28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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Our supply chain involves a contract manufacturer, a third-party testing facility, warehouses to store inventory and a freighting company. For example, if my contract manufacturer is late with an order it can cause me to incur excess costs with the freighting and warehousing companies, respectively. John Moss @EnglishBlinds John Moss is the CEO of English Blinds , the manufacturers of bespoke window blinds and shades.

Signs of Spring in Flatbed Markets

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Looking to move flatbed freight? DAT has the largest digital freight marketplace in the trucking industry, with more loads posted daily than any other load board. John Deere, Olympic Steel, and other manufacturers have a strong footprint in that market. Rock Island to Minneapolis rose 54¢ to $2.76/mile. Flatbed trends have been mostly neutral overall so far in February.

How Did Truckers Find Loads 40 Years Ago?

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His job involves negotiating contracts, pricing, and finding loads for Ashley's empty trucks after they deliver furniture from the manufacturing plants to distribution centers throughout North America. At the top of each row was the name of the city where they would commonly deliver freight. The driver would call us and say there's a load going from here to Minneapolis. Gene Schultz has been in the trucking business for nearly 60 years.