Gaining Clarity on Inventory Effectiveness

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I was moving from a position where I led a manufacturing operation to being a part of a team to design supply chain software to improve planning decisions. I was moving from the world of manufacturing to a new world of software. The technology world moves at a quicker pace than the world of manufacturing and distribution. The impact of complexity on inventory is not quick. To help, today I want to share some of the insights from our recent Inventory Optimization study.

ToolsGroup Promotes Mauro Adorno to Managing Director of Europe


BOSTON (July 30, 2019) – ToolsGroup, a global leader in service-driven supply chain planning software, has promoted Mauro Adorno to managing director of Europe. Previously, Adorno served as ToolsGroup’s managing director for Central Europe and sales director for the DACH region. Adorno brings more than 15 years of experience in consumer-focused businesses, internet retailing, automotive manufacturing, telecommunications and finance.

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Patient-centric networks at the heart of pharmaceutical supply chain management: Lessons from LogiPharma Europe 2018


by Dr. Madhav Durbha With the Alps as a backdrop, LogiPharma Europe 2018 proved to be both energizing and thought provoking. In early April I attended the LogiPharma Europe 2018 conference in Montreux, Switzerland, an event that attracted more than 800 attendees, including practitioners and executives from pharma and medical device industries, along with software vendors and many service providers.

How Europe is Coping with Supply Chain Disruption


She predicted that shoppers would see more restricted ranges on supermarket shelves “to allow more throughput from suppliers and manufacturers of food”. And of course, the problem is acute right across Europe. Bulgaria was excluded from the restriction and started building the “ world’s largest parking lot for trucks ” to manage freight transfers to and from Turkey, also a major supplier to the EU not just of agricultural but also manufactured goods.

What is Inventory Carrying Cost?


But while the newly arrived goods sit in your warehouse, did you know that there are also costs associated with keeping inventory? They are collectively called inventory carrying costs because they need to be paid to hold inventory. Here, we’ll explore what is meant by inventory carrying costs and their examples. Next, we discuss why businesses carry inventory at all and look at some ways to reduce their holding costs. What is Inventory Carrying Cost?

Improving inventory management


What’s more plenty on the retail side have found themselves with held inventory but it suddenly locked away in stores that people could no longer frequent, browse and shop from. In his opinion the way you do that is “By putting inventory close to customers.

Manufacturing Connect Seminar 2016

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Manufacturing Connect Seminar 2016. URL: Join us at the Hilton Amsterdam on 25th May for this exclusive gathering of Supply Chain experts and business strategists which will address the challenges that manufacturers are faced with today; delivering profitable fulfillment and adaptable manufacturing. Date: 25 May 2016. Venue: Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Organisation: JDA Software.

ToolsGroup Promotes Mauro Adorno to Managing Director of Europe


BOSTON (July 30, 2019) – ToolsGroup, a global leader in service-driven supply chain planning software, has promoted Mauro Adorno to managing director of Europe. Previously, Adorno served as ToolsGroup’s managing director for Central Europe and sales director for the DACH region. Adorno brings more than 15 years of experience in consumer-focused businesses, internet retailing, automotive manufacturing, telecommunications and finance.

Europris and RELEX Win Renowned Reta Europe Award

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On Monday 6th March evening Europris and RELEX proudly received the award “Best Enterprise Solution” during the retail technology awards Europe (reta) 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany. As part of the EuroShop trade fair, the reta Europe Awards is an annual international award that recognises retail companies for their implementation of outstanding and innovative technology solutions in retail. The post Europris and RELEX Win Renowned Reta Europe Award appeared first on RELEX.

‘Supply Chain Opportunities in China’ – 24 juni 2015

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12:00 China as a Global Distribution Centre – Manufacturing and bonded warehousing. Is the trade imbalance between China and Europe going to keep freight costs towards Asia low for the foreseeable future? Order and stock optimization of your Chinese Inventory. How do you optimize your inventory levels in the volatile Chinese market? Rietdijk Kelvin Tan legal logistics service provider management Manufacturing Per Sonne production Supply Chain Media talent Vestas

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Examining LogiPharma 2019 – Top 3 symptoms you caught the life sciences supply chain bug


Temperature, timing, and few supply options with no buffer inventory to satisfy demand are all risk factors along with the fact this is a high touch supply chain requiring extremely talented individuals. Coordinating regulatory approvals with the ability to manufacture could make or break capturing market share. Early approvals could cause a struggle to ramp up manufacturing capabilities. by Bill DuBois.

Key Manufacturing Takeaways from FocusConnect 2016

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As 2016 draws to a close, it’s clear that the next 12 months are set to be extremely disruptive for the manufacturing industry. Considering that the industry has largely concentrated on becoming cost-effective rather than lean, this means manufacturers must be prepared for change. Supply chain segmentation in Europe. Janet presented the top-level findings of a Warwick and JDA study of 100 manufacturing organizations across Europe. Manufacturing FocusConnect

Supply Chain Movement 20 – Trends & Consulting

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10 | SCM Consulting Map Europe 2016. At the same time, the supply chain specialists are expanding across Europe and even into North America. Following on from its other two highly popular subway maps of supply chain software vendors and logistics service providers, the quarterly magazine Supply Chain Movement has now published the third edition of the Consulting Subway Map Europe showing the European supply chain consultancy sector.

Elephant in the Room: Thoughts on Metrics That Matter in Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drives


This could create a shortage in the US/Europe OEM chain. Understanding inventory planning will take on a new dynamic. Of course, like any industry, Semiconductor and HDD manufactures are faced with a set of unique challenges in their space that puts their supply chain at risk. As suppliers of technology embedded in more complex products, Semiconductors and HDD manufacturers find themselves further back in the supply chain, often 3-5 levels down. by CJ Wehlage. Optimizes Inventory and Improves Competitiveness with ToolsGroup


ToolsGroup supply chain planning software allows to improve inventory quality while reducing storage space at its national distribution center by almost 20%. A defining characteristic of the tire market has been an exponential increase in the number of SKUs, driven by innovation from manufacturers – for example four-season tires, new dimensions or new technologies – and by the need to develop specific tires for almost all premium brand vehicles. NEWS RELEASE.

Using Digital Supply Chain Planning to Respond to Market-Changing Disruptions like COVID-19


Usually disruptive events require redefinition and reconfiguring of the supply chain network in order to identify correct allocation of flows and inventory. Being able to understand if supply expected from Europe needs to be re-routed and sourced from Asia or South America is important when entire channels become unavailable. One US-based ToolsGroup manufacturing customer sources parts from several Chinese and Italian suppliers.

The Influence of IoT: How it’s Transforming Global Logistics

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Third parties, carriers, and drivers interact with the manufacturer, suppliers, DCs, retailers, and customers as products move. Companies can keep less inventory on hand and more in motion if their supply chain network can reflect accurate product locations and specifications. We recently released the Navisphere Driver App in Europe to help surface transportation companies prepare for this critical transformation. Want to learn more about the Navisphere Driver app in Europe?

The Supply Chain Can?t Stop: A story from the front lines at Ken?s Foods


When their salads and dressings became more famous than their steaks, they transitioned into a food manufacturer that has grown to a $1B+ business. With no plants overseas, Ken’s Foods was spared the early supply chain ripple effect related to COVID-19 in Asia and Europe. inventory management manufacturingIt was Wednesday, March 11th and Ken’s Foods had a dilemma.

Will Trucking Challenges Transform JITS in North America?


JITS is the acronym for “just-in-time-sequence,” a common supply chain practice in the automotive industry that eliminates or significantly reduces the need to maintain parts inventory at the assembly plant. The advantage of a ‘pull’ system, over more traditional push based manufacturing, is that we only produce what is needed when it’s needed. Needing to carry only a few hours worth of inventory, thereby savings on inventory carrying costs and working capital.

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Quote from a Supply Chain Leader at a Conference in Europe. I get called frequently to talk to supply chain leadership teams about inventory. Often the CEO hires a strategic consultant to audit the supply chain, and they roll through the organization making inventory promises. What CEO does not like the concept of reducing inventory? However, there is much, much more to inventory management today than there was ten years–or five– years ago.

Manufacturing Quality Issue Turns into a Huge Success Story for Procurement

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If you sell a premium product, manufacturing quality issues can kill your image and your bottom line. The manufacturer made several attempts to rectify the issues but were unsuccessful. Here is a brief overview of what they did: They scoured the US, Europe and Asia for suitable bottle manufacturers. The results far exceeded the original goal of finding a quality manufacturer and it was accomplished in 3 months.

Melitta Builds More Efficient, Demand-Driven Supply Chain ?with ToolsGroup


ToolsGroup supply chain planning software enables Melitta Sales Europe to centralize demand planning and improve S&OP and promotions management.

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What’s shaping the steel industry today?

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Tariffs placed by US have resulted in changes to the global flow of steel and increased steel imports to Europe are affecting steel companies there. Also, we see a wave of consolidation continue in Europe as companies seek to become more competitive. More and more steel producers now turn to the automotive industry for increased revenue, where it uses a VMI (vendor-managed inventory) model. Manufacturing

How vehicle customization will drive the supply chain of the future


to discuss vehicle customization by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) automakers and its impact on the supply chain of the future. And then there was a McKinsey article, which commented recently, that in the next four years, India would be the third biggest manufacturer , just lagging after China and the US. With so much manufacturing happening and so much cut-throat competition, the money to be made in the automotive world is not just in producing the cars by the thousands.

