Freight Data Trends for 2019 and How a TMS Will Grow in Value


The application of data can help shippers gain control of shipping costs and make informed decisions, and the top freight data trends for 2019 exemplify how the use of a transportation management system (TMS) can further this cause. Data Freight Omnichannel Transportation Management Trends

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Real Results Magazine: Must-Have Tips to Boost Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Nation

If you’re like me, you’re reading a couple of good books, have several more on your “got to get to” list and a magazine or two with the corners folded down for when you have a little airplane time or for a quick read over lunch. What’s on your summer reading list?

Logistics Websites 2013

The Logistics of Logistics

World Trade Magazine – Freight Saving Tips – Freight Dawg – Below is a list of useful logistics websites. There is also a list of great logistics blogs and supply chain websites. Logistics Websites. Air Cargo World - Air Cargo – How it Works - American Shipper – Big Truck TV –

Best Logistics Websites 2013

The Logistics of Logistics

Inbound Logistics magazine is one of the magazines that I read every single month. Both the magazine and the website have top notch information for logistics guys like me. Inbound Logistics is my go to magazine when I am looking for logistics best practices. Freight Saving Tips is a great website run by George Muha a supply chain and logistics innovator. I have listed the best logistics websites for 2013.

Supply Chain Movement 22 – Logistics Outsourcing

Supply Chain Movement

Logistics service providers can of course play an important role in the consolidation of freight flows, but the most successful collaborative projects are initiated by shippers themselves. Contents Supply Chain Movement 22 – 2016 Q3. Publishing date: 16 September 2016.

Supply Chain Movement Q4: Cross-border

Supply Chain Movement

The growth in intercontinental freight flows into Europe is primarily coming from the Far East, and particularly from China, although these freight flows are increasingly heading for eastern Mediterranean and Baltic Sea ports. Theme: Cross-border. 6 | News & Background.

Entrepreneur Magazine features Freightera in the article about purpose-driven business


Entrepreneur Magazine just featured Freightera and Eric Beckwitt in the article “Why All Businesses Can Benefit from a Guiding Social or Environmental Purpose” The conversation about how purpose-driven business is not just an idealistic venture, but a good business continues. “It

Freightera Featured in Inc. Magazine Among Socially Responsible Companies, Wins 2017 W3 Design Award!


Magazine. How to Ship Freight Responsively” is the message that got us their attention, and in just a few days we’ll be taking it to the COP23 Climate Change conference in Bonn, Germany. Magazine Among Socially Responsible Companies, Wins 2017 W3 Design Award!

Speed, Big Box, and the Great Unknown: 3 Hot Topics in Furniture Supply Chain


" From trans-oceanic freight to truck driver shortages, from deteriorating domestic infrastructure to last mile headaches, the furniture industry faces supply chain bottlenecks that create a disconnect between manufacturer and retailer abilities and consumer expectations." - Furniture Today Magazine.

Experts Choice Of Top Online Logistics Resources


Part of Peerless Media’s impressive stable of industry magazines, including Supply Chain Management Review, Modern Materials Handling and Material Handling Product News. Likely the most well-known trade magazine, it provides data-rich material relevant across the supply chain.

arviem's CEO Talks About Becoming the "Google of Trade"

Supply Chains Rock

I first met Stefan Reidy, CEO and founder, of arviem several years ago when he was in NY City to speak with Forbes magazine for an article on his ideas for tracking freight containers using a variety of wireless technologies.

Top Logistics Websites

The Logistics of Logistics

Logistics Spectrum is the magazine produced by the International Society of Logistics. Inbound Logistics is a leading magazine in the logistics field. Websites 3PL blog best logistics blogs best logistics websites freight blogs freight websites logistic blog sites logistics blogs logistics resources logistics service providers blog logistics websites OTR blogs top logistics blogs top logistics websites transportation blogs 100 Top Logistics Websites.

