A Brief History of WMS in the Supply Chain


However, few understand the history of WMS and how it evolved to encompass item tracking, storage data, inbound and outbound shipping, picking and much more. The concept of warehouse management originated in ancient Egypt as people sought ways to manage grain gathered from crops. As the world moved forward, the basic concept of managing warehouse inventory did not change much. Railroad companies often had monopolies on both the storage and shipping of such goods.

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They were saying that their inventory is through the roof, demand is up, but that they were not tracking inventory properly, and production runs were running out of room— but it’s all exacerbated by the current situation.

Expanding Into New Territories – What Should a Retailer’s Supply Chain Look Like?

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Alternatively, a retailer may choose to ship from their home market, which can add high shipping costs depending on the distance between the two markets. These will need to be factored in to their forecasting and inventory management. Footwear will need to have multiple size codes on them if being shipped from a home market and once a retailer gets to the store they need to have an understanding of the display practices and how best to display goods.

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