One belt, one road, and one very blurry supply chain benefit

DELMIA Quintiq

There was just not enough products being shipped back and forth. Undoubtedly, the new infrastructure, financed almost entirely by China, will benefit the government of Serbia and Hungary. Equally, it could become a white elephant project with little impact on European freight transport times or costs. So, what should the shipping and transporting companies do with their networks vis-à-vis the “One Belt One Road” initiative? It is big. It is bold. It is talked about.

Blockchain and the Law of Unintended Consequences

Enterra Insights

Freight Tracking. “Cargo Volume often defines the cost of shipping freight. By using IoT sensors in trucks and other shipping vehicles, shippers and transportation companies can detect the amount of space taken up in a shipment and determine cost accordingly, transmitting all of this information to the blockchain. “Smart Contracts may be the single most impactful blockchain enabled feature to the freight industry.