Gaining Clarity on Inventory Effectiveness

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The impact of complexity on inventory is not quick. To help, today I want to share some of the insights from our recent Inventory Optimization study. Inventory management is a hot issue. Companies invest in project after project, yet inventory levels remain the same.

The Belt and Road Initiative: Rail Service between Europe and Asia

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Have you ever considered changing your traditional mode of transportation? Now is the time to utilize all modes of transportation in the most efficient way possible. For example, you might be surprised how beneficial rail service between Europe and Asia can be for your business today.

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As Europe Rebounds Supply Chain Continues to Shine

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Zaragoza, Spain, where the Zaragoza Logistics Center is based, an employment bright spot in Europe. The demand is expected to increase as both Europe and Spain show signs of economic recovery. Another profile booster is the growing interest in sustainability, especially in Europe.

American Fox Head relocates logistics hub in Europe

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Menlo will provide transport management services for inbound product and distribution to the Fox dealer network; inventory and warehousing management and order fulfilment and dispatch.

‘Supply Chain Opportunities in China’ – 24 juni 2015

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Kelvin Tan, National Senior Manager Transportation – DSV China. Is the trade imbalance between China and Europe going to keep freight costs towards Asia low for the foreseeable future? Order and stock optimization of your Chinese Inventory. How do you optimize your inventory levels in the volatile Chinese market? ‘Supply Chain Opportunities in China’. Datum: 24 juni 2015. Locatie: Sea Palace, Amsterdam. Organisatie: DSV en Supply Chain Media. Places are limited.

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The Influence of IoT: How it’s Transforming Global Logistics

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Companies can keep less inventory on hand and more in motion if their supply chain network can reflect accurate product locations and specifications. We recently released the Navisphere Driver App in Europe to help surface transportation companies prepare for this critical transformation.

The New Silk Road: Have You Evaluated Your Freight Options?


China’s so-called “One Belt One Road” strategy connects the country via an overland and sea corridor to Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. These include a number of TMC customers that have begun moving product from China to Europe by rail where they previously did not.

Supply Chain Movement 20 – Trends & Consulting

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10 | SCM Consulting Map Europe 2016. At the same time, the supply chain specialists are expanding across Europe and even into North America. 12 | Profile Hans Willems, Vice President Supply Chain Europe, Boston Scientific. Contents Supply Chain Movement 20 – 2016 Q1.

3 Ideas for Finding Air Capacity in the Transatlantic Lane

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According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), air cargo demands grew at double the rate of capacity in 2017. In 2017, Europe saw the demise of some airlines at the same time as exports to the United States grew.

Global Vendor Management: What It Is & Why It’s Essential for Your Shipping Strategy

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In Europe, three of the most common programs are: • Combined Program. Transportation, consolidation, warehousing, and customs services can be combined with P.O. That means the company never handles the shipments, or has to put them into inventory or reship the freight.

The Story Continues…. Let’s Don’t Sugar Coat the Real Issue

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The people on the ground–my contacts in the 3PL, freight forwarding and transportation industry–know that the labor strife is only a part of the larger story. The flows assume that transportation can move without an interruption.

Supply Chain Scope: New Study Shows Rise in US Inventories; California Estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030


A new study by the SupplyChainDigest analyzing the main components of working capital: Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO), and Days Payables Outstanding (DPO) revealed an uptick in DIO. New Study Shows a Rise in US Company Inventories.

What Is the COVID-19 Impact on Your Supply Chain? We Surveyed the Transplace Network.


Of those surveyed: 81% use Transplace’s Transportation Management System (TMS). 10% or less are in Canada, Mexico or Europe. Inventory and storage constraints. Depleted inventory due to customer demand. What Is the COVID-19 Impact on Your Supply Chain?

Why Now is the Time to Choose LCL Shipping

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Only freight that can account for added transport time is a good fit for expedited LCL shipping. By using shipments in transit as “inventory in transit,” LCL shipping can even help lower warehousing and inventory costs, which in turn can help reduce your tariff spend per shipment.

A Tipping Point?

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While both Kraft and Heinz are under performing (Kraft has a low ROIC and Heinz is below the industry average in both operating margin and inventory turns) , there is M&A risk. Expect Major Shifts in the North American Transportation Market.

Why intelligent logistics is a game changer

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Not so long ago I was chatting with the management team of one of the top ten bulk transporters in Europe. Are you equipped to manage their stock levels or take responsibility for vendor managed inventory? Transport & Logistics

Why Blockchain Within The Supply Chain Makes Perfect Sense


This newfound visibility allows participants in a supply chain to proactively optimize components of their processes (like inventory management, staffing decisions, and a thousand more) to support an efficient and agile product path. Outcomes: improved inventory management; More accurate determination of re-order points; Better on-shelf availability. Blockchain Omnichannel Supply Chain Transportation Management

Will Trucking Challenges Transform JITS in North America?


JITS is the acronym for “just-in-time-sequence,” a common supply chain practice in the automotive industry that eliminates or significantly reduces the need to maintain parts inventory at the assembly plant. What does this mean for the scheduler at an OEM’s plant in Europe?

HCL Tech signs global alliance agreement with JDA Software Group

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This announcement expands HCL’s existing relationship with JDA thereby extending HCL’s offerings in professional services for industries such as retail, manufacturing, CPG and life sciences for the Americas and the Europe. The alliance addresses the unique supply chain challenges for business in the areas like planning, procurement, production, distribution, warehousing, inventory, transportation and customer services.

Helping You Plan Ahead During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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and Europe. Given this continued volatility, global importers are eager to restock their inventory. Similar to China, airlines have canceled majority of passenger flights in and out of Europe and South Korea due to safety concerns and lack of travel demand.

Emerging Options for Omni-Commerce Logistics Strategy

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To do this you need to ensure that at ALL locations where stock is held or displayed for retail sale, that ACCURATE and TIMELY inventory information is available. Thought is to leverage existing building assets, people and inventory to support the online business.

This Week in Logistics News (May 7-11, 2018)

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Robinson Launches Rail Service, Connecting China and Europe. Kuebix Surpasses 10,000 Companies Using Its Transportation Management System (TMS). Rail, One of the Transportation Granddaddies, Still Relevant.

7 Steps To Manage Your Chemical Inventory With Software


If you’re dealing with chemicals in your business, you have an obligation to store and transport these chemicals safely. Here, we’ll cover how you can use off-the-shelf inventory management software to manage your chemical inventory. Europe. Introduction.

How to boost relationships between shippers and 3PLs

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The manufacturer would benefit from lower inventory levels, while the 3PL operator could gain a better profit margin for being responsive and reacting “on demand”. They not only provide transportation, but are also responsible for the sorting, pre-manufacturing, warehousing, and so on.

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This Week in Logistics News (January 4-8, 2016)

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INTTRA Collaborates with JDA Software for Streamlined Transportation Management. Let’s hope the company has better luck in Europe delivering packages on-time next holiday season. The good news is that I didn’t break any bones skiing during the holiday break.

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This Week in Logistics News (April 11-15, 2016)

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February 2016 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). Sueddeutsche Zeitung speculated that Hahn would be a reasonable location for a hub for Amazon, located in the middle of Europe and close to its logistics centre in Koblenz. the Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI) fell 0.7

Dispelling Three Common Myths about Global TMS Deployment

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For the last couple of decades transportation management systems (TMS) have revolutionized supply chains, helping companies streamline their logistics processes, achieve greater visibility into their operations and save significant dollars on transportation. You go from Europe to the Americas to Latin America to APAC with your transportation needs and there are all sorts of very specific requirements, whether tactical, operational or strategic.

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Top 5 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2020


Presidential election and global tariff wars have resulted in uncertainty for B2B and B2C supply chains between the US, Europe and China. Pre-Fulfillment and Distributed Inventory Reign.

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Could Amazon or Alibaba be interested in Zalando?

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As these three companies consolidate their retail reach within their home countries, their eyes are falling upon Europe for further expansion and potentially setting up a retail battle among the three companies. Founded in 2008, Zalando has become one of Europe’s leading online fashion platforms, operating in 17 European markets and generating over €4.5 Inspired by Zappos, now owned by Amazon, Zalando began life by selling shoes online in Europe.

This Week in Logistics News (July 4-8, 2016)

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Adorable self-driving robots will start making deliveries in Europe this month (Quartz). More data points this week confirming what we already know: demand for freight transportation is weak, which is leading carriers to cut back on capacity.

This Week in Logistics News (October 12-16, 2015)

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SMC³ Acquires Transportation Costing Group. August 2015 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). Furthermore, DSV will now be truly global within contract logistics and expand into road freight activities outside Europe. Inventory Management.

Logistics Industry’s Slow Economic Comeback Continues in Spite of Challenges

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Authored by transportation consultant Rosalyn Wilson of Delcan, Inc., Inventory carrying costs increased 10.3 percent last year due to higher costs for taxes, obsolescence, depreciation, and insurance, which were offset by a further drop in the inventory carrying rate and warehousing costs. Transportation costs were up 10.3 Department of Transportation, Penske Logistics, Macy’s, Adelante SCM Corporation, BNSF Rail and Fortna, Inc.,

Emergency System Relief for Supply Chain Orchestration

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Due to major closures in China, Europe, and North America, companies find themselves in a difficult position: How will they deal with unparalleled uncertainties in demand, supply, inventory, and transport?

Nike’s Global E-Commerce Distribution Center in Leuven Belgium


Containers arrive at the port of Antwerp, and are transported by truck to a nearby inland terminal (BCTN) which is next door. In turn, these containers sit for about 5 days before being transported to the Nike distribution center next door and stocked inside the DC.

What’s shaping the steel industry today?

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Tariffs placed by US have resulted in changes to the global flow of steel and increased steel imports to Europe are affecting steel companies there. Also, we see a wave of consolidation continue in Europe as companies seek to become more competitive.