Arriving Just in Time – Advanced Transportation Logistics Scheduling

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“Spot Market Freight Indices Continue Surge to Three-Year Highs”. The Value in Orchestrating a Scheduled Transportation Plan”. Freight transportation capacity, (particularly truckload capacity) is tight as it has ever been.

Just in Time


Just in Time You pick up the load. ’ A supply chain that ensures that businesses get products to the customers when they want them, where they want them, in good conditions…and on timejust in time.

A Holistic Approach to Freight Savings with Mike Eberl

The Logistics of Logistics

I am the Founder and CEO of Customodal, based in Marshfield, WI, [01:59] Tell us about your background. What was your major in college? I grew up mostly in Madison, Wisconsin. I graduated with a major in finance, investment, and banking from the University of Wisconsin. [02:44]

Freight Data Trends for 2019 and How a TMS Will Grow in Value


The application of data can help shippers gain control of shipping costs and make informed decisions, and the top freight data trends for 2019 exemplify how the use of a transportation management system (TMS) can further this cause. Data Freight Omnichannel Transportation Management Trends

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Air Freight Trends to Watch in 2019

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What is your air freight strategy for the year ahead? The surge in demand for air freight that took off in mid-2016 normalized in early 2018. While demand is likely to continue to increase, we expect the pace of the increase to be slower in 2019.

Do you have a Freight Management Strategy or are you Spinning your Wheels?

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In going door to door trying to sell a Freight Management service, as well as in my experience working in companies, I have had the opportunity to see a variety of ways in which companies, large and small, were managing their Freight and Logistics spend. But I’ve seen instances where Freight is one of the top 5 largest expenses within a company. So do you have a strategy for managing Freight and Logistics or are you spinning your wheels?

Freight and Logistics – Breaking the Traffic Jam that is your Supply Chain!

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Does anyone like being stuck in a Traffic Jam? Again let’s consider each of the nodes in your Supply Chain to be “highways” By definition any highway only has so many lanes. You may be able to add more capacity in your current facilities. Subscribe Here!

Air Freight Frenzy: Freight Rate Update W49


Air Freight Frenzy: Freight Rate Update Wk 49. Last week saw yet more congestion for air freight, along with more sky-high air rates around the globe. In Europe, air cargo hit capacity two weeks ago and hasn’t yet pulled back. FIGURE 2: DEC 1’S GRI’S IN CONTEXT.

E-Commerce Disrupts Freight Seasons, Boosts Spot Market Volume

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If that rate continues, total online sales will double, from just under $300 billion in 2014 to over $600 billion by 2019. Leading brick-and-mortar stores are following suit, in order to remain competitive. The additional sales gave the spot market an atypical boost in July.

Don’t Wait for Dwell Time to Delay Your Freight


Even containers don’t like to wait in line. Dwell time—the amount of time a container remains parked in a marine terminal waiting to be picked up after it’s been offloaded from a vessel—is a drag on supply chain efficiency, especially when it becomes excessive.

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Don’t Wait for Dwell Time to Delay Your Freight


Even containers don’t like to wait in line. Dwell time—the amount of time a container remains parked in a marine terminal waiting to be picked up after it’s been offloaded from a vessel—is a drag on supply chain efficiency, especially when it becomes excessive.

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5 Reasons to Integrate Cell-Based Freight-Location Solutions with TMS

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Companies like MacroPoint, FourKites and others offer the next generation of freight tracking capabilities, leveraging the latest mobile device tech and web-based apps to yield up-to-the-minute location information for over the road freight shippers, carriers and 3PLS.

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What’s The Difference Between Logistics and Supply Chain Management? (Infographic)

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As a recruitment firm with over a decade of experience specialized in this area, we figure we’d weigh in! In short, Logistics is a part of Supply Chain Management that deals with the physical movement of goods for just in time delivery. Subscribe Here!

Is Your Freight Spilling Millions Across the Interstate?

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A Brinks armored truck traveling down Interstate 70 outside Indianapolis this week had its rear doors open sending more than $600,000 in twenty-dollar bills exploding across all 8 lanes of rush hour traffic. The post Is Your Freight Spilling Millions Across the Interstate?

Kinks in Your Supply Ch?ain? Dealing with Port Congestions & Shutdowns


Editor’s Note: This is a blog by one of our affiliate partners, Global Vision Group , a Federal Maritime Commission licensed Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and Ocean Freight Forwarder (OFF). As negotiations wore on though, the situation deteriorated, and the PMA accused the ILWU of engaging in a slowdown that negatively affected the ports. So In this Extreme Case, What are Supply Chain & Logistics Managers to Do? This is a time for original thinking.

The History of the Shipping Container


26 April 2016 marks the 60th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the Ideal X and the birth of modern container shipping, a development that played a critical role in spurring the global economy. One visionary, Malcom McLean , features prominently in the industry’s development.

Less Than Truckload Shipping Trends to Wrap Up 2018


The simultaneous growth of the economy and trucking indicate actual GDP percentages would be higher if compared to the same time last year. As consumers take to their favorite retailers, also due in part to the strong economy, volume shipped will increase.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The History of Shipping Containers


The Freightos System is SaaS for freight contract management, automatic price quotations, and business intelligence. Although our core focus is not on freight forwarding services, we still love to connect the community to providers and technology of value to shippers who are in the pursuit of efficiencies and resource reduction in order to remain competitive. In the top portion, you'll see a more text/icon layout. It wasn’t just about freight.

