Adelante SCM and PINC Launch the First Annual State of Yard Management Report


Union City, CA – October 7 th , 2020 – Researched and prepared by Adelante SCM’s analyst Adrian Gonzalez and presented by PINC, the publication’s 2020 theme is The Impact Of Digital Yard Management on Enterprise Transportation Costs and Capacity.

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SCM Map Europe 2013-2014

Supply Chain Movement

Despite the economic malaise in Western Europe, multinationals are investing heavily in manufacturing and distribution in the eastern part of the continent. The Balkans are also an emerging manufacturing region for Europe. The growth in intercontinental freight flows into Europe is primarily coming from the Far East, and particularly from China, although these freight flows are increasingly heading for eastern Mediterranean and Baltic Sea ports. SCM Map Europe 2013.

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New download: SCM Map Europe 2014-2015

Supply Chain Movement

However, the main growth in freight flows lies on the periphery of Europe and the Middle East is also continuing to develop, both for domestic supply and for distribution to Africa. In The Netherlands, cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris is closing its factory in Bergen op Zoom and AkzoNobel has decided to phase out its production of organic peroxides in Deventer by the end of 2016. He has just completed a consultancy project for a US food manufacturer in Russia.

Blockchain SCM Transformation Explained in Layman’s Terms


While this comparison is most commonly associated with benchmarking, it is also part of the reason why more people in the shipping industry are turning to blockchain for supply chain management (SCM). Blockchain SCM is poised to create links between all existing supply chains, even competitors, which allows supply chain networks to function more efficiently and with greater transparency. Why Do Shippers Underestimate Blockchain SCM ?

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What is SCM and Why is it Important?

Oracle SCM

The acronym SCM stands for supply chain management. It refers to the systems, processes and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day operating activities such as, new product development , demand, supply and sales & operations planning , procurement , logistics , order management , manufacturing and asset maintenance. SCM systems provide a strategic advantage and business insight to companies and their operations. SCM Fundamentals.

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50 Most Read Articles of All Time in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, & Freight


Since today is the last day of the year before we all get ramped up towards a productive 2016 and after finishing out top 10 most read articles in each of our five main categories ( Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , Transportation , & Freight ) we wanted to give you all a treat and list the top 50 most read articles of all time from the Cerasis blog. 8 Most Common Reasons Why You May Receive a Freight Claim Declination Letter. Happy New Year!

Panduit Optimizes Global Freight Spend with Oracle Transportation Management Cloud

Oracle SCM

Panduit is a global manufacturer of physical infrastructure equipment that supports power, communications, computing, control, and security systems. To learn more about Oracle Supply Chain Management applications visit Value Chain Execution cloud freight otm panduit spend story transportation

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What Exactly Is Supply Chain Management? 10 Different Definitions!

Supply Chain Game Changer

It is an umbrella term which encompasses the end-to-end aspects of Finance, Operations, Development, Sales, Manufacturing, Distribution, Customer Management, Supplier Management, Technology and I/T. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management and oversight of a product from its origin until it is consumed. SCM involves the flow of materials, finances and information. SCM #SupplyChain #Technology #Logistics #Freight #Purchasing #Procurement #Business.

Importing From China! The Essential Guide! (Video)

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The most important factor is that due to the lower cost of materials and wages, China can manufacture goods for a far more reduced price. What’s more, due to their expertise in mass production Chinese manufacturers are able to deliver a level of speed and efficiency unmatched by any other nation. China #Import #Export #Logistics #SupplyChain #SCM #Freight. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Core Supply Chain Management Trends Gearing Up to Change SCM Forever


Jabil sponsored a global Dimensional Research survey to capture hard data on current experiences, challenges and trends with the supply chains of electronics manufacturing companies. The 3 Big Supply Chain Management Trends Surely to Change SCM as we know it Forever. ” SCM Core Trend #2: The Manufacturing Factory of the Future. The Rise of Distributed Manufacturing and 7 Advantages over Traditional Manufacturing.

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Is Your Supply Chain A Cost Centre or a Value Creator?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Lean for instance is equally applicable in Supply Chain as it is in Manufacturing or anywhere else. The Supply Chain in the Financial sector is different from Manufacturing and Distribution for instance. In areas such as E-Commerce the Supply Chain is instrumental in arranging delivery strategies such as Same-Day delivery and Drop Shipping, along with reducing freight costs to support Free Shipping services. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

What is a 3PL? The Ultimate Guide Including Definitions of 1PL, 2PL, and 4PL!

