Suppliers are Friends, not Food!

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“Fish are friends, not food.”. Now… Is there something to be learned from this quote in Finding Nemo, that we can apply to procurement and sourcing? A gang of procurement and sourcing professionals with our backs up against the wall, and the fight is at our front door.

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Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Kristie Syndikus, VP Procurement at Maple Leaf Foods!

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This interview is with Kristie Syndikus, VP of Procurement at Maple Leaf Foods. It was very easy to see early on that Kristie had a great aptitude for Procurement and Sourcing. Kristie Syndikus, VP Procurement at Maple Leaf Foods. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

The Complexities and Challenges of a Fresh Food Supply Chain

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Whether this move by the world’s… Procurement Management Supply Chain Management fast food food supply chainOn March 6th, McDonald’s announced the decision to start using fresh beef in the Quarter Pounder at all locations in the contiguous United States.

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Keeping It Fresh: How to Improve Operational Effectiveness and Reduce Total Landed Costs in the Fresh Food Supply Chain

Talking Logistics

Todd Bernitt, Vice President of Managed Services at Robinson Fresh addresses the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode: Who are the key participants in the fresh food supply chain and what are some of the key processes or challenges involved?

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The Next Time You Order a Fruit Cup (The Complexities of the Fresh Food Supply Chain)

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Not all supply chains are created equal and that’s certainly true when it comes to the fresh food supply chain. There are a lot of unique considerations in the overall procurement-to-delivery process, everything from temperature control to ensuring food safety. So, what does it take to improve operational effectiveness and reduce total landed costs in the fresh food supply chain? Robinson fresh food supply chain Robinson Fresh

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Procurement and Suppliers on the Same Page: How to Craft an Effective Terms & Conditions Sales Document


Editor's Note: Today's blog is the second part of Chuck Intrieri's series on how procurement and suppliers can avoid issues with their contracts. Procurement and suppliers often assume that small print is highly complicated legal jargon that is both boring and largely irrelevant. It Would Benefit Both Procurement and Suppliers To Write in a Clear, Friendly, and Organized Manner. Procurement

7 Trending Business Practices Disrupting Procurement!

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7 KPIs Your Procurement Team May Be Ignoring! Procurement is a business function that has undergone a lot of change in the last few years. As a believer in the power of procurement, this recognition makes me happy. procurement #technologyadoption #supplychainmanagement.

Food Waste and World Hunger – The Food Supply Chain is Broken! (Videos)

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But the single most important Supply Chain is the Food Supply Chain! Our very survival depends on there even being a Food Supply Chain. On one hand there is a horrendously large amount of Food Waste. The Food Supply Chain, the most important Supply Chain in the World, is BROKEN!

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Procurement Experiences, Trends and the Future!

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Check out What is Virtual Procurement and Why Should You Care? Where is procurement, outsourcing, sourcing, supply chain, and purchasing going? We have worked in hundreds of different industries and spend areas over many years in thousands of procurement projects.

Procurement Challenges Condensed


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. I took on the challenge of writing a condensed version of all the current Procurement challenges. I believe the issue with these articles is the broad range encompassed by the word Procurement and the constant change within this domain.

Q: Food vs Fuel? A: Wrong question…We need more efficient markets!

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I have been working with Jay Golden at Duke University on the biobased forecasting project for the USDA, seeking to understand the current scope of the biobased product market ( focused on non-fuel, non-food products). He has been working in the industry for over 25 years, and we had an opportunity to share thoughts on the “food vs. fuel” debate. There is hunger in the market, but it is not caused by a shortage of food.

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The Future of the Chief Procurement Officer … Is Already Here!

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Check out What Exactly Is Procurement? Kodiak Rating’s CTO was recently in attendance at a Procurement Leaders event held in London, titled DITx?—?Data As written by Procurement Leaders, “DITx is Europe’s ONLY event specifically designed for procurement professionals wanting to capitalize on a whole new set of opportunities that disrupt yet provide new transformative, value adding capabilities” ( Procurement Leaders 2017 ). Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Five Capabilities to Take the Food and Beverage Supply Chain to the Next Level


Food and beverage supply chains face mounting pressure to reduce costs, add more value and do more with fewer resources. Food and beverage companies run on razor-thin margins. White Paper: Food & Drink Customer Centricity.