Getting Smart With Logistics Big Data


Here at Freightos, we’re big fans of making global logistics work better by bringing data online (and especially instant freight quotes!). More advanced tools allowed business to transition and embrace a JIT (just in time) model where supply is driven by emerging demand.

Five Technology Patents that Changed the Supply Chain


Freight is changing. in 2013, rising costs are pushing for more efficiency, whether by cutting operating costs with improved technology. Sick of the how long it took to prototype plastic objects, Charles Hull came up with 3D printing in the earlier 80s. Freight Insights Genera

Managing E-Commerce Fulfillment Spikes With Data Analysis


Challenges in Managing E-Commerce Fulfillment The challenges of managing e-commerce fulfillment go back to the need to rapidly scale operations to meet changing demand. Lackluster insight into freight spend and poor freight management controls. On-time shipments.

Three Questions: Your Key to Saving in Global Forwarding

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Three Questions: Your Key to Saving in Global Forwarding | Transportfolio. Want a quick “win” in global forwarding costs? The third party logistics (3PL) provider you choose with LCL capabilities will combine complementary freight from multiple shippers into a single container.

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These Logistics Trends Will Force a Reevaluation of Logistics Strategy in 2018


The logistics industry faces a huge battle in 2018. However, logistics professionals can get ahead of the curve by knowing what trends to expect in the coming year that will require a reevaluation of logistics strategy in 2018. Consumers Will Demand Faster Turnaround Times on Last Mile Deliveries. Remember our conversation about just in time delivery. This results in less costs to consumers, and shippers can move more product.

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Freightera’s New Redesign Takes Instant Online Freight Quotes to the Next Level


Shippers can now get instant freight quotes without creating accounts. 7, 2017 – Just in time for the busy fall shipping season, the Canadian startup serving businesses with instant freight quotes and online bookings unveiled its break-through redesign. The new site for the first time offers quotes and booking on mobile devices. Freightera also opened the first lanes automating refrigerated less than truckload and full truckload freight.

E-Commerce and TMS: The Role of Transportation Technology for Shippers to Kill It at E-Commerce


E-commerce is growing faster than ever, and more consumers are leveraging online platforms in making purchasing decisions. According to Supply Chain 24/7 , e-commerce is on track to become the dominating force in all sales. How Surface Mode Shippers Can Compete in E-Commerce Logistics.

Understanding E-Commerce Fulfillment: Definition, Process, Resources!

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Keys to Success in Warehouse Management/Order Fulfillment! Successful eCommerce businesses all have one thing in common: terrific eCommerce fulfillment. You might have the best product in the world. However, it is a crucial element of your success in online retail.

5 ways ERP improves inventory visibility in your supply chain


It helps organizations understand how much inventory is available, at what location , and at any given point of time. Whether it is about inventory in transit, in a warehouse or in distribution centers, visibility is a must. Increased efficiency and better use of time.

What are the main 3PL Services?

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He just didn’t know which functions were actually considered logistics. We have the same problem in the 3PL business. Among the services which they provide are transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding. Just-in-Time (JIT).

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How Lean Warehousing Can Ease Your Carrier Capacity Pain


Just like the popularity of “Smokey and the Bandit”, the desire for today’s workforce to drive a truck has all but faded from our country’s periphery. As a result, it is increasingly difficult to secure capacity in today’s carrier market.

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The Global Supply Chain is Evolving – Are you ready?


Their concerns include: infrastructure, economic stability, freight and supply chain transparency, tax regulations, security, and cross border shipping details. Instead of fighting this change 3PL’s must embrace this in their business services.

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Amazon – Moving the Needle Up, Down and All Around

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Rolling my eyes, I click, read, delete and move onto the next article in my inbox. If anything, they are redefining logistics as we know it and in the process has freaked out people long comfortable with the “we’ve always done it this particular way and it worked….” In just the U.S.

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Takeaways from Descartes Evolution 2019

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I got started just as the dotcom craze was taking off, with new logistics startups coming to market every day (all of them announcing they were “The world’s leading provider of X” even though they were just a few months old). Descartes, in short, is alive and well.

RILA Urges Congressional Action to Avert National Railroad Shutdown

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The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) is calling on Congress to step in to avert a work stoppage that would disrupt retail supply chains during the holiday shopping season and well into 2012. A breakdown in negotiations between the National Railway Labor Conference and railroad negotiators could lead to a nationwide shutdown on December 6. We urge Congress to exercise their power to step in to keep the flow of goods moving and avert an avoidable economic catastrophe.

This Week in Logistics News (July 9-13, 2018)

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Warehouse Supply at Its Tightest in Two Decades (WSJ – sub. May’s Brexit Plan Comes Just in Time for Supply Chains (WSJ – sub. Trade war: Trump administration threatens China with $200 billion in additional tariffs (USA Today). In release 18.2,

Why This Holiday Season is Creating Winners and Losers in the Transportation Industry

The Network Effect

There is an excellent piece in today’s WSJ on how retailers’ changing inventory management strategies are affecting the fortunes logistics and transportation companies. Image Credit: Flickr user Queen Bee.