Global Trends Podcast Discusses Today’s Challenges

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Recently, I had the chance to talk with Eric Kleinsorge, publisher of Global Trade Magazine for a GT Podcast titled Global Logistics & Current Market Trends. Air freight typically starts to get a little tighter towards the end of September going into October due to Chinese New Year.

The History of the Shipping Container


For centuries the expense, risk, and frustration with ocean freight held back expansion of the international economy, despite the invention of the steam invention. First use of a modern container for ocean freight. Did You Know That … It wasn’t just about freight.

This Week in Logistics News (October 1-5, 2018)

Talking Logistics

A recent article in People Magazine about a 26 year old man who couldn’t afford insulin and died is a sobering reminder of how insulin literally keeps my daughter alive). 7 years ago yesterday, my oldest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 11.

This Week in Logistics News (October 13-17, 2014)

Talking Logistics

Spot Market Stays Strong: September DAT Freight Index. Teamsters Make History With First Ever Organizing Victory at FedEx Freight. economy boosts freight (Reuters). As you read this, I’ll be 30,000+ feet over the Atlantic, heading home from Frankfurt.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The History of Shipping Containers


The Freightos System is SaaS for freight contract management, automatic price quotations, and business intelligence. Although our core focus is not on freight forwarding services, we still love to connect the community to providers and technology of value to shippers who are in the pursuit of efficiencies and resource reduction in order to remain competitive. Magazine article) as a goliath looking to take on the entrenched "David" shipping industry.

The Digital Transformation in Logistics: Technologies, Barriers and Predictions!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Route & freight cost optimization. Andrei also writes for Datafloq, DZone, IoT Evolution, IoT for All, StartUs Magazine, etc. Freight and Logistics Guest Blog Post Supply Chain Management Technology Digital Supply Chain logistics management Technology AdoptionSubscribe Here!

The Next-Generation Warehouse is Built on Data!

Supply Chain Game Changer

As explained by Digitalist Magazine , the top problems in today’s warehouses using data include: Inability to access data and analytics remotely. Digital Supply Chain Freight and Logistics Technology Warehouse ManagementSubscribe Here! Email Address.

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Ultra’s Rainer Tauchert in Inbound Logistics Interview

Supply Chain Collaborator

The April 2017 issue of Inbound Logistics magazine is the publication’s annual technology issue and is always very much anticipated by transportation logistics and supply chain professionals for the insights it never fails to provide on all things related to logistics IT.

5 Podcasts for Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals


A product of the leading magazine Inbound Logistics , this podcast provides relevant information within the supply chain management world, as told by influential thought leaders in the industry. Editor's Bonus Pick: Talking Freight by Cerasis.

Blockchain: The Next Great Leap in Supply Chain Transparency!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Freight and Logistics Guest Blog Post Internet of Things (IoT) Supply Chain Management Technology Blockchain supplychainSubscribe Here! Email Address. Check out What Exactly is Blockchain? And How Does it Work? Infographic). Blog post provided by [link].

Steel Fabrication and General Manufacturing Tips and Tricks for 2015


By employing proper freight accounting , through freight payment, auditing, and consolidation services, within a TMS solution, a shipper can go from paying $11 per freight invoice, all the way down to only 5 to 10% of the $11, according to Inbound Logistics magazine.

Air Cargo Industry Flying Toward Change

BluJay Solutions

The clock is ticking for the air freight industry to adopt a new, improved electronic messaging standard, but thus far many freight forwarders and ground handlers have responded with a yawn. Blog air freight customs customs compliance

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The Agile Supply Chain! Why Agility is Trumping Lean!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Unlike the lean supply chain, the agile supply chain uses real-time data and updated information, as reported by Martin Christopher in Industrial Marketing Magazine , to leverage current operations and real-time data against demand forecast, which helps to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the given entity. Freight and Logistics Guest Blog Post Lean Process Improvement Supply Chain Management Distribution Lean Logistics Procurement SCM supplychainSubscribe Here!