Jewelry Makers and EMERGE App Inventory Management


In fact, it started with the Neanderthals in Europe who made perforated beads made from small sea shells. They all have one thing in common: jewelry pieces need some assembly or manufacturing to turn them into final wearable pieces of art. And the best way to manage your production of jewelry prices is with inventory management software. In fact, Orbis Research recently rated EMERGE App the number one solution for jewelry inventory software. Simple manufacturing.

Deal or no deal: The impact of Brexit on automotive supply chains

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Even more critical is the amount of tax (such as import duty, VAT and excise) that manufacturers will suddenly have to pay, depending on the type of goods. Some manufacturers have started to prepare by trying to build stock, which increases their costs. For example, a piece of metal can be manufactured in Germany then further processed in the UK before it’s assembled in the final product in France. Impact on automotive manufacturers. Automotive Manufacturing

Global Vendor Management: What It Is & Why It’s Essential for Your Shipping Strategy

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Consider this: global sourcing, manufacturing, and sales are advancing rapidly, leaving technology providers in the tough position of playing catch up. In Europe, three of the most common programs are: • Combined Program. That means the company never handles the shipments, or has to put them into inventory or reship the freight. Europe Global Forwarding Supply Chain Consulting Global Supply Chain Global Vendor Management Supply Chain

The Story Continues…. Let’s Don’t Sugar Coat the Real Issue

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There is a need to re-shore where possible, and relocate manufacturing and supplier relationships. With the rise of the global multi-national, Asian flows are essential to today’s manufacturing operations. Today, this is not a valid assumption, and most manufacturers lack the inventory buffers for inconsistent flows. On March 16th-18th, I will be on a book tour in Europe discussing the concepts of Supply Chain Metrics That Matter.

Supply Chain Scope: New Study Shows Rise in US Inventories; California Estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030


A new study by the SupplyChainDigest analyzing the main components of working capital: Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO), and Days Payables Outstanding (DPO) revealed an uptick in DIO. New Study Shows a Rise in US Company Inventories. SupplyChainDigest benchmark study of about 100 companies reveals an increase in US company inventories since the recession. “In In the US economy, overall inventory levels have been ticking up in recent years.

How a digital transformation can maximize the value of your meat supply chain

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Beef, poultry and pork producers from Europe and North America all share a similar challenge: how to get the most value out of an animal. Offer high service levels while keeping inventory levels low. Manufacturing ProteinWhile advanced innovations and developments like the Internet of Things (IoT) reach each industry and change the way we work together, the requirement for business transformation is rising. Meat producers, in any case, are questioning where to begin.

A Year Without Oktoberfest, Yet New Opportunities Exist in the Beer Industry

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Europe’s largest beer-producing nation, Germany, saw most of its 9,700 annual beer-related festivals canceled. Some manufacturers saw a complete devastation of their keg businesses. As such, manufacturers need to produce smaller batches with shorter production runs.

The Toilet Paper Supply Chain!

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Manufacturers make toilet paper based on those demand signals in a very predictive manner. The majority of toilet paper sold in North America is manufactured in North America. As it is the manufacture of toilet paper is a highly automated process with relatively few employees required to oversee such an operation anyways. There is also nothing particularly challenging or unique about the manufacture of toilet paper nor its Supply Chain. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

ANCA Streamlines Procurement with the QAD Supplier Portal


It’s a niche industry, but also one of the cornerstones of discrete parts manufacturing. They’re complex machines assembled from thousands of parts, many purchased from highly specialized manufacturers. Each part must be manufactured to the highest standards possible if the assembled machine is to deliver the speed, precision and surface finish that users demand. Manage consignment inventory. ANCA builds CNC tool grinding machines.

What Is the COVID-19 Impact on Your Supply Chain? We Surveyed the Transplace Network.


10% or less are in Canada, Mexico or Europe. Inventory and storage constraints. Depleted inventory due to customer demand. Business - Transportation Miscellaneous 3PL automotive business priorities chemical coronavirus COVID-19 CPG customer demand industrial inventory logistics manufacturing packaging retail shipping supply chain technology telecommunting transportationWhat Is the COVID-19 Impact on Your Supply Chain? We Surveyed the Transplace Network.

Three Lies and a Truth

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Here is the list: Supply chain technology implementations have reduced inventory. Here they are: The Lie of Inventory Reduction. Repeatedly, I heard that supply chain applications have saved costs, reduced inventory and improved customer service. The problem is that when I examine balance sheets over the last decade, as shown in figure 1, I find that only high-tech and electronics industries have reduced inventories year-over-year.