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Top 8 Freight and Trucking Blog Posts of the Year


As each year comes to a close, we all look back on the year that was in reflection. Today is day four of our annual year-end series highlighting the top blog posts in each of our 5 main categories: Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , Transportation , Freight.

Next-Gen Asset Tracking Technology Could Replace RFID in Coming Years

Supply Chain Matters

Next-generation asset tracking solutions based on Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra-wideband could end up replacing more expensive legacy systems such as RFID. As large enterprises seek to deploy next-generation asset tracking technologies to improve operational efficiencies, the market will hit $4.5

Let's Get Digital: Supply Chains Are Going to Get Smarter in 2018

Supply Chain Nation

By the end of 2020, one-third of all manufacturing supply chains will be using analytics-driven cognitive capabilities, thus increasing cost efficiency by 10% and service performance by 5%.

The Top 10 Blog Topics of 2017

PLS Logistics

Everything You Need to Know: Spot Market Freight : Have you ever wondered about how the product you buy from a store ended up there? The complexities of a supply chain and the steps for moving freight to its end location are often overlooked. But, for manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers, logistics is a top priority to business operations.

The 4 Stages of Supply Chain Analytics

How do you move from “what happened” to “what would happen if”? Most supply chains struggle with the first, and the latter is wishful thinking. What stage are you in? Find out where your supply chain is on the maturity curve.

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A Historic Year for NFI

Supply Chain Link

This past year, NFI celebrated its 85 th year in business. From acquisitions to new ventures, NFI continues to invest in growing its capabilities and expertise. Here are some highlights from this historic year.

3PL 81

Trends That Will Revolutionize Logistics in 2018

Material Handling & Logistics

With the advent of digitalization, the supply chain industry is getting a complete makeover. Technology has disrupted every industry and supply chain is no exception. With the advent of digitalization, the logistics and supply chain industry is getting a complete makeover.

Trends 105

The Top 10 Logistics Blog Posts from 2017


As each year comes to a close, we all look back on the year that was in reflection. Today is day three of our annual year-end series highlighting the top blog posts in each of our 5 main categories: Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , Transportation , Freight.

Supply Chain Management Challenges for Emerging Manufacturers and Service Providers in Regulated Industries- Part Three

Supply Chain Matters

In the final of three market education commentaries sponsored by Navigator Business Solutions, Supply Chain Matters amplifies business and supply chain management challenges among emerging growth companies in pharmaceutical, life sciences and consumer product goods industry sectors.

Offer 2-Day Shipping to Your Customers by Distributing Your Inventory

ShipBob isn’t a traditional 3PL. They offer 2-day shipping using integrated technology and by splitting inventory across fulfillment centers in the largest US cities to ship orders from locations closer to customers, reducing costs and time in transit.

Top 10 FLEXE Articles of 2017


2017 was a big year for the retail and supply chain industries. We saw a lot of growth and change as more businesses focused on innovating their delivery promises and eCommerce operations.

Why Fulfilling Shoppers’ Expectations Remains a Challenge for Retailers

Supply Chain Nation

As we look ahead to 2018, how will multi-channel retailers make customers happy while giving both shoppers and staff the flexibility they want? This year’s JDA Consumer Survey, JDA CEO Viewpoint Survey and JDA Voice of the Store Manager Survey all help reveal the answer to a question that will remain important in 2018 and beyond: What do retailers need to know about fulfillment to make smarter decisions and give customers the experience they expect?

The Top 7 Manufacturing Blog Posts from 2017


As each year comes to a close, we all look back on the year that was in reflection. Today, we kick off our annual year-end series highlighting the top blog posts in each of our 5 main categories: Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , Transportation Management , Freight.

The Future of Supply Chain Planning- People, Process and Organizational Learning

Supply Chain Matters

This Supply Chain Matters blog commentary is the third in a market education series developed in collaboration with Kinaxis on exploring the future of supply chain planning. Prescriptive or Predictive Analytics Sales and Operations Planning Supply Chain Planning Supply Chain Technology challenges in supply chain planning concurrent supply chain planning Kinaxis Inc. Kinaxis kinexions conference Supply chain Matters blog

Your Supply Chain Probably Has a Data Problem - Start There

Common problems like data access and quality are preventing you from taking the first step towards transformation. Modern visibility providers are putting band-aids on bad data, giving you the ability to make misinformed decisions. Solve the data first.

Guest Viewpoint: STEM is Good, But STEAM is Better

The 21st Century Supply Chain

As a renowned Scientist, Technologist, Engineer, Artist and Mathematician, Leonardo da Vinci set the standard for using the whole brain to propel innovation

Cyberattacks: The Ever-Present Threat to Transportation Management Software

GTG Technology Group

Cyberattacks a Transportation Management Software Suite Might Face. Transportation companies have a history of defending themselves against physical attacks. The 21 st century presents a new kind of threat that challenges older defense measures. Today, the preferred tool of attack is the cyberattack.

Nike Is Giving Its Recruitment Brand the Same Feel As Its Consumer Brand


Nike is in the midst of a soft launch of a new career site, one it’s likely to officially announce next week. It’s a significant refresh of the way it communicates to the many candidates clamoring to work for the shoe-apparel-equipment multinational. Corporate Career Website Featured

Ongoing Lessons for the Journey Toward Integrated Customer Response Networks

Supply Chain Matters

As readers approach the celebration of 2018 as a new year, Supply Chain Matters shares thoughts related new thinking and concepts related to Digitally-Enabled Customer Response Networks.

End to End Supply Chain Visibility - Solving The Data Problem

People think end-to-end visibility is simply aggregating data from multiple sources, storing it in one place, and serving it up. That task, though hard, is relatively simple; but more importantly, doesn't solve the fundamental challenge - The Data.

A Look Back at the Best Advice of 2017

Supply Chain Nation

As we turn the calendar to a new year, I’m reflecting on 2017 highlights, as well as identifying areas that may require a different approach in 2018. One of the highlights for me was the launch of JDA’s Wednesdays for Women blog on July 19. It was a bit of an experiment, really; I didn’t know what to expect. If we wrote a blog telling the career stories of women who work at JDA, would people read them?

Outsourcing Applied Engineering Services: The Answer To Lack Of Technical Expertise


As we can deduce from the term itself, applied engineering services is a highly specialized field of engineering that requires an interdisciplinary way of thinking.

SHIFT Archives: The Best of Q4 2017

Talking Logistics

As the year comes to a close, we like to analyze the SHIFT archives to learn what content performed best. It’s important to take see what worked and what didn’t work to plan for the new year to come. Want to see how to analyze your own blog? Here’s how.

Initial Indications of an Overall Optimistic 2017 Holiday Fulfillment Period

Supply Chain Matters

Initial indications point to the 2017 holiday fulfillment period looking to be a rather good year for the retail industry and its supplier and services stakeholders. Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Online Customer Fulfillment Retail Supply Chain Sales and Operations Planning Transportation and Logistics 2017 holiday fulfillment period trends Supply chain Matters blog

Connecting Supply Chain Planning to Profitability

What collaboration between supply chain and ?nance can achieve.

Best Egg Will Broaden to Financing Purchases in 2018


EXCLUSIVE—Marketplace lender Best Egg will move towards financing consumer purchases, including home improvements, as it looks to expand in 2018, the company told Bank Innovation.

Year Ends On A High – Air Freights Stay High, Ocean Rates Rise: Freight Rate Update W51


Year Ends On A High – Air Freights Stay High, Ocean Rates Rise: Freight Rate Update Wk 51. By John Edmonds, Research & Marketing, Freightos. Against a background of IATA’s estimated 9.3% growth in world cargo volumes for 2017, air freight rates have been dramatically up this peak season.

Reefer Rates Respond to New Regulations and Pre-Holiday Urgency

DAT Solutions

Last week was a short week, as most carriers needed to get drivers home in time for the Christmas weekend. Still, demand for reefer trucks was sky high last week, with volumes up out of big produce markets in California, Texas, and Florida.

10 Free Templates Every Small Business Needs in 2018

Supply Chain Matters

Owning or working for a small business can be extremely rewarding. You have a good view of the business operations, your work is visible, and you have an opportunity to make a big impact during the company's critical growth years.

Lean 286

Removing the 3 Barriers to Building a Predictive Supply Chain

Machine Learning and AI are not magic bullets to solve all supply chain problems. Despite many software companies slapping AI on everything the reality is that there are a lot of hurdles to overcome before AI can be effective. Learn how to leap them.