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The Digital Supply Chain Demands the Use of Smart Supply Chain Technologies


In addition, these technologies can introduce a new level of visibility and improve overall operations, asserts The Manufacturer magazine. But, these opponents of advancement should consider how such advances improve human capacity, asserts Matt Davis, Gartner Managing VP, reports Forbes magazine. Modern supply chains have access to more information and technology than ever before, creating a new, digital supply chain.

The Target Canada Story and the Brand Impact of the Supply Chain!

Supply Chain Game Changer

“ The Last Days of Target” In an article entitled “The Last Days of Target: The Untold Tale of Target Canada’s difficult birth, tough life and brutal death”, in Canadian Business magazine, the story of what happened to this well-known Brand is chronicled. Freight and Logistics Inventory Management Retail Supply Chain Supply Chain Management Business Retail SCM supplychain TargetSubscribe Here! Email Address.

Drawing Lessons From Tesla’s Supply Chain Issues!

Supply Chain Game Changer

A great article last month from CIPS’ industry magazine Supply Management dove into some of Tesla’s Supply Chain woes, discussing how the company, still considered a visionary in the industry, has got to this place, as well as some optimistic scenarios for how it can get out of it. Freight and Logistics Guest Blog Post Inventory Management Supply Chain Management Automotive Business CEO Leadership SCM supplychain TeslaSubscribe Here! Email Address.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Future Of Procurement: What Is Your Role?


At Cerasis we work with our shipper customers who procure items every day and have needs for inbound freight management as they secure those products from their vendors. Source Digitalist Magazine.

Top Logistics & Supply Chain Blogs We Followed in 2018 & Suggest You Follow in 2019


Logistics Management’s blog is the corresponding online resource of the Logistics Management magazine. Fleet Owner is another magazine-based blog. The blog is a companion publication to the DC Velocity magazine. Freight Hub. Freight Hub is a German freight forwarder, specializing in the use of benchmarking tools to ensure companies pay competitive rates for ocean transport, and its blog is dedicated to helping companies keep freight spend under control.

What are the main 3PL Services?

The Logistics of Logistics

Among the services which they provide are transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding. Every year Inbound Logistics magazine publishes a list of the Top 100 3PLs. Admiral E.

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Do People Skills Matter in the World of Logistics?

The Logistics of Logistics

Even as the industry is becoming more data driven than ever before and cutting-edge software is increasingly used to manage freight from start to finish, the development of your sales team is still important. How you develop your sales team has a big impact on your logistics business.

How to Successfully Integrate an E-Commerce Shipping Plan Into Your Traditional Shipping Practices


Customers expect orders within the same time frames as Amazon, increasing freight spend. Critical components of a successful e-commerce shipping strategy asserts John Costanzo of Parcel Magazine, include: Visibility into warehouse and inventory management.

LTL Shipping Accounting Options: Prepaid Versus Add-In


These questions reflect why some LTL providers are discussing LTL freight shipping accounting options more openly. In some cases, the costs are being passed along to customers as they occur through prepaid charges, and in others, customers are being billed in arrears for the cost of using LTL shipping opportunities that do not involve a specific shipper (add-in shipping), explains Parcel Industry magazine. What Are the Types of LTL Freight Shipping Accounting Options?

UltraShipTMS Makes the List of Top 100 Logistics IT Providers (Again)

Supply Chain Collaborator

For the Eighth Consecutive Year, Leading Solution Provider Earns Spot on Inbound Logistics Magazine’s Annual Compendium to Top Supply Chain Management Software Companies.

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Outsourcing Technology to 3PLs: 9 Reasons Why Manufacturers Will Continue to Invest


The volume of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and an increasingly data-driven society is difficult to imagine, explains Manufacturing Business Technology magazine. Inbound and outbound freight programs exist. Increasing supply chain connectivity is cited by up to 67 percent of manufacturers, reports Forbes magazine.

UltraShipTMS Earns Spot on Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Providers List

Supply Chain Collaborator

For the Ninth Consecutive Year, Leading Solution Provider Earns Spot on Inbound Logistics Magazine’s Annual Who’s Who of Top Supply Chain Management Software Companies.

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