions, such as before Christmas, is over,” says BluJay’s Carsten Lundin. “We can expect constant high pressure for e-commerce in the future.

Freight Brokers Who Provide Transparency & Shipment Visibility Give Shippers A Better Experience


Transparency and open communication lines are vital in any workplace, but it is especially true when talking about the shipping and transportation industries.

What will shape US procurement practices in 2021?


COVID-19 posed huge challenges to businesses around the world. As we look ahead in the New Year, US businesses face the additional uncertainty of the continuing pandemic and an administration with a new approach to economic recovery, global trade, and the business environment as a whole.

BGSA’s 15th Annual Supply Chain Conference to be Virtual

Supply Chain Brain

BG Strategic Advisors is proud to announce that the 15th Annual BGSA Supply Chain Conference will be Virtual on January 20 - 21, 2021 from 12:00 to 5:30PM EST

Perfect Delivery: The New Rules for Survival, Innovation, and Growth

As supply chain complexity increases, so do challenges to achieving the perfect order. ARC Advisory Group shares: hurdles faced in achieving the perfect order, opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs, and how cloud SCM contributes to operational flexibility.

What Exactly Is a Digital Transformation – And Are You Doing It Right?

MP Objects Supply Chain Orchestration

For some time, I’ve been reading, watching and following the white papers, case studies, and countless webinars put on by keen minds about digital transformations. I must say, the topic doesn’t feel any clearer.

Brexit and the Trade and Cooperation Agreement: A Q&A with George Riddell, Director of Trade Strategy, Ernst and Young LLP


It’s finally happened. After years of intense negotiations, fraught political discussions and deadline extensions, the UK has finally left the European Union and both sides have struck a long-term accord: The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA).

The Top Supply Chain Stories in 2020 by Month

Supply Chain Digest

Refresh Your Memory of the Supply Chain Year that Was

Predictive Power: Why forecasting matters in transportation

DAT Solutions

Freight is fraught with uncertainties, but with more and more technology and data science entering the industry, artificial intelligence-assisted forecasting can now predict where prices are going with an ever-increasing level of clarity and accuracy. Best Practices and Benchmarks

Digital Order Fulfillment: The Game Has Forever Changed

Achieving cost-effective OTIF delivery across multiple channels requires a dynamic approach. Digital order fulfillment can help businesses adopt a more intelligent, agile, and holistic strategy that drives true optimization and customer loyalty.

6 Plays That Can Drive Your Business to Operational Excellence (infographic)

USC Consulting Group

In the ongoing pursuit of operational excellence, do you feel like it’s 1st and goal or 4th and long? The challenges you encounter in business can feel like you’re in the middle of the game with the clock ticking down.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2021

Enterra Insights

This year’s celebration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is perhaps even more poignant than in years past. The website National Today states, “Each year on the third Monday of January we observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and reflect on the work that still needs to be done for racial equality. This January 18, make the holiday more than just a day off and take time to reflect and take action on civil rights issues across the globe.”[1]

Boston 100

U.S., EU Battle Over Aircraft Subsidies, While Wine Industry Pays the Price

Supply Chain Brain

In the battle between the U.S. and European Union over subsidies for aircraft manufacturers, wine producers and importers have become collateral damage

My Office Apps Introduces Kechie™ 2021 ERP SaaS Software System

My Office Apps

My Office Apps Introduces Kechie 2021 ERP SaaS Software System. Cloud-based Kechie ERP software advanced features further automate workflow, tracking, and scheduling eliminating error prone manual processes.

Ocean Supply Chain Visibility: Adapting and Thriving in a Rapidly Changing Global Economy

Building off of the lessons and challenges of 2020, what are global businesses and supply chains doing in 2021 to go beyond survival and truly thrive?