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Borderlands: Foreign investors pump money, manufacturing jobs into Mexico

The Supply Chain Journal

This week: 6,550 manufacturing jobs headed for Mexico as border freight capacity tightens; Aeronet Worldwide expands in Texas; FedEx Ground leases distribution center in Houston; and Bullfrog Logistics files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Averitt Express opens Dallas-area distribution center

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The new center, which employs about 70 workers, is aimed at streamlining supply chains for manufacturers, distributors and retailers, company officials said. “In Privately held Averitt Express is a freight transportation and logistics services provider.


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Borderlands: More investment, manufacturing jobs for Mexico

The Supply Chain Journal

This week: More investment, manufacturing jobs for Mexico; new 3,000-acre logistics hub for Texas; TUM Logistics acquires 110 Kenworth tractors; and CBP seizes 6 kilos of DMT en route to Arkansas. . More investment, manufacturing jobs for Mexico.

Today’s Freight Capacity Crisis: Where Do We Go from Here?

Talking Logistics

More than a year into a freight capacity crisis that shows little sign of weakening, it’s time for all parties involved in logistics and freight transportation to meet this issue head on. Solving the challenge and underlying issues will require focus and attention to internal processes, better communication with carriers and partners, and using technology to gather and make sense of the vast amount of data flowing through transportation networks.

Emergency Freight: What Harvey Tells Us About Irma

DAT Solutions

Less than ten days after Hurricane Harvey, trucks are already moving freight out of Houston, with almost the same volume as before the storm. Harvey hit Houston on Friday evening, August 25, and hung over the metro area for days, dumping more than 50 inches of rain on Southeastern Texas and Southwestern Louisiana. Houston Rates Remain Elevated, Due to Disruption and Pent-Up Demand. Flood waters cover a Houston highway during Hurricane Harvey.

Borderlands: Mexico records 692 commercial cargo thefts in April

The Supply Chain Journal

Security for cargo transportation is being challenged. Torres Landa was speaking during the 2021 Security Challenges for Motor Transport webinar on Tuesday. . Matt Silver, CEO of Forager , said cargo thieves are looking for freight they can steal and sell easily on the black market.

Capacity Crunch Factors: What Causes a Capacity Crunch?


Now, the shipping and transportation industry faces unprecedented capacity problems, and the upcoming ELD implementation deadline will exacerbate the issue. Now, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) notes the lack of qualified, experienced truckers is among the trucking industry’s top concern for the first time in more than a decade, reports Dustin Braden of JOC. Politics aside, mother nature can throw a wrench into the transportation industry as well.

The Current State of the Shipping Capacity Crunch


The damage from the overly active storms damaged both freight containers and trucks, and in Houston, the trucking industry is barely back to life. Strong Projections in Manufacturing Will Tighten Shipping Capacity Further. As the stock market continues to climb, the likelihood of increased manufacturing in the U.S. Meanwhile, manufacturers have already started to ramp up production in advance of the 2017 holiday shopping season, and U.S.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Supply Chain Update


With the estimated average ocean freight of $1000 per TEU, ocean carrier revenue loss adds up to $1.9b. Carmakers and electronic manufacturers in South Korea and Japan are reporting production line shutdowns. The Port of Houston is experiencing equipment shortages.

The History of the Shipping Container


For centuries the expense, risk, and frustration with ocean freight held back expansion of the international economy, despite the invention of the steam invention. US Army uses the “Transporter” container, developed four years earlier for removals, for Korean War supply movements. First use of a modern container for ocean freight. Did You Know That … It wasn’t just about freight. to Houston, where the shipping containers are loaded onto trucks.

Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


Transplace is closely monitoring the outbreak and the impact the reaction is having on the transportation market. Packaging and CPG supply chains appear to be oversold in many places and transportation demand is strong from those sectors. Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update.

Borderlands: Nuvocargo launches more efficient cross-border billing solution

The Supply Chain Journal

This week: Nuvocargo launches more efficient cross-border billing solution; Mexico implements new customs requirement; Freightcar America expands manufacturing plant in Mexico; and Morrison Express Corp. 30 for transportation of goods within Mexico.

Fleet telematics provider Samsara confidentially files for IPO

The Supply Chain Journal

San Francisco-based Samsara provides software and sensors to monitor and manage commercial fleets and industrial operations, with more than 20,000 customers in the energy, food and beverage, construction and manufacturing, and transportation industries. Samsara Inc.

This Week in Logistics News (August 19-23, 2013)

Talking Logistics

Ryder Announces New Transportation Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry. Con-way Manufacturing, SmartTruck Systems and Kevin Rutherford Unveil State-of-the-Art Trailer. Freight Shipments Fell 0.2% On the 3PL front, Ryder announced that it is introducing new transportation and logistics solutions for the oil and gas industry, including customized Dedicated Fleets, Transportation Management, and fleet Leasing and Rental services.

Heavy Haul, Oversize Freight Transportation – Case Studies


Goal : Freightera was tasked to move 8 heavy, oversize refinery units from Houston, Texas to Toledo, Ohio, USA (over 1250 miles) and 10 flat-bed loads. million for each unit, each department of transport for each state defined the route that we would take because they couldn’t travel down the main roads and highways, regular escorts and even police escorts in states like Ohio, Bucket trucks which are trucks who lift the power lines over the equipment, so that the trucks could pass.

The Current State of the Shipping Capacity Crunch!

Supply Chain Game Changer

The damage from the overly active storms damaged both freight containers and trucks, and in Houston, the trucking industry is barely back to life. Strong Projections in Manufacturing Will Tighten Shipping Capacity Further. As the stock market continues to climb, the likelihood of increased manufacturing in the U.S. Meanwhile, manufacturers have already started to ramp up production in advance of the 2017 holiday shopping season, and U.S. Subscribe Here!

Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain

BluJay Solutions

The recent announcement by Google-owned Motorola Mobility that all new Moto X smartphones sold in the US will be manufactured in Texas, highlights the continued importance of the global supply chain and role of freight forwarders and logistics services providers (LSPs) in successful local sourcing strategies.

This Week in Logistics News (April 24 – 30)

Logistics Viewpoints

As I wrote about two weeks ago, Domino’s is now partnering with Nuro in Houston to make robocar deliveries. Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund is financing the project. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), almost 75 percent of all freight is transported by truck.

How to Expand Your Global Shipping to Meet Growing Indian Markets

CH Robinson Logistics

The only reliable mechanism to create lots of jobs is large scale manufacturing, which is driven by exports. Finally, global shipping technology, such as a transportation management system (TMS), can help shippers gather, analyze, and make use of global shipping data— such as standard industry practices, popular routes, and spend trends— to create a data-driven shipping strategy for India. Global Transportation Logistics Supply Chain India Trade

The Story Continues…. Let’s Don’t Sugar Coat the Real Issue

Supply Chain Shaman

The people on the ground–my contacts in the 3PL, freight forwarding and transportation industry–know that the labor strife is only a part of the larger story. I don’t think that the ports are up to the challenge of moving the high-levels of freight with larger ships without rethinking unloading space, equipment and flows. There is a need to re-shore where possible, and relocate manufacturing and supplier relationships.

Conducting Business in India? Chances Are that You Could Be by 2025

CH Robinson Transportfolio

The only reliable mechanism to create lots of jobs is large scale manufacturing, which is driven by exports. Global Transportation Logistics Supply Chain India TradeThere are three countries that conduct in excess of 500 billion dollars of bilateral trade with the United States. Only one of them is outside North America: China. But there is another country that’s making a strong case to join that elite group.

India 54

Are you shipping me?!? $32,000 container move from China to LA

The Supply Chain Journal

Purchasing ocean transportation has become so expensive that many companies with lower-value commodities can’t afford to import anymore, analysts and logisticians say. Soaring transportation inflation is more than some can absorb. A large container vessel heading to the Port of Houston.

Harvey’s Impact on the Global Supply Chain: The Role of Analytics


Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast and Houston with driving rains that left many businesses struggling with flooding, with little advance warning. Entire warehouses full of products, as well as significant links in the global supply chain could be affected, as well as transport and other nodes. Houston is a center for plastic resin due to the string of refineries in Texas and Louisiana, and the kind of commodities that are impacted include all plastic parts manufactured in the US.

New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS


These enterprises are no longer reliant on the Suez Canal route for shipping freight on Post-Panamax container vessels to the United States. A transportation management system (TMS) can help shippers weigh the pros and cons of each option. The trade-offs are especially critical for destinations in a “battleground” region that stretches from Detroit in the north to Houston in the south. The expanded Panama Canal has added many variables to freight transportation equations.

FreightWaves Haul of Fame: Roadway Express was an LTL leader for decades

The Supply Chain Journal

Nonetheless, the industry was still in its early days, and railroads were the primary method of transportation for goods from point of manufacture to point of sale. Roadway saw immediate success and soon shipments were moving to Chicago, Houston and Kansas City. YRC Freight

Moving volumes smoothly: TRAC Intermodal CEO’s 3 keys

The Supply Chain Journal

And that’s putting pressure right through the supply chain, from the manufacturing locations to the shippers to the providers of containers, to the labor at the port to the chassis providers and the transporters to the warehouses — to everybody.

How to Weather the Hurricanes of 2017 (and more) with a Heavy-Duty TMS Platform

Supply Chain Collaborator

With Hurricanes Jose and Maria still bearing down on the Caribbean, its time to consider some critical ways a strong transportation logistics program helps smart shippers literally weather these storms and maintain efficient operations in their wake. All shippers are affected by this – fuel being integral to everything from agricultural production to actual freight movement.

Billion Dollar Port Plan Brings Mega-Retailer To Mexico


The country’s underdeveloped intermodal freight transportation system is consistently outperformed by its faster and better integrated U.S. counterpart, while doubts about the security of goods being transported give carriers pause. The move may be risky, but the mega retailer’s play may also be indicative of an emerging trend in North American maritime freight. freight imports anytime soon. Walmart Explores Mexico’s Supply Chain.

Mexico 100

Seasonality pushing rejections and rates higher ahead of the Fourth

The Supply Chain Journal

So, the total accepted freight tenders in mid-June is comparable to the peakiest of peak seasons in 2020. The move higher in OTVI this week has been driven primarily by higher rejection rates, rather than higher freight demand. Manufacturing.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The History of Shipping Containers


The Freightos System is SaaS for freight contract management, automatic price quotations, and business intelligence. As a logistics service provider, focusing on over-the-road surface transportation management solutions via technology and managed transportation services, we find the following information on the history of shipping containers of great significance to the logistics and supply chain community at large. First use of a modern container for ocean freight.

This Week in Logistics News (June 12 – 18)

Logistics Viewpoints

Over the last few months, it has also bought merchandise on the spot market and flown in power tools, faucets, electrical components, fasteners and other smaller, higher value items by air freight. Waymo will transport goods along Interstate 45 between Houston and Fort Worth, Texas.

Waymo hauls in $2.5B from current investors for autonomous expansion

The Supply Chain Journal

Hunt Transport Services ( NASDAQ: JBHT ) will soon begin testing Waymo Via software on customer freight routes from Houston to Fort Worth , Texas, and back. They will have to have a pure supplier model, offloading the big capital expenses onto fleet operators or manufacturers.

Global Vendor Management: What It Is & Why It’s Essential for Your Shipping Strategy

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Consider this: global sourcing, manufacturing, and sales are advancing rapidly, leaving technology providers in the tough position of playing catch up. Imagine you are at your desk in Houston and you need to determine whether a completed order left the warehouse in China. Reroute freight to account for increased demand or last minute outages within the supply chain. Have the service provider clear their dock daily and bring freight to a consolidation point for shipment.

26 logistics professionals reveal the biggest trends in logistics technology

6 River Systems

“The logistics industry is one of the biggest industries that will profit most from the digital revolution in 2019…” From quicker deliveries to more sustainable ways of transportation, harmonizing big data and automation efforts will ensure exponential growth in the industry. This de-risks and de-stresses the supply chain and reduces costs for the transport operator and their customer. Instant freight pricing for international freight moves.

2017 in Review: Disruptions Drive Rates Up

DAT Solutions

2017 was a wild year, as freight transportation faced one disruption after another. Those four factors added up to extraordinary pressure on spot market truck capacity, driving rates up as high as we’ve seen them since at least 2010, when we established the freight rates database that forms the foundation of DAT RateView. This period of elevated rates is only the beginning of a "new normal" era in freight transportation.