Untangling the Complexities of Demand Forecasting

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Whether facing a major product launch or compiling standard monthly forecasts, the accuracy of demand forecasts is crucial. The post Untangling the Complexities of Demand Forecasting appeared first on ModusLink Global Solutions.

Revisiting Transportation Forecasting

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Many companies have collaborative planning and forecasting processes with suppliers and manufacturing partners, but very few companies translate demand and production forecasts into transportation capacity requirements. In this episode, Adrian discusses the key challenges and opportunities associated with transportation forecasting. Watch as Adrian discusses: Two key reasons why transportation forecasting has been a challenge to implement.

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Why is Demand Forecasting important for effective Supply Chain Management?


Demand forecasting forms an essential component of the supply chain process. While demand forecasting is undeniably important, it’s also one of the most difficult aspects of supply chain planning. Why is Demand Forecasting important for effective Supply Chain Management? It’s the driver for almost all supply chain related decisions. was first posted on September 18, 2018 at 11:58 am. ©2017

Sales Forecasting Unchecked – A Supply Chain Nightmare!

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The Planning and Budget cycle within most companies must start with a forecast of future sales and revenue. The Sales and Marketing team is usually responsible for pulling that forecast together. What Happens When Forecasts Are Wrong? Forecasts are generally notoriously wrong.

Forecasting in a Shelf-Connected Supply Network

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Today I want to discuss how new approaches to forecasting processes are required in a shelf-connected world. . With this more accurate forecast, retailers can improve on-shelf availability, increase sales, reduce days of supply, and decrease overall supply chain costs.

Market Update: Seasonal Freight Surge and Consumer Forecast

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So many of the year’s sales occur during the short two-month season, so the logistics process needs to be efficient enough to handle the increase of purchases.

Gaming Out Your Logistical Response to the Corona Virus

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The post Gaming Out Your Logistical Response to the Corona Virus appeared first on Smart Software.

How Machine Learning Helps Supply Chain Forecasting


When paired with the Internet of Things, machine learning can create a truly powerful system for supply chain forecasting. Meanwhile, IoT devices can produce large, accurate data sets from which an organization's forecasting algorithms and tools can learn.

The What, Why, and How of Transportation Forecasting

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Many companies have collaborative planning and forecasting processes with suppliers and manufacturing partners, but very few translate demand and production forecasts into transportation capacity requirements. What factors are driving the need for transportation forecasting? Read more The What, Why, and How of Transportation Forecasting. The post The What, Why, and How of Transportation Forecasting appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Your Comprehensive Demand Forecasting Guide


Demand forecasting can support your decision-making process when deciding how much inventory stock is necessary. What is demand forecasting? Essentially, demand forecasting is a strategic process that helps businesses make educated estimations about future customer demand. Demand forecasting provides a wide array of predictive analytics. With these numbers, management can make more informed decisions on how to operate their warehouse and their supply chain logistics.

Improving Forecast Accuracy Through Demand Sensing

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Typically, these algorithms only have one or two sources of information (data sets) to derive the forecast for the next period. As the field of business forecasting develops, technological improvements allow companies to experiment with more advanced […].

Top 7 Benefits of System driven Inventory Projections


Scientific and system-driven Inventory Projection facilitates a quick decision-making process and enables a prompt analysis of alternative what-if scenarios. The following are the top 7 benefits of system driven inventory projection.

Forecast for 2025 Construction Technology

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The construction industry is growing thanks to a strong economy, forecasted to reach $1.2 trillion in the US by 2020, according to Tradesmen International, and the global construction output is forecast to rise to $12.7 Read more Forecast for 2025 Construction Technology.

Forecasting Brexit’s Logistics Implications


Now, after months of speculating whether or not Brexit could be a reality, the business world is forecasting how Brexit will affect global commerce.

Top 8 Online Logistics Tools For Logistics Professionals


Logistics professionals require exemplary international online logistics tools to help them carry out their daily businesses with ease and deliver the best for their customers. Let’s base our discussion on online trucking logistics and mobile applications that can be used in supply chain management on a global basis by the logistic professional to control their business. Top 8 Online Logistics Tools For Logistics Professionals. The Logistics mobile app.

Tools 191

The Top 5 Changes That Occur With AI in Logistics


There’s no other way to describe it: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of logistics. Having a tool for accurate demand forecasting and capacity planning allows companies to be more proactive. Logistics

A Complete Breakdown of the 26th State of Logistics Report


On June 23, 2015, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals ( CSCMP ) released the “State of Logistics Report,” which happens to be in its 26 th year. Growth in Logistics. The transportation sector of the logistics industry grew by 3.6

Report 338

Green Logistics: The logistics pain for a green gain

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In such a scenario, the logistics sector is not an exception as they are the major contributors to carbon-di-oxide emission due to fossil fuel combustion in the transport sector. Green logistics, even though a new concept, it’s an evolving one. Reverse logistics.

MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics: Improving Forecast Accuracy through Demand Sensing

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Students in the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics’ Master of Supply Chain Management program spent a year mapping a manufacturer’s forecasting process to help determine if Demand Sensing was a worthwhile ambition to pursue

This Week in Logistics News (October 1-5, 2018)

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And that is why on November 3, together with my Logistics Leaders for T1D Cure teammates, I will be riding 100 miles in support of JDRF to help us find a cure. Now, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: U.S. E2open Acquires Cloud Logistics.

The 2017 State of Logistics Report: Uncertainty, Unsustainabiltiy Usurp Logistics  


The 28th Annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals ( CSCMP ) 2017 State of Logistics Report, published by A.T. Logistics Costs Are Unsustainable. logistics costs fell last year for the first time since 2009, reflecting concern within the industry. Logistics

Report 124

This Week in Logistics News (June 11-15, 2018)

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In the meantime, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: Home Depot Sets $1.2 Capstone Logistics acquires LoadDelivered, Logistical Labs (CCJ). This Week in News AI Amazon Capstone Logistics Depeche Mode drones Home Depot J.B.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Guiding Principles in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Creating the Lean Fulfillment Stream. Managers there don’t spend time doing analysis every time they try to reduce lead time to prove that this is the correct thing to do in logistics and supply chain management.

Another Way to Think About Supply Chain Risk Management


But companies must also manage “ micro agility ” risk with the ability to plan for, and react nimbly to, disruptions to their supply chain caused by more common demand swings, supplier shortfalls, logistics problems and so forth. To do that, you need to forecast the range of possible demand.

This Week in Logistics News (October 17-21, 2016)

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Our Logistics Leaders for T1D Cure Team (LL4T1DCure) raised just under $43,000 for the cause! Moving on, here’s this week’s supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention: IBM, Walmart, university to put Chinese food products on blockchain (Reuters).

Ten Business Reasons Why Demand Forecasts Matter

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Many people who work in supply chains are familiar with the old saying, “The forecast is always wrong.”. In fact, accurately forecasting customer demand—neither over-forecasting nor under-forecasting—matters in many ways for every manufacturer, wholesale distributor, and retailer. Reasons related to under-forecasting: Customers count on on-time shipments. In the worst case, under-forecasting may cause customers to lose business.

3 Steps to Achieving Predictive Logistics

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Defining Smarter Logistics. The shipping industry is highly complex and nuanced; improving predictions requires a platform custom built for the logistics industry. . This is the power of predictive logistics. .

The Digital Transformation in Logistics: Technologies, Barriers and Predictions!

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The path to increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction lies in the digitalization of logistics workflows. Emerging Technologies in Logistics & Their Potential Impact. trillion on logistics and supply chain within the next five years. Subscribe Here!

Digitalisation of Logistics Industry and its Impact

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With rapid growth in technology, the logistics industry across the globe is experiencing a paradigm shift with fast track development driven by unique innovation and sturdy growth in the evolution of technology.

Cargo 61

6 Benefits of Applying Useable Data in Logistics For Continuous Improvement


We continue our series on strategic shipping by going into detail of the 10 main areas that shippers can turn to in order to have a strategic logistics and transportation management mindset. Today we will go into detail on using the available data created in the processing of shipments within transportation management and other related logistics management for continuous improvement. . Generating Accurate Forecasts. Cleaning Data in Logistics.

3PL Logistics Companies Up Services to Continue to Meet the Needs of Shippers


Although 3PL Logistics Companies or 3PLs were around before the recession, companies realized the short-term savings of outsourcing logistics, transportation, and freight management to 3PLs quickly, and the age of the rise of the logistics provider was born.

3PL 240

10 Key Logistics & Procurement Supply Chain Practices to Know and Master to Reduce Spend.


However, 48 to 72 hours would be an ideal lead time, reports Steve Raetz of Logistics Viewpoints. Take Advantage of Cloud-Based Analytics for Better Warehouse Management and Forecasting. According to Logistics Management , the majority of participants in a survey on the most impactful aspect of procurement practices over the next decade identified predictive analytics through Big Data. The procurement supply chain also includes the reverse logistics supply chain to an extent.

This Week in Logistics News (September 7-11, 2015)

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Remembering 9/11 seems more important to me, even if it doesn’t directly relate to supply chain and logistics. Moving on to this week’s supply chain and logistics news… XPO Logistics to Acquire Con-way. Infor Announces Demand+ to Help Accelerate Supply Chain Forecasting.

Big Opportunity for Logistics Providers? Supply planning and inbound services….

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Note: This is a series of posts exploring how logistics service providers can offer their customers solutions that go beyond traditional logistics processes. If you’re impatient however, I suggest you read the new whitepaper “ 8 Opportunities for Today’s Logistics Providers “.

Logistics Center of Excellence: Delivering Value to Organizations

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Very often it comes from a logistics services provider, one equipped with end-to-end solutions designed to meet your needs while you concentrate your time, energy and investment in your core business. Additionally, good data feeds accurate forecasting.