Top 25 3PL warehousing companies in 2020 (by revenue)

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Third-party logistics companies ( 3PLs ) specialize in distribution, warehousing and fulfillment services. Today, there are many top 3PL warehousing companies that handle warehousing, fulfillment, logistics and distribution services for companies of all sizes.

Patient-centric networks at the heart of pharmaceutical supply chain management: Lessons from LogiPharma Europe 2018


by Dr. Madhav Durbha With the Alps as a backdrop, LogiPharma Europe 2018 proved to be both energizing and thought provoking. In early April I attended the LogiPharma Europe 2018 conference in Montreux, Switzerland, an event that attracted more than 800 attendees, including practitioners and executives from pharma and medical device industries, along with software vendors and many service providers.

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Does Your Warehouse Need Voice?

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A warehouse is not a warehouse and a supply chain is not a supply chain. As complexity increases, manufacturers and distributors are seeking new ways to optimize customer service requirements and stem rising labor costs. One of these options is voice-directed warehousing. Voice-directed warehousing, where a warehouse worker is directed to perform tasks based on voice automation using a headset, is now over twenty years old.

New download: SCM Map Europe 2014-2015

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There appears to be considerable upheaval in Europe as a result of the political unrest between Russia and Ukraine. A number of large factories have closed down in Western Europe while new ones have opened in Central Europe and further east. However, the main growth in freight flows lies on the periphery of Europe and the Middle East is also continuing to develop, both for domestic supply and for distribution to Africa. SCM Map Europe 2014-2015.

Warehousing, the Rise of IT, Automation, and Now… Robotics

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From a simple place to stock goods, warehouses have developed in many ways—function and form included. Affected by changes in production, procurement and distribution methods, warehousing has continually been pushed and pulled in different directions. Just-in-time techniques have led to more products arriving directly from manufacturing to the end-customer, shrinking warehouse use. Where to Do Your Warehousing. Who Will Do Your Warehousing?

How Europe is Coping with Supply Chain Disruption


On top of this, a growing number of truck and van drivers are off work, often with symptoms of the virus, while many warehouse workers are unhappy about the risks posed. She predicted that shoppers would see more restricted ranges on supermarket shelves “to allow more throughput from suppliers and manufacturers of food”. And of course, the problem is acute right across Europe. And of course in Europe we still do not know what will be the full impact of Brexit.

The Belt and Road Initiative: Rail Service between Europe and Asia

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For example, you might be surprised how beneficial rail service between Europe and Asia can be for your business today. . Working in close cooperation with the government of two Chinese provinces, Sichuan and Chongqing, these companies moved manufacturing facilities to inland China. As reported by OSW studies , China determined that rail service between western China, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Europe would best serve the unique needs of these manufacturers.

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23 warehouse pros reveal the best ways for warehouses to control & reduce fulfillment costs

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Every warehouse strives for efficient order fulfillment. There are many factors that can impact costs, from warehouse replenishment practices to the warehouse equipment deployed to support the fulfillment process. ” Meet Our Panel of Warehouse Pros: Nate Masterson. Read on to learn more about the best strategies to control and reduce your warehouse fulfillment costs. 1) Warehousing space and inventory control. Warehouse Efficiency

Is Warehouse Robotics at the Inflection Point?

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I just returned from a trip to Europe where I met with the executive team from one of the country’s largest retailers. Each of the 8 Factors below have their own unique implications in Europe, Asia and other markets around the globe. Very simply, 3PLs cannot find enough warehouse workers to meet their Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The crisis is exacerbated by increases in wage rates for warehouse workers. Robots dramatically improve the ergonomics of the warehouse.

$1.9 Trillion warehouse market growing strongly driven by emerging markets


The global market for warehousing is currently growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6 – 8%, according to Beroe Inc, a procurement intelligence firm. The increasing service levels such as e-commerce and same-day delivery are influencing retailers to invest further in the warehouse industry. The growth of retail and FMCG goods has been the main driver for the industrial warehouse industry.

UK warehouses reaching capacity, just weeks left before full


A survey of logistics and warehousing operations, conducted by leading sector trade association UK Warehousing Association (UKWA), has revealed that lack of available warehousing space in the face of COVID-19 restrictions is reaching a critical point, with potential for zero capacity within weeks.

Is Warehouse Robotics at the Inflection Point?

Locus Robotics

I just returned from a trip to Europe where I met with the executive team from one of the country’s largest retailers. Each of the 8 Factors below have their own unique implications in Europe, Asia and other markets around the globe. Very simply, 3PLs cannot find enough warehouse workers to meet their Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The crisis is exacerbated by increases in wage rates for warehouse workers. Robots dramatically improve the ergonomics of the warehouse.

Is Warehouse Robotics at the Inflection Point?

Locus Robotics

I just returned from a trip to Europe where I met with the executive team from one of the country’s largest retailers. Each of the 8 Factors below have their own unique implications in Europe, Asia and other markets around the globe. Very simply, 3PLs cannot find enough warehouse workers to meet their Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The crisis is exacerbated by increases in wage rates for warehouse workers. Robots dramatically improve the ergonomics of the warehouse.

Key Manufacturing Takeaways from FocusConnect 2016

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As 2016 draws to a close, it’s clear that the next 12 months are set to be extremely disruptive for the manufacturing industry. Considering that the industry has largely concentrated on becoming cost-effective rather than lean, this means manufacturers must be prepared for change. Through the course of keynotes, workshops and the flow of conversation at the event, a number of several key trends emerged: Drones in the warehouse. Supply chain segmentation in Europe.

Is Industrial Computing Taking the ‘Man’ Out of Manufacturing?


In it, Daniel discusses the industrial Computing Revolution and how it effects the manufacturing industry. The industrial computing revolution has advanced the manufacturing industry, but at what cost? Numerous fearmongering news headlines claim that workers are being ‘replaced’ by computer-controlled systems, all in the name of improving manufacturing productivity. Fast-forward to 2016, fewer than one in 10 are employed in the US manufacturing sector.

‘Supply Chain Opportunities in China’ – 24 juni 2015

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12:00 China as a Global Distribution Centre – Manufacturing and bonded warehousing. 13:00 Domestic warehousing and distribution centres in China. Is the trade imbalance between China and Europe going to keep freight costs towards Asia low for the foreseeable future? van der Meulen Transport China customs delivery distribution DSV Erik Jutte export Foss Fred Sengers Green Freight Europe Guillaume Burette Henk-Jan Groeneveld human resource import inventory Jan W.

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Prologis predicts COVID-19 will act as spur to warehousing sector


Prologis report on warehousing is bullish about the demand picture in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. Prologis also noted that demand could be boosted in low-cost production centers such as Mexico and Central and Eastern Europe as companies push for a greater diversity of manufacturing locations, although they believe that this will be a long-term trend that plays out over years.

76% of UK manufacturers see Brexit border delays as major risk


A survey from manufacturing industry association EEF, in conjunction with AIG, of 242 companies found that 76% businesses believe delays at the British border will negatively impact their businesses. With less than three months to go before the leaving date of March 29, the survey found that 62% of manufacturers were stockpiling goods ahead of Brexit.

Manufacturing Quality Issue Turns into a Huge Success Story for Procurement

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If you sell a premium product, manufacturing quality issues can kill your image and your bottom line. The manufacturer made several attempts to rectify the issues but were unsuccessful. Here is a brief overview of what they did: They scoured the US, Europe and Asia for suitable bottle manufacturers. The results far exceeded the original goal of finding a quality manufacturer and it was accomplished in 3 months.

Global Vendor Management: What It Is & Why It’s Essential for Your Shipping Strategy

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Consider this: global sourcing, manufacturing, and sales are advancing rapidly, leaving technology providers in the tough position of playing catch up. Imagine you are at your desk in Houston and you need to determine whether a completed order left the warehouse in China. In Europe, three of the most common programs are: • Combined Program. Transportation, consolidation, warehousing, and customs services can be combined with P.O.

Will Trucking Challenges Transform JITS in North America?


The advantage of a ‘pull’ system, over more traditional push based manufacturing, is that we only produce what is needed when it’s needed. Cost savings in warehousing and floor space along with associated reduction in personnel required. Millennials are not as keen to join the profession since it pays marginally less than farming and manufacturing jobs. Automotive retail sales models in North America are also disparate compared to places like Europe.

Breaking into Global Markets, One Tesla at a Time

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When a 100-year-old toy company collaborates with a leading automotive and technology manufacturer, the possibilities are limitless. Radio Flyer, a name commonly recognized from the iconic red wagon and tricycle, is now delivering the Tesla Model S for kids to families in Europe, directly to their doorstep. Radio Flyer was challenged with driving direct ecommerce services in Europe, so we worked with them to develop a customized logistics solution.

Deal or no deal: The impact of Brexit on automotive supply chains

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Even more critical is the amount of tax (such as import duty, VAT and excise) that manufacturers will suddenly have to pay, depending on the type of goods. Some manufacturers have started to prepare by trying to build stock, which increases their costs. For example, a piece of metal can be manufactured in Germany then further processed in the UK before it’s assembled in the final product in France. Impact on automotive manufacturers. Automotive Manufacturing

Lars Syberg : “Taming Tigers’ supply chain is a real challenge”

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It’s been dubbed the posh pound store in the UK and the Danish company is certainly bringing style to discount shopping across Europe. Since then its fun, trendy stores, that sell low-priced, Scandinavian- designed products are springing up in high streets across Europe. By the end of this year it expects to have more than 400 stores, mostly in Europe but also in Japan. 80% of our products are manufactured in China and we have a lead-time of six to eight months.

Radio Silence on Supply Chain Security

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Following on from the recent horse-meat scandal in Europe and ongoing concerns around preventing counterfeit goods (with electric components and luxury goods a particular threat) from entering the supply chain, there is renewed focus on shoring up the integrity of the supply chain. But this of course would rely on all manufacturers, distributors and logistics service providers absorbing the cost of using RFID tags, installing readers and incorporating this into their logistics planning.

Distribution in China takes a detour

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China is not only an attractive market in terms of sourcing and manufacturing but also for the sale of goods due to the rapid growth of its middle class. Companies that have already got a manufacturing base in China are not necessarily at an advantage, as Bugaboo’s story illustrates. That is one of the 15 industrial areas in China which offer foreign companies attractive tax breaks providing that those companies manufacture exclusively for export purposes.

China 81

The Supply Chain Can?t Stop: A story from the front lines at Ken?s Foods


and warehouse staffing issues compounded. When their salads and dressings became more famous than their steaks, they transitioned into a food manufacturer that has grown to a $1B+ business. With no plants overseas, Ken’s Foods was spared the early supply chain ripple effect related to COVID-19 in Asia and Europe. inventory management manufacturingIt was Wednesday, March 11th and Ken’s Foods had a dilemma.

Pivot88 strengthen its presence in Europe by partnering with DDS Logistics


With its DDS Shipper import / export solution, the software editor offers its customers optimized management of their transport operations, from pre-routing to main transport via post-routing, and a perfect control of import or export operations from the release of the goods to delivery at the warehouse. Pivot88 is a cloud- and mobile-based collaboration platform designed to ensure that manufactured products meet the highest quality standards.

Managing Recalls with an Adaptive ERP


They were produced by a popular manufacturer. The frozen vegetable manufacturer properly communicated the issue to their retailer and supplier, but what else can be done when managing recalls? In Europe, Asia-Pacific and other regions, governing health organizations have similar regulations in place. The manufacturer, their suppliers, retailers and all other participants in the distribution process have the responsibility to ensure food safety. Warehousing.

Doing Business in Belgium


Manufacturing in Belgium. Typical manufacturing products made in Belgium include engineering and metal products, automobile assemblies, transportation equipment, scientific and precision instruments, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, glass, petroleum and food and beverages. Manufacturing accounts for about 22 percent of the GDP. Supply Chain Infrastructure for Manufacturing. These incentives make this an ideal time to invest in manufacturing in Belgium.

What’s New with MMOG/LE Version 5?


MMOG/LE is used by automotive customers to select and evaluate production and parts, service and warehousing processes. Adoption of advanced technologies ( machine learning , smart manufacturing, China 2020, digital transformation) to increase performance and efficiency. QAD provides training on behalf of AIAG and Odette in North America, Eastern Europe and Asia/Pacific. What is MMOG/LE?

HCL Tech signs global alliance agreement with JDA Software Group

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This announcement expands HCL’s existing relationship with JDA thereby extending HCL’s offerings in professional services for industries such as retail, manufacturing, CPG and life sciences for the Americas and the Europe. The alliance addresses the unique supply chain challenges for business in the areas like planning, procurement, production, distribution, warehousing, inventory, transportation and customer services.

Brexit complexity piles up, leading to calls for more coordination


Under post-Brexit changes, individual UK businesses wanting to sell to the EU will have to ship to a European warehouse. They will need to ship stock to a European warehouse at their own cost, increasing transport and storage costs. Amazon has announced it is severing EU distribution ties for UK sellers using UK fulfilment centres, meaning these businesses will no longer be offered logistics and warehousing services.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The End of Made In China Manufacturing


The phrase “Made in China” embodies cheap labor, the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs, and China’s transformation into one of the world’s economic superpowers. However, it seems the end of the Made in China manufacturing era may be in sight. Labor Costs Driving an End to the Made in China Manufacturing. The BCG index now rates Brazil as “one of the highest-cost countries”, and the UK as “the cheapest location in western Europe”.

China 263

Top 5 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2020


Here are a few of our predictions: Increased Accessibility of Warehouse Automation. Presidential election and global tariff wars have resulted in uncertainty for B2B and B2C supply chains between the US, Europe and China. Manufacturers must be able to pre-fulfill orders and transport goods from within close proximity to the consumer in order to satisfy demand, increasing the need for distributed inventory and inventory management tracking systems.

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