Cart Before the Horse: Digital Freight Matching, A.I. and Machine Learning for Freight


Hunt’s $500M investment to freight platforms startups raising over $490M, to technology-driven brokers such as Uber Freight and Convoy. Companies that want to leverage AI, ML, Digital Freight Matching, or other tech trends for their business, need to start by looking at the foundation.

‘Digital Freight Matching’ Isn’t a Product— It’s a Strategic Methodology


As freight brokerages look to leverage technologies, automate grunt work, and streamline operations, we hear references such as “Buying ‘digital freight matching’.” Unfortunately, this reference to ‘digital freight matching’ as a ‘product’ is too simplistic.

Imagining the Supply Chain of the Future!

Supply Chain Game Changer

But is that enough of a far-reaching vision to offer much more than an incremental view of what we see today based on existing technology? Any view of the near future is more likely to describe incremental changes and incremental advancements based on the current knowledge base.

Why Should Manufacturers Get Social With Their Supply Chains?

Supply Chain Network

To be able to tap into a global knowledge base of information is not only useful but it can save a lot of time when trying to get the answers to specific questions.” Emerging Trends Freight & Transportation Information Technology Social SC Synergy Supply Chain Management In recent years manufacturers have globalised their operations due to the need to reduce costs and to explore business opportunities in new markets.

Is Every Company a Technology Company?

Talking Logistics

Today, 3PLs are in the IT business as much as they’re in the freight-handling business. A couple of weeks ago, Meg Whitman, the CEO of the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise, wrote a post on LinkedIn that included the following excerpt: Every Company is a Technology Company.

From the Archives: A Look Back at Some Top Logistically Speaking Topics


Letter from the CEO: Transplace’s Acquisition of Yusen Logistics’ Intermodal Operations : Last year, we were thrilled to announce our acquisition of Yusen Logistics Americas’ intermodal marketing company/over-the-road freight brokerage group.