How Big Food and Beverage Could Revolutionize the Natural Movement


The fast food giant uses around two billion eggs each year, prompting many to ask the same question: are there enough cage-free eggs to make that many Egg McMuffins? Since McDonald’s isn’t the only food provider opting for cage-free eggs, there’s a risk of undersupply.

The State of Supply Chain Trends Part II: AI, Procurement, & the New Lean


From artificial intelligence to refocusing on procurement, the state of supply chain continued to explode throughout 2016, and you need to understand why. For example, the Internet of Things (IoT) may rely on temperature sensors in trucks to identify food spoilages , which can catalyze a diversion of an existing shipment to meet the immediate needs of the consumer affected by spoilage. Procurement’s Role Did Become More Important.

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How to Use Big Data Analytics to Drive Business Value in Procurement Forward (Part 1)


JAGGAER InsideSpend Thought leadership Series – In this blog series, we profile leaders in the procurement industry. We hope their insights and experiences inspire you to achieve greatness in procurement. A conversation with Walter Charles, Chief Procurement Officer at Biogen. . Procurement Trends in Manufacturing. How are they impacting the procurement organization and proficiency? Procurement Resources Supply Chain manufacturing

Six Must Have Supply Chain Capabilities for Success in the Food and Beverage Industry


Last week we shared five capabilities to help take the Food & Beverage supply chain to the next level. The food & beverage industry faces a lengthy list of unique challenges from long raw material lead-times and volatile commodity pricing to safety and quality requirements combined with high demand uncertainty, frequent new product introductions, perishability and complex manufacturing constraints. Much has changed in the Food & Beverage Industry over the last 20 years.

Building a scalable supply chain for food startups

Logichain Solutions

Successful entrepreneurs experiencing growing customer demand for an exciting new food product soon face the need to increase their production volume. In the food industry, excess operations and supply chain costs can be a major roadblock to profitability.

Procurement as a Non-Profit Center for Supply Chain Risk Consolidation

Supply Chain View from the Field

I spent some time this week with a group of procurement executives from Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions, a company that conducts all of the procurement and supply chain activity for YUM! This organization was created a number of years ago, in response to a lawsuit launched by KFC franchisees who were unhappy with the perceived pricing and costs of food contracts negotiated for them on behalf of Yum. The volume of food purchased is also staggering to the imagination.

Optimizing Retail Supply Chains to Meet Demand and Reduce Costs

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Change your thinking on retail procurement. Robinson can offer Managed Procurement Services and assess the entire end to end pipeline of your retail model, looking at each element holistically to see how changes in one piece of the process could lead to changes in another.

What are the Supply Chain Impacts of Amazon’s Whole Foods Acquisition?

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Argentus is a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement. Big news out of the grocery retail world as Amazon has announced its acquisition of major organic foods retailer Whole Foods Market – for an eye-popping $13.7 Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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The Local Food Movement is right around the corner


Ask yourself, when shopping for fresh food, do you seek out and buy from local suppliers? – If your tendency is to choose local products over national brands and local producers over far off producers, you’re a part of an important market segment within fresh food. Local food is often perceived to come from trusted suppliers, travels less food miles and pumps dollars back into the local economy. But all food simply cannot be sourced locally.

McDonald’s Risky Commitment to a Cage Free Eggs Supply Chain

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Food & Beverage Industry Procurement/Sourcing Sustainability McDonald's sourcingMcDonald’s announced a 10-year plan to produce cage free eggs. The Fortune article is mainly a turnaround story. But this turnaround depends upon a supply chain transformation.

Keeping it Fresh: Supply Chain of Livestock and Fresh Food


Complexity is a major issue faced by most production-based supply chains because of the interconnected nature across global operations; and when it comes to livestock and fresh food, their perishable and voluminous nature create unique challenges that make matters significantly worse. Compared to many other product supply chains, time and distance are the major challenges for fresh food suppliers.

