Inventory Management


Inventory management, network infrastructure, and labor deployment are all critical components necessary to meet this intense customer demand. Inventory Management Strategy. This leaves us with one option: pushing the boundaries of current inventory management practices.

10 Commandments of Inventory Management

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Inventory management is one of the most important tasks for supply chain management professionals. However, most inventory control theories are too complicated or too difficult to apply to real world situations.

[PODCAST] Why Digital Tools to Optimize Inventory Management Allows Supply Chain Execs to Stay More Strategic at Every Link in the Supply Chain


Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!” On today’s episode, we welcome Margaret Bendis, US Marketing Specialist for a company called EazyStock a cloud-based software-as-a-solution (SaaS) that optimizes inventory management.

10 Inventory Management Hacks You Can Do in 10 Days

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Inventory management is one of the most important tasks for supply chain management professionals. However, most inventory control theories are too complicated or too difficult to apply to real world situations.

What is Web Based Inventory Management Software?


You run a lean business model with minimal overheads and using web-based inventory management software plays a big part in this. And you expect the same standard for inventory management software. What to Expect from Web-Based Inventory Management Software.

White paper: Inventory Management by the “Prevailing Winds”

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How can you sustain profitable inventory levels when different departments have conflicting priorities? Inventory. Freight. The perceived result is the inventory reduction that the CFO needed, so he then moves on to “bother another department,” as Anders would say.

EazyStock on The Freight Project Podcast by Cerasis


EazyStock recently appeared on The Freight Project Podcast hosted by Marketing Manager Adam Robinson at Cerasis to address the most pressing challenges that inventory managers face. The post EazyStock on The Freight Project Podcast by Cerasis appeared first on EazyStock.

6 Trends Affecting Inbound Freight Management!

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Successful inbound freight management depends on a strong logistics management program. Shippers need to have a robust set of controls in place, a high-quality inbound freight routing guide , automated tracking technology, reporting capabilities, and much more. Shippers need to understand the trends throughout the industry affecting inbound freight management and how to plan accordingly. Congress Will Affect Successful Inbound Freight Management.

[PODCAST] The Current State of Warehouse Management Systems & Their Role in Creating a More Effective Supply Chain


Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!” On today’s The Freight Project Podcast episode Cerasis welcomes Jason Rosing, co-founder of Veridian the leading professional services provider of supply chain solutions & services. Veridian helps clients deploy Manhattan Associates, HighJump Software, and JDA Software’s latest supply chain suite to talk about the current state of warehouse management systems.

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Why is Supply Chain Such a Great Career Path?

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What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)? As such it was many years before I actually heard of the term “Supply Chain Management” Regardless I pursued my interests and took on an increasingly diverse set of progressive jobs as time went on. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

6 Tips for Improving Warehouse and Distribution Center Efficiency

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Go over your inventory and rate your products based on how often your employees need to retrieve them. Digital technology can take the guesswork out of inventory and warehouse management with employees scanning products every step of the way. Use Inventory Management Software.

Is Inventory Waste or an Asset?

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We were discussing the results of the planning benchmarking work that we have just finished, and I was sharing some insights on inventory management when one of the panelists emphatically stated, “Inventory is a waste to manage. Inventory is both.

What Exactly Is Supply Chain Management? 10 Different Definitions!

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When I began my career there was no such thing as “Supply Chain Management” Supply Chain was not a title to be found anywhere on any organization chart. So what exactly is the definition of “Supply Chain Management”? Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Is it time to integrate your supply chain design with execution?

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Today, a company’s success is largely driven by: its network design and how that company manages its supply, production and distribution locations. its inventory management and where and how well it deploys inventory to optimize customer service levels and profitability.

Improving the Transportation Solve: Jointly Optimizing across Inventory and Transportation

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When a company is looking to reduce their freight spend, while maintaining or improving service levels, there are two main paths they can take. They can buy and implement a transportation management system (TMS). Or they can outsource transportation planning and execution to a 3PL that provides managed transportation services (MTS). I talked to Wietse […].

Bitcoin: A New Supply Chain Operating System?

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Imagine a bitcoin being a unit of inventory and a digital wallet (“bitcoin address”) being an inventory-keeping location, such as a store, distribution center, or truck trailer. I have to admit, I’ve paid very little attention to all the buzz surrounding bitcoin these past few years.

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Self-Storage Has Become Big Business! (Infographic)

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Blog post and video, and permission to publish, provided by Simon Pleass, Managing Director at [link]. warehouse #storage #freight #logistics #SupplyChain #SCM. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

7 Core Competencies for Optimizing Global Transportation and Freight Spend


Managing a global supply chain network requires the ability to manage and control both global transportation execution and the associated freight spend. The 7 Core Competencies for Optimal Global Transportation and Freight Spend Management.

Excess Inventory? No Problem. You Have Trailers In the Yard.­­

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With the national warehouse vacancy rate hovering at record lows and warehouses bloated with inventory pulled in from China during 2018 to get ahead of impending tariffs, companies can combine flexible storage options with advanced technology to create an end-to-end supply chain solution that works. But even as developers have flooded the market with new inventory, some retailers are still having trouble finding adequate, flexible space. Digital Yard Management Technology.

What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)? (Video)

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What is Supply Chain Management? Watch our video to learn more about how people define Supply Chain Management! Our most popular blog article of all time on Supply Chain Game Changer was the article What Exactly is Supply Chain Management? Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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Retail Compliance Programs: How to Exceed Retailer Expectations

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Inventory management . Retailers are trying to carry less inventory, which means more frequent deliveries in much smaller sizes, to more distribution points as the retailer tries to plan where that item needs to be.

23 Reasons the Ideal TMS is best for LTL Freight Shipping


However, the needs of the modern shipping industry have reached an optimal point, and the only way to further push the envelope is by using a dedicated transportation management system (TMS). The Ideal TMS Helps Complete Warehouse Management. The ideal TMS can maximize the efficiency of a warehouse and directly affect inventory management. As a result, the amount of inventory can be managed to reflect the consumer demand. Freight Consolidation.

5 Ways to Improve Inventory Accuracy When You’re Overwhelmed With Stock


Optimum inventory management relies on accurate data so that inventory orders can be balanced with sales. Improving accuracy around inventory data and management is of paramount importance to keep a company’s books and customers happy. In this article, we review some ways in which inventory management and accuracy can be improved, especially if you have a lot of stock and are feeling overwhelmed.

Vendor-managed inventory and distribution planning in the food and beverage industry – here’s something to chew on


New Product Introduction (NPI) management. What is vendor-managed inventory? VMI is the process whereby a supplier or vendor manages and replenishes inventory at a customer’s location at the levels required by the customer. Maintaining optimum inventory levels.

5 ways ERP improves inventory visibility in your supply chain


Inventory visibility is one of the critical aspects of any manufacturing business. It helps organizations understand how much inventory is available, at what location , and at any given point of time. What Improved Inventory Visibility does. Inventory ties up money.

7 Core Competencies for Optimizing Global Transportation and Freight Spend


Managing a global supply chain network requires the ability to manage and control both global transportation execution and the associated freight spend. The 7 Core Competencies for Optimal Global Transportation and Freight Spend Management.

How to Decide Between an Inventory Management System or Asset Tracking System


In our line of work we often get requests like, “I need an inventory management system for our tools.” ” Or “I need to track our inventory of laptops and projectors.” Get the distinction right and understand what they manage. Introduction.

Drawing Lessons From Tesla’s Supply Chain Issues!

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A great article last month from CIPS’ industry magazine Supply Management dove into some of Tesla’s Supply Chain woes, discussing how the company, still considered a visionary in the industry, has got to this place, as well as some optimistic scenarios for how it can get out of it. Sometimes business leaders – especially those with the vision of someone like Elon Musk – overrate their own ability to understand the intricacies of managing complex Supply Chains, to their detriment.

The Target Canada Story and the Brand Impact of the Supply Chain!

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Amongst them was their entire Product Data Management system, business process, organization, and change management work stream. The result impacted every other downstream business process from placing purchase orders with suppliers to having accurate inventory visibility to sending fulfillment signals to their Distribution Centres to forecasting and replenishing store inventory levels. The Supply Chain Role in Brand Management. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

5 Quick Solutions for Simplifying Supply Chains


Sure, data is king when it comes to helping forecast future demand and inventory stock needs but the ability to collect data is not always supported by the ability to filter and manage that data correctly. Too much data without the infrastructure in place to manage it suggests that companies are collecting data that has little relevance or no meaningful application. Also, customers will avoid businesses that routinely have out of stock inventory, shipping delays and errors.

Bring Out the Best in Your Supply Chain


by Kevin McGowan A recent article in Fleetowner shed some light on the human aspects of supply chain management. Professor of Supply Chain Procurement at Rutgers University), the article discusses some key traits held by the best supply chain managers.

Supply Chain Visibility: Beyond “Where’s My Truck?”

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This is certainly true in the transportation realm, where real-time freight visibility solutions are helping companies answer — quickly and accurately — Where’s shipment? The Broader Value Proposition of Freight Visibility.

Improve Your Picking Processes and Order Fulfilment with Better Inventory Control


Typically, over 50 percent of warehouse labour resources are occupied with order fulfilment tasks such as picking processes, packing customer orders and shipping or freight activities. At a time when customers are placing greater order numbers but in smaller quantities, supply chain managers face the task of achieving more with less. If companies need to improve picking processes and order fulfilment, then optimising warehouses and inventory control are the key places to start.

13 Amazing Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Applications


These apps help companies achieve every business process from tracking inventory and shipments to booking meetings with clients to tracking tasks and projects. OmniFocus – Task-Management App. EazyStock – Inventory Optimization Software. Desk – Issue Management.

What is Freight Consolidation and How Does It Differ from Pool Distribution?

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Photo Source: Unsplash To keep up with shifting consumer trends and subsequent retailer behavior, shippers are looking to freight consolidation services and pool distribution methods to manage their orders.

Guest Blog: 13 things you need to know about freight forwarding


He shares some interesting information about freight forwarding, that anyone in logistics should be aware of. Freight forwarding is one of the most widely used methods of international transport for both business and personal use. Freight forwarding companies, like the International Logistics Centre, coordinate the shipment of goods from one destination to another using a range of carriers, including air freight , ocean freight , road fright and, in some cases, railway freight.

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The Challenges of Effective Order Fulfilment


This is especially true as your business and inventory grows, and even more so as your target consumer base increases. One of the easiest ways to proactively prepare for seasonal fulfilment is to use inventory software to automate the purchasing process, easily keep track of stock and make predictions about sales. Being able to fulfil this need is key to customer satisfaction, but this can be a challenging task where transportation and freight costs are on the rise.