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Supply Chain Fraud 101

Logistics Viewpoints

Supply chain disruptions are continuing to occur for a variety of reasons.

Is Blockchain the Future of the Supply Chain?

Enterra Insights

An article published earlier this year in Supply & Demand Chain Executive carried the headline: “3 Reasons Why Blockchain is the Future of Supply Chain.”


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A global food supply chain crisis: The causes, impacts and solutions

All Things Supply Chain

So far, 2022 has come with many ups and downs, with uncertainty remaining certain. We’ve seen supply chain shortages, supply chain recoveries, skyrocketing prices and much more.

Food 69

Supply Chain Sustainability: The Business Case for Growth and a Competitive Advantage


If the term supply chain sustainability causes you to break out in hives, you’re not alone. With the number of challenges facing the supply chain (shortages, demand volatility, increased transportation costs, inflation), sustainability may not be at the top of your priority list.

2022 Peak Season Shipping Checklist

Guarantee success with this free Peak Season Checklist—a guide for parcel shippers to navigate the chaos of Q4. This checklist will help you efficiently manage your supply chain to prepare for holiday spikes in volume and demand.

Adapting in the Face of Change

Supply Chain Shaman

Supply chain resilience is “the capacity of a supply chain to persist, adapt, or transform in the face of change” Wikipedia. Revlon bankruptcy. McCormick stock falls on Q2 earnings miss. CEO of Bed Bath and Beyond out as sales tumble. Target earnings disappointment and restatement.

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Managing Supply Chain Disruptions: U.S., U.K. Manufacturers Accelerate Procurement


Ivalua study finds 97% of procurement leaders see significant disruption in direct materials supply chain; 67% not confident in existing technology; 84% consider modernization a ‘strategic priority’.

The 7 Typical Mistakes Made During UK FMCG Wholesale Market Entry

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

Inevitably things don’t always go to plan, and no one can predict everything and the UK Wholesale Market is no different, in fact giving its scale and variety, you should expect bumps in the road.

Will Climate Change Force Agriculture Indoors?

Enterra Insights

With an ever-increasing number of mouths to feed and climate change affecting the agriculture sector in significant ways, the staff at Bayer reports, “The impact of climate change has led to a vicious combination of resource scarcity, harvest loss, and soil degradation.”[1]

Ice Cream Production: A Sweet Treat

DELMIA Quintiq

Turning Planning & Optimization into Cool Operations. Summer is here, and for many of us this season brings some of the hottest days of the year. For those looking to beat the heat, ice cream is always a sweet, cold treat. Now whoever thought about this wonderful idea in the first place?

Best Practices to Model Carbon Costs in Supply Chain Network Design

How to model carbon costs in your supply chain design? Make conscious choices by comparing scenarios indicating at which points in the supply chain carbon emissions occur and achieve the right balance between sustainability and cost.

Reducing the Impact of High Fuel Costs Goes Beyond the Transportation Department

Logistics Viewpoints

The rise in fuel costs, especially diesel, is significantly impacting the bottom line of many B2B companies such as distributors and wholesalers.

Procurement Transformation to Lower Costs - 12 Questions to Ask

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

Why do you need this transformation? Performance Improvement Supply Chain Sourcing Ratib Ratib

Knowing Customer Preferences is Key to CPG Success

Enterra Insights

With inflation shredding consumers’ budgets, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers are feeling the impact. Food writer Simon Harvey ( @SidflashHarvey ) believes things are only going to get worse before they get better.

Logility Recognized for Nineteenth Year with Top Supply Chain Project Award


Supply and Demand Chain Executive honors results-proven partnership with large U.S.-based based furniture manufacturer. ATLANTA, GA (July 14, 2022) – Logility, Inc.,

Easily Build an Optimization App and Empower Your Data

Speaker: Gertjan de Lange

Solving complex business problems requires optimization modeling techniques and data to compare scenarios and make the best decisions. With AIMMS you can rapidly build an optimization app on top of your data and deploy it to the end-user in just a few clicks.

Amazon Puts the Best Possible Spin on an Overbuilt Network

Logistics Viewpoints

Goods-to-Man Robot at an Amazon Warehouse. Last Tuesday, Amazon issued a press release that highlighted the company’s investments across its global operations network to provide fast delivery for customers. Prime Day is July 12 th and 13 th.

Future State Design and Detailed Roadmap Development: Kicking Off the Transformation


Now the supply chain transformation begins in earnest. The design of the sought-after future state and the planning of a detailed development roadmap are at a critical stage. It will lead to either a timely completion or make the path ahead bumpier and costlier than necessary.

The Future of Global Trade

Enterra Insights

“Do you ever find yourself looking back? To the way things were? To how you used to be?” ” asks Craig Jarrow ( @TMNinja ), author of Time Management Ninja. “While you may long for the ways of yesterday, they are just that, yesterday. After all, the past is in the past.

Global 130

Supply Chain Disruptions Are Here to Stay with Steve Elwell

The Logistics of Logistics

Steve Elwell and Joe Lynch discuss why supply chain disruptions are here to stay. Steve is he Managing Director of Haxlar , an integrated manufacturing solutions provider, delivering design, manufacturing, sourcing, supply chain, and product management services for a wide range of industries.

New Research: The State of Supply Chain Network Design in 2022

This report explores how the state of supply chain network design has changed – including how the tools, maturity models, and market demands are transforming the network design practice.

Making the Connection: The Real-World Value of Logistics Digitalization

Logistics Viewpoints

Today’s logistics teams are operating in an environment characterized by uncertainty on three fronts. Customers’ needs and expectations are constantly changing. The available talent pool of drivers, warehouse associates and other employees is small, which creates staffing volatility.

Peloton’s Supply Chain Strategy Turnabout

Supply Chain Matters

This Ferrari Consulting and Research Group advisory brief provides added perspectives on premium personal fitness equipment and services provider Peloton Interactive , the litany of events that have surrounded the company, and some lessons acquired.

Steps to Get Started on Your Business Plan

IT Supply Chain

By Allen Brown (pictured). Content Writer. The post Steps to Get Started on Your Business Plan appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

5 Tips to Leverage Digital Tools to Deliver Tangible Sustainability Improvements


Procurement Leaders Webinar. Speakers: Arnaud Malardé, Ivalua | Hélène Vermont, Michelin Group.

The Essential Supply Chain Network Design Tooling Checklist

Dedicated supply chain network design software is fuelled by intuitive scenario analysis capabilities and powerful mathematical optimization. Answer 10 relevant questions to see if advanced network design & scenario modeling technology can help you.

This Week in Logistics News (July 9 – 15)

Logistics Viewpoints

The other day I noticed a bug in my house and quickly said to my brother-in-law standing next to me “l ook at that bug! nasty.” He quickly replied as I moved toward it with a paper towel “ don’t smush it. It’s a stink bug. ” I said, “what is a stink bug?”

European Commission bill for fair supply chain obliges entrepreneurs to behave responsibly

Supply Chain Movement

Members of the European Parliament want to ban products made with forced (child) labour from the internal European market. For retail and trading companies, identifying and ‘cleaning-up’ their supply chain will be a major challenge.

The missing link – Delivering digitalisation for contract packing

IT Supply Chain

By Josephine Coombe (pictured). Managing Director of Nulogy in Europe. The post The missing link – Delivering digitalisation for contract packing appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Ivalua Launches Collaboration and AI-Powered Innovations to Help Organizations Improve Supply Chain Resilience and Profitability


New release features AI-powered contract management, more seamless messaging and communications, supplier risk and performance enhancements and procure-to-pay efficiency .

Common Use Cases for Mathematical Optimization

What is mathematical optimization and what are some of the most common use cases for across industries? How can this type of prescriptive analytics be applied to lower costs, reduce carbon emissions, and build more resilient supply chains? Find out in this guide.

Demystifying Freight Shipping From China


Do you know how your goods get from factory to fulfillment center? Or are some parts of your supply chain a bit…opaque?

China 83

o9 Solutions Doubles Its Annual Recurring Revenue in 1H 2022

o9 Solutions

DALLAS, July 12, 2022 – : o9 Solutions , a leading enterprise AI software platform provider for transforming planning and decision-making, today reported that its annual recurring revenue (ARR) through the first half of 2022 more than doubled compared to the same period a year ago.

The missing link in Industry 4.0’s connectivity chain

IT Supply Chain

By Amr Houssein (pictured). Managing Director, Mobilise. The post The missing link in Industry 4.0’s s connectivity chain appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk