Supply chain gender gap the topic of focus at MIT event


by Leah McGuire Leah McGuire, Kerry Currier and Francini Ortiz at the 2019 MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics Women in Supply Chain Summit, where the gender gap in supply chain was the topic of focus. The two-day event brought together 60+ women and men from 27 companies across North America to discuss topics in four areas related to women in supply chain: balance, filling the talent gap, mentorship, sponsorship & networking, and leading global teams.

Event preview: Supply Chain Europe Virtual 2020

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What is… Events supply chain risk mitigation supply chain sustainability technologyThe true business impact of the COVID-19 crisis will be best measured by the response of industries to learn lessons and rebound as strongly and quickly as possible.

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Event Review: Supply Chain Europe Virtual 2020

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What is… General Supply Chain News europe reuters supply chain supply chain europe virtual 2020

GM Events – Executive Virtual Boardroom – Mitigating Supply Chain Risk and Building a Resilient Enterprise


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Supply Chain Planning Maturity – How Do You Compare to Peers?

Today's supply chains are networked, global ecosystems. An event upstream in a different country or region can cause considerable disruption downstream. The COVID-19 pandemic is an extreme example of how this unfolds in practice. How prepared are supply chain teams to react and recover, from a planning maturity stance? Download this report to get exclusive insights on planning maturity!

Dealing With The Supply Chain Gloppy Mess

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For the first in seven years, I was not heads-down preparing for The Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. COVID-19 drove a cancellation, but I hope to host the event again in 2021 in Franklin, TN. Supply is the challenge. The rising cost of supply.

Event Review: Supply Chain Summit 2020

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From 16th– 18th July, I had the privilege of taking part in the virtual Supply Chain Summit 2020 from the comfort of my own home. Industry professionals from all over… Events General ecommerce supply chain resilience supply chain visibility

How to Adapt Industrial Planning During and After Disruptive Events

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Many manufacturers depend on impacted networks for their supplies and the strain on planning organizations is jeopardizing business continuity. Challenge 3 Visibility is now worse because suppliers have either been overloaded with demand or have supply/production problems of their own. Challenge 4 Customer demand has become extremely volatile as demand for supplies and products changes dramatically through the lifecycle of the crisis.

Rising Above Supply Chain Disruptions

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What they need is a supply chain solution that will enable them to stay on top of problems, minimize damage and stay ahead of competitors. Exceptional risks, sometimes called black swan events, are situations that are not expected and are almost impossible to predict. It is a necessary part of supply chain risk management. To manage everyday risks and black swan events, you need a supply chain that is designed to be resilient in the face of disruptions.

Kinexions ’18: A supply chain event that always delivers more


As the world changes around us, so must the supply chain. With a focus on supply chain digitization, transformation and revolution, Kinexions promises to be the premier event for the RapidResponse user community, including customers, partners and prospects. At the heart of the sessions will be how conference-goers can get more from their supply chain, more from their RapidResponse investment and more from their overall Kinexions experience.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Supply Chain Visibility

Today’s environment spotlights the significance and importance of real-time supply chain visibility. What are the barriers? What’s the solution? Gain insight to respond quickly to marketplace events and take actions that ensure supply chain performance.

Turning supply chain events into an experience

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So why are most supply chain conferences still so terribly dull? Back in 2017, I attended a particular annual event on e-commerce logistics in Berlin for the first time. Despite some problems with the sound during the presentations and the lack of a clear theme for the event as a whole, there was nevertheless – partly due to the presence of so many start-ups – an enterprising and energetic vibe. Martijn Lofvers, Chief Trendwatcher Supply Chain Media.

Virtual Event: Supply Chain Europe 2020

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VIRTUAL EVENT/WEBINAR Supply Chain Europe 2020 September 17-18, 2020 5:30am ET | 11:30am CET. Live Panel Discussion - A connected, unified supply chain: The backbone of your business. Sebastian Rudolph, Head of Country Supply Chain Management Europe Panasonic.

Supply Chain Event 2016

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Supply Chain Event 2016. Supply Chain Event is the cutting-edge trade event of the year, presenting new solutions and technologies to optimize operations for an audience of 3000 supply chain managers and project officers. big data and business intelligence, innovation is at the forefront of the Supply Chain. The Supply chain never stops improving. Date: 22-23 November, 2016.

Event Preview: Supply Chain Summit 2020

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While all face-to-face conferences have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, we are delighted to have partnered Aloctt Global for the Supply Chain Summit 2020, which this year is taking… Events coronavirus supply chain summit

Wanted: Supply Chain Architects!

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Manufacturing is the foundation of my interest in supply chain management. Supply Chain and Design. This was the beginning of my journey from manufacturing to understanding larger supply chain concepts. Much to my chagrin, when I entered into the world of supply chain, the processes of source, make and deliver were usually not designed. Figure 1: Definition of the Supply Chain Organization.

Supply Chain Event (Paris, France), 2015

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Supply Chain Event 2015. The 3 in 1 event welcoming the entire supply chain community! Featuring an exhibition, business meetings and conferences, Supply Chain Event will welcome supply chain professionals over two days. Supply Chain Event gathers 100 suppliers of solutions and technologies that cover all the needs of the Supply Chain and 3,500 professionals from across all sectors of industry and distribution. >>

EventWatch 2018 Impact Events


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Announcing the Supply Chains to Admire for 2019

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I feel that topic of supply chain management is analogous to the downward cycle of the news channels. What Drives Supply Chain Excellence? I analyze supply chain management. The broader the definition of end-to-end strategy and the alignment of supply chain processes drives value. Over the last month, I have been working on the 2019 Supply Chains to Admire analysis. They want to know, “What drives supply chain improvement?

Overview of European supply chain events 2015

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Did not have or make enough time to attend any events this past year? So mark your calendar with the relevant supply chain conferences. Supply Chain Movement helps you along with an overview of the most important European supply chain events in 2015. Event. 14th annual Cool Chain & Controlled Room Temperature Logistics Europe. E-Commerce & Omni-Channel: Supply Chain & Fulfilment. Vector Event.

The Benefits Of Attending A Supply Chain Conference

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You might think that attending conferences can be expensive, or as an employee, you might think you don’t have much to do at the event. However, a supply chain conference […]. Blog conference digital supply chain. supply chain supply chain conference

2018: The Winter Olympics, a royal wedding, space exploration and, of course, big supply chain planning events


When it comes to big events in 2018, let’s not forget about the world of supply chain planning. There are some cool events in 2018 you might want to check out. Catch SCM World’s Live Americas 2018 in Miami, Florida – an exclusive forum for SVPs and VPs of supply chain looking to drive the roadmap to digitize their supply chains. 3 rd BME Global Pharma Supply Chain Congress: Feb.

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Most significant Events


supply chain resiliency management eventwatch supply chain disruptions

Overview of European supply chain events 2016

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Did not have or make enough time to attend any events this past year? So mark your calendar with the relevant supply chain conferences. Supply Chain Movement helps you along with an overview of the most important European supply chain events in 2016. Event. 14th annual Cool Chain & Controlled Room Temperature Logistics Europe. E-Commerce & Omni-Channel: Supply Chain & Fulfilment. Quadimension Events.

Retail Supply Chain Virtual Event to Address Consumerization Challenges

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If you’re struggling with the consumerization of your retail supply chain, Retail Supply Chain Virtual USA is for you. With a killer lineup, talks will cover rebuilding your retail supply chain in a way that uses data and technology to get into consumers’ shoes.

Supply Chain Diagnostic: A Four-Step Process

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Time For A Supply Chain Check-Up? When a company contacts me to help them with their supply chain, the pain is usually a gap in customer service. They tend to have many pretty PowerPoint slide decks–full of acronyms, pretty pictures and E2E commitments–but they lack a common definition of supply chain excellence. To complete a supply chain diagnostic, I take these four steps: Step One. Supply chains are not the same.

Supply Chain: The True Game of Risk

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For the supply chain leader it is not a game… The stake is business continuity. Gamers do well in the world of supply chain. Designing value networks and managing what-if conditions is fundamental to managing supply chain risks. The move from global to regional supply chains increased risks. Geopolitical shifts, economic uncertainty and demand/supply volatility are rising. In my life time, supply chains changed.

Virtual Supply Chain Conferences

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One of our most popular posts every year is our Supply Chain and Logistics Conferences to Attend post. It didn’t take long for every conference after March to either get cancelled or re-imagined as a virtual event. Read more Virtual Supply Chain Conferences.

Building a Resilient Supply Chain

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Regardless of the circumstances, a company’s ability to survive disruptive processes and events is one of the key differentiators of a successful business strategy. Blog resilience in supply chain management supply chain supply chain managementThe thing is, most companies start to realize its importance only when the storm already happens. In the majority of cases, risk management strategy sits far down the list of business […].

What Is Supply Chain Visibility and Why Is It Important?

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When these events are analyzed, it’s not unusual to discover that companies were caught off guard because of poor supply chain visibility. In some instances, companies didn’t know where suppliers and sub-suppliers were located, while in others they were unaware of critical dependencies in their extended supply chains. Supply Chain Excellence Supply chain analytics Supply Chain Planning supply chain visibility

More than an Event

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Today, whether you’re managing procurement events or working with a partner that manages the service on your behalf, here are some things to keep in mind. Procurement is More than an Event. Here are suggestions for making this an ongoing initiative: Create a steering committee to look at supply chain issues continuously, with representatives from: Demand Planning. The post More than an Event appeared first on BluJay Solutions.

Celebrating and Encouraging Women in Supply Chain


This April marked the sixth STEP Ahead Awards , and, once again, APICS was proud to co-sponsor the event. STEP Ahead is a national honor that identifies the best women in manufacturing, including supply chain, and further encourages women to mentor and support the next generation of female talent to pursue these promising and fulfilling careers. On the evening of the event, STEP Ahead recognized 100 Honorees and 30 Emerging Leaders at a gala in Washington, D.C.

Global Supply Chains Explore New Opportunities with Increased Visibility

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Global Supply Chains Explore New Opportunities with Increased Visibility. Recent events have forced even the most robust businesses to go back to the drawing board. Now, more than ever, technology has made all the difference in keeping supply chains afloat.

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A perfect supply chain?


by Matt Benson If your 3PL supply chain problem was to deliver 400,000 items daily from supplier to customer and your on-time in full metric was a six-sigma target standard of 1 failure per million, how would you do it? Well, the answer in reality is that we really do need both – not all of our problems are only 3PL issues with supply chains having such stable demand signals – same item, same quantity, to the same customer, pretty much every day.

Terrorism and Supply Chain: A Growing Threat of Supply Chain Terrorism


Terrorism is a reality that, unfortunately, requires our growing attention in the supply chain world. The British Standards Institution Supply Chain Services and Solutions publishes an annual report that analyzes global trouble spots for supply chain operations. This year’s report focused on the continual rise in terrorist attacks and how it will continue to affect the supply chain. Supply Chain