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The Digital Supply Chain: How Are Supply Chain Managers Responding?


How do you define the digital supply chain? Do you isolate it to processes involving the internet, or do you take a more progressive approach and combine cloud-based technologies, integration and unmatched customer service into one, data-based solution?

Chasing perfection is killing your supply chain

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater There’s no such thing as 100% when it comes to forecast accuracy. Let me say it again. One hundred percent accuracy does not exist. I don’t care how good your demand sensing is or how sure your sales team is of their market projections. It’s just not possible.

Is Your Logistics Chain Leaking? The IoT May Be the Answer

4 Way Logistics

Until a few years ago, inventory was a labor-intensive process that typically required either stopping operations for several days or bringing in a large crew to painstakingly count products overnight.

Amazon Acquiring Whole Foods: A Wakeup Call for the Grocery Industry?

Talking Logistics

There’s certainly been a lot of buzz and discussions since Amazon announced its planed acquisition of Whole Foods. What impact is this going to have on the grocery industry? Is Amazon going to shape and transform the way we shop for groceries and have them delivered?

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Your Supply Chain Probably Has a Data Problem - Start There

Common problems like data access and quality are preventing you from taking the first step towards transformation. Modern visibility providers are putting band-aids on bad data, giving you the ability to make misinformed decisions. Solve the data first.

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A Path Towards IoT Enabled Service Parts Planning


Editor's Note: This week we have a guest post from Bob Ferrari, Managing Director of the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group. This blog first appeared in Supply Chain Matters. It is the second in a series on how companies can build foundational service parts planning technology to prepare for the Internet of Things (IoT).

SCI IMPACT! vs. the Beer Game

Supply Chain Insights

Recently I had the opportunity to go to Llamasoft headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan to play the game they have programmed for Supply Chain Insights around supply chain strategies and inside-out versus outside-in processes, SCI IMPACT!

What Should an LTL Transportation Management System Do for Me as a Shipper?


“Unsustainable.”. That is the word being used to describe the state of the logistics industry in 2017, reports William B. Cassidy of the Journal of Commerce. While it may not describe everything in supply chains, it does accurately describe the overhead costs today’s shippers and carriers have enjoyed recently.

The Top Two Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment


Shopping cart abandonment. We’ve all done it. Some of us have even done it in an actual brick-and-mortar retail store (you know, putting an item back in the wrong place or telling the cashier as you’re checking out that you’ve changed your mind on an item).

End to End Supply Chain Visibility - Solving The Data Problem

People think end-to-end visibility is simply aggregating data from multiple sources, storing it in one place, and serving it up. That task, though hard, is relatively simple; but more importantly, doesn't solve the fundamental challenge - The Data.

Why the Supply Chain is So Important for Regulated Industry Environments- A Contributed Guest Posting

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters Executive Editor Bob Ferrari recently contributed a guest posting on the MasterControl Compliance Accelerated Blog on why the supply chain is so important for supporting expected business outcomes as well as insuring adequate risk mitigation.

How Will Walmart’s New OTIF Policy Affect the Supply Chain’s Transportation Component?


By Mike Eaton | Principal, Transportation | Chainalytics It’s become common knowledge that Walmart is in the process of implementing new, more stringent standards in regard to On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) delivery requirements.

Shipping Technology: Non-Tech Savvy Shippers Lose Advantage Over Time?


The usefulness of technology among shippers remains undisputed. Through advanced transportation management systems ( TMSs ) and greater automation, shippers can reap an unparalleled competitive advantage. What happens when shippers simply forgo implementing shipping technology, and how can shape their future demise? Although it sounds ominous, shippers must be willing to become tech-savvy, or they will lose any existing competitive advantage they have.

Time to Take Part in the Digital Enterprise Revolution

Enterra Insights

Revolutions occur when people are dissatisfied with the status quo and rise up to change things or when disruptive technologies … Continued. The post Time to Take Part in the Digital Enterprise Revolution appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Business Cognitive Computing digital enterprise Digital Supply Chain Technology digital supply chain Enterra Solutions Stephen DeAngelis

Removing the 3 Barriers to Building a Predictive Supply Chain

Machine Learning and AI are not magic bullets to solve all supply chain problems. Despite many software companies slapping AI on everything the reality is that there are a lot of hurdles to overcome before AI can be effective. Learn how to leap them.

Our Supply Chain Matters View of Amazon’s Q2-2017 Financial Performance

Supply Chain Matters

Amazon reported Q2 financial performance this week with mixed results, to state the obvious. From an online fulfillment dimension, the forces of added disruption to the retail industry are obvious. Online Customer Fulfillment Retail Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Supply chain Matters blog

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Podcast Episode 47: How Integrated Business Planning is Bringing Sexy Back w/ Int'l Guest Speaker Steven Hainey


ICECORP is excited to share Episode 47 of the " 2 Babes Talk Supply Chain " Podcast! Want to know how to start planning for 2025 today? This podcast has got you covered!

Building a Stronger Supply Chain Through Collaboration


By Bryan Wyatt | Senior Manager, Transportation | Chainalytics | Is your operation structured to ensure the next link in the supply chain is more efficient than the last?>

Change, it keeps on coming…

Supply Chain Nation

It seems like the only thing you can be certain about in today’s business environment is that the way things are today – will change. For those of us in the supply chain business, this is especially true. Over the past few years, consumers’ shopping behaviors and preferences have changed dramatically, forcing many companies to re-examine their go-to-market and supply chain strategies. In fact, the third annual JDA Consumer Survey of more than 1,000 U.S.

Connecting Supply Chain Planning to Profitability

What collaboration between supply chain and ?nance can achieve.

The Supply Chain Matters Blog Returns

Supply Chain Matters

The Supply Chain Matters blog has returned from summer vacation and industry supply chain developments continued during our time away.

Treat Your Supply Chain Like a Laboratory

Quantified Freight

Experiment. Often. This is an important distinction that should be in the fine print anytime someone gives the advice to “fail fast and fail often.” ” Fail small as well. That’s what drives change, innovation and ultimate success.

Number One Risk for Manufacturers Is Supply Chain Disruption

Material Handling & Logistics

Other risks include taxes, labor costs, economic conditions and competition. read more. Global Supply Chain News

What “Shark Week” Has in Common with Supply Chain Logistics

Supply Chain Collaborator

Guest Blogger, “Big Ed” Burns of Burns Logistics penned a fun post drawing the parallels between the complexities of monitoring the movements of mighty great whites and monitoring the movement of freight across supply chain networks. Both tasks require powerful technologies and a very careful, well-conceived strategy to be successful.

Increasing Supply Chain Visibility and Security

Securing the supply chain starts with having visibility into the status of your assets, but this requires more than GPS coordinates on a map, because security isn’t just about preventing theft. Your assets don’t just need to arrive at their destination. They need to get there on time and untainted by heat, moisture, or physical shock.

U.S. Border Adjustment Tax Seems Off the Table But Remain Vigilant

Supply Chain Matters

This week, Congressional Republicans and the Trump Administration essentially abandoned the border adjustment tax approach amid a heavy amount of lobbying by various impacted industries. However, Supply Chain Matters advises teams to remain vigilant in a detailed understanding all the elements that make up the supply chain network and remain prepared to be able to assess any political or global trade impacts.

The Supply Chain Team’s Impact on Capital Projects


In industries that are going through a lot of Capital Expenditure investments, including construction of pipelines, LNG facilities, and mining operations, the role of procurement on the success of the organization is somewhat different.

SCM 75

Don’t Wait for Dwell Time to Delay Your Freight


Even containers don’t like to wait in line. Dwell time—the amount of time a container remains parked in a marine terminal waiting to be picked up after it’s been offloaded from a vessel—is a drag on supply chain efficiency, especially when it becomes excessive.

Cargo 52

We compared the Accuracy of 4 Different Demand Forecasting Methods; Here’s What We Found.


Over the past few months, we’ve been running simulation tests on different demand forecasting methods: Winter’s additive & multiplicative, seasonal and robust seasonal. Then, we used MAPE to determine the forecast accuracy for each method. Here’s what we found. We compared the Accuracy of 4 Different Demand Forecasting Methods; Here’s What We Found. was first posted on July 27, 2017 at 1:12 pm. ©2017

Real time analytics for your S&OP Meetings?

If you aren't running a well-oiled Sales & Operations Planning process with the added benefit of sophisticated supply chain analytics & optimization - you are probably leaving major revenue and margin opportunities on the table. S&OP has become a standard process to improve business performance, collaboration and predictability. Ready to take things to the next level? This Guide offers insights into where commonly used technologies fall short, and what you should look for to get more value from S&OP using analytics. Download the buyer’s guide for S&OP.