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How Retailers Can Use Supply Chain Technology to Get Ahead

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Robinson’s best in class Managed Procurement Services offer customized cold supply chain solutions and optimizations for retailers of all sizes, helping standardize and streamline ordering to reduce complexities and find significant cost savings.

Beyond Procurement: Sustainability as a Way to Engage and Retain Talent


Given the market conditions, the race to recruit and retain top talent is competitive to say the least, and procurement and supply chain management teams are feeling the pressure — not only to hire for their own teams, but for their organizations as a whole.

Optimizing Retail Supply Chains to Meet Demand and Reduce Costs

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Change your thinking on retail procurement. Robinson can offer Managed Procurement Services and assess the entire end to end pipeline of your retail model, looking at each element holistically to see how changes in one piece of the process could lead to changes in another.

More on the importance of human relationships in local food systems

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Ben Filippo is Food System Coordinator for the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, a farmer driven membership based 501c3 non profit organization to help people in the Carolinas grow and eat locally. Ben notes that “a big chunk of what we do are work with artisans and our technical services and our internal focus group teams are advocacy, food systems, policy, and education (public facing sustainable agriculture issues).

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6 Things We've Learned from McDonald's Procurement Management


In the foodservice industry, there are few better examples of great procurement management than McDonald's. Today's food industry supply chain operators would do well to learn from the excellent procurement management example that McDonald's has set.

Sustainable Procurement is Critical to McDonald’s Future

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In its annual report released in March, CEO Steve Easterbrook owned up to the $18 billion fast food retailer’s disappointing performance – sales up only 1 percent with an operating income decline of 8 percent. Food & Beverage Industry Procurement SustainabilityMcDonald’s is the first to admit things are not going as well as the company would like.

How Retailers Can Use Supply Chain Technology to Get Ahead

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Robinson’s best in class Managed Procurement Services offer customized solutions and optimizations for retailers of all sizes, helping standardize and streamline ordering to reduce complexities and find significant cost savings.

KraftHeinz Procurement Bends to 3G Capital’s Policies: How’s it Working Out for You?


Several stories came out this week, related to KraftHeinz’s share price, its procurement department, and the fate of its parent company, 3G Capital. First, Fortune reported that the stock price of Kraft Heinz plunged 20% late Thursday after the food giant disclosed it received a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission and reported a large net loss due to the reduction of goodwill in some of its best-known brands.

CPG and Big Food needs to evolve and embrace supply chain, sustainability


Some of the most recognized and successful food brands are getting pressured at every turn, from health conscious and high-end consumers that are prioritizing healthy and fresh alternatives, to price-driven buyers flocking to cheaper store brands.

This Week in Logistics News (September 6 – 12)

Logistics Viewpoints

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Food & Beverage Industry Global Trade Procurement/Sourcing Retail This Week in News We’ve written a lot about the truck driver shortage here at Logistics Viewpoints and the impact that this could have on the global supply chain moving forward. Often times we forget about, or simply don’t think about, everything and everyone that makes it possible for us to get the goods we desire. The shortage could […].

Five Predictions (About Prediction) that Every Procurement Professional Should Consider

Supply Chain View from the Field

As part of the conference, I’m delivering a talk on five predictions that every procurement professional should consider. These aren’t so much “predictions”, as opportunities that procurement professionals should become aware of, and educate themselves on. There are many different data resources that are potentially available to augment and create a rich set of metrics that can be used to drive insights and warning to procurement and senior management.

The Effects of a Recall Can Be Minimized With a Connected Supply Chain


If the supply chain processes are not connected from the beginning to the end of the entire procurement, manufacturing and distribution processes, or “field to fork”, you will have a bumpy road. Food and Beverage manufacturers have been putting lot numbers on products for years.

The final countdown to Brexit has begun


The food industry is another likely to face significant impact, yet despite the threat of no deal, “many businesses in the food supply industry are unprepared for a no deal scenario.”.

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