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1st Party Logistics (1PL) is where the organisation is the manufacturer and distributor of a product and performs all (or some) of its logistics processes in house. This would include the manufacturer operating a warehouse and making deliveries of completed orders to it customers using its own fleet of vehicles. 2nd Party Logistics (2PL) is where the organisation is a distributor of a manufactured product and performs all (or some) of its logistics processes in house.

Are We Facing the End of Supply Chain Management?

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The HBR article outlines an interesting development: more retail and manufacturing companies are adopting “digital control towers” for their supply chains. SCM #SupplyChain #technology #automation #IoT #AI #digital. Freight and Logistics Guest Blog Post Procurement Supply Chain Management Technology AI Automation Digital IoT SCM supplychainSubscribe Here! Email Address.

Supply Chain Predictions!

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Tracking and Tracing of raw materials through manufacturing to the end customer must take on Amazon-like capabilities, meaning customers will know where their orders are at any one time, just like when you order from Amazon. Kuebix TMS offers full tracking and visibility of your freight expense down to the SKU level across every mode and along every step of its journey. SCM #SupplyChain #Business #Leadership #Logistics #Distribution #ECommerce #Retail #Freight #TMS.

The Amazing Supply Chain of Chocolate Easter Eggs

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During the 17 th and 18 th centuries, new traditions arose – egg-shaped toys were manufactured with some being filled with Easter gifts and chocolates before being gifted to children. SCM #SupplyChain #Chocolate #Logistics #Freight #Transportation. Guest Blog Post Retail Supply Chain Supply Chain Management Chocolate Freight Logistics SCM supplychain TransportationSubscribe Here! Email Address.

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The Current State of the Shipping Capacity Crunch!

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The damage from the overly active storms damaged both freight containers and trucks, and in Houston, the trucking industry is barely back to life. Strong Projections in Manufacturing Will Tighten Shipping Capacity Further. As the stock market continues to climb, the likelihood of increased manufacturing in the U.S. Meanwhile, manufacturers have already started to ramp up production in advance of the 2017 holiday shopping season, and U.S. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Indirect Procurement – It’s Time to Rise and Shine!

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The scope of Indirect Procurement includes areas such as I/T, Capital expenditures, Freight and Logistics, Facilities, Marketing, Legal and Human Resources, Outsourcing contracts, Marketing, Utilities, Consumables, Temporary Labour, and Travel. The Logistics team clearly understands Freight and Transportation better than anyone else. IndirectProcurement #Procurement #SCM #SupplyChain #Leadership #Business #Finance. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Crowdfunding Fulfillment Solutions!

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When you calculated your startup expenses, you probably figured out manufacturing costs down to the penny. A crowdfunding fulfillment provider can track and warehouse your products once they arrive from the manufacturer. In addition, you can tailor your offerings based on the capabilities of your fulfillment warehouse, and not just your manufacturer. Logistics #Transportation #SCM #SupplyChain #Crowdfunding #Distribution #Freight #ECommerce. Subscribe Here!

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The Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategy

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The nodes in the Supply Chain are those facilities that are involved in the end-to-end manufacture, processing, distribution, and consumption of goods. Supplier and Company Manufacturing facilities, Warehouses, Distribution Centres, Retail outlets, Return and Repair operations and Consolidation points are all Supply Chain nodes which use resources to perform their processing activities. The manufacturing and processing operations at your Suppliers also drive energy consumption.

Commodity (or Category) Management – What is your Buying Strategy?

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I’ve participated in the purchase of billions of dollars for materials and components used in the manufacture and processing of products. Procurement #Strategy #SupplyChain #SCM #Purchasing. Freight and Logistics Procurement Supply Chain Management Purchasing SCM Strategy supplychainSubscribe Here! Email Address. Check out What Exactly Is Procurement? And What is Purchasing?

Inspirational Supply Chain Quotes

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I made two interesting discoveries: The components were all manufactured by other companies, and the system that retailed for $3,000 cost about $600 in parts.” ~ Michael Dell. Quotes #Leadership #SupplyChain #supplychainmanagement #scm. Freight and Logistics Guest Blog Post Procurement Supply Chain Management Leadership Quotes SCM supplychain supplychainmanagementSubscribe Here! Email Address. Article originally published and provided by [link].

Robots are Taking Over the Roads (and Everywhere Else)

Oracle SCM

I attended the Gartner Supply Chain Conference in London a couple of weeks ago, and one of the topics that was discussed was the rise of robotics, especially in manufacturing and logistics. This convoy consisted of a dozen self-driving trucks made by six of Europe’s largest manufacturers including DAF, Daimler, Iveco, MAN, Scania and Volvo. As technology companies develop driverless cars, the freight industry is working on the same for trucks and trains.

A Case Study in Reverse Logistics Optimization!

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When one of the world’s leading manufacturers of personal computers set new goals for its European operations, ModusLink was there to help. The OEM turned over management of one of the most critical, high-volume segments of its reverse logistics program—the processor business—saving the manufacturer millions of dollars each year; reducing excess inventory; increasing same-day, on-time ship rates; and improving customer satisfaction. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Supply Chain Personified! The Link Between Your Company Silos!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Manufacturing/Operations. If your company has either in-house or outsourced Manufacturing operations those facilities are completely dependent on Supply Chain for ensuring that materials arrive on time at the specified quality levels. Procurement #SCM #SupplyChain #HumanResources #Business #Leadership. Freight and Logistics Human Resources Procurement Supply Chain Management Business HumanResources Leadership SCM supplychainSubscribe Here! Email Address.

A Comprehensive Warehouse Safety Guide!

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That has to come from an existing operator or from resource people supplied by the equipment manufacturer or distributor. SCM #SupplyChain #logistics #distribution #warehousing #supplychainmanagement #safety. Freight and Logistics Guest Blog Post Human Resources Supply Chain Management Distribution Logistics safety SCM supplychain supplychainmanagement warehousingSubscribe Here! Email Address.

Supply Chain Innovation: The Path to Success!

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According to this Inbound Logistics article , The Jel Sert Company, a manufacturer of fun foods such as Otter Pops, used half pallets to ship mixed products for display in retail stores. SCM #SupplyChain #Freight #Logistics #Future #Technology #Leadership. Guest Blog Post Supply Chain Management Technology Freight Future Leadership Logistics SCM supplychainSubscribe Here! Email Address. Posted on by Kristi Montgomery.

Voice Recognition Technology Is Here! And It Can Hear You!

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Professionals in the transportation, logistics and manufacturing fields would do well to stay on top of the latest news regarding voice recognition. SCM #SupplyChain #Technology #Analytics #IoT #AI #Voice. Freight and Logistics Guest Blog Post Supply Chain Management Technology AI Analytics IoT SCM supplychain VoiceSubscribe Here! Email Address. Blog post originally published by Veridian at [link] Permission to publish here provided by Jason Rosing.

Network Optimization – What are your Success Criteria?

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In Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics and Retail the effectiveness of your network will make the difference between success and failure. SupplyChain #Lean #SCM #Logistics #Distribution #Business. Business Process Optimization Freight and Logistics Supply Chain Management Business Distribution Lean Logistics SCM supplychainSubscribe Here! Email Address. Check out To DC Or Not To DC? That is the Warehousing Design Question!

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What’s the Difference Between Logistics and Distribution?

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Investopedia defines Distribution as “Distribution management refers to overseeing the movement of goods from supplier or manufacturer to point of sale. Can be associated with movement from a manufacturer or distributor to customers, retailers or other secondary warehousing / distribution points.” I have worked in Distribution Centres that also manage Freight Management, Inventory Control, Resource Planning, Strategy and more. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

The Supply Chain Detective™! In Search of Broken Supply Chain Clues!

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While they did a lot of analyses however they were primarily focused on internal cycle times and manufacturing efficiencies. SCM #SupplyChain #leadership #logistics #procurement. Freight and Logistics Procurement Supply Chain Management The Supply Chain Detective™ Leadership Logistics SCM supplychainSubscribe Here! Email Address. How can you tell if your Supply Chain is broken?

Technologies Reshaping the Global Digital Supply Chain!

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Limitations aside; autonomous robots are already bringing innovation to the supply chain and delivering significant value, chiefly because they can help: • Improve speed and accuracy of routine operations, particularly in warehousing and manufacturing. • The benefits of smart glasses applications extend beyond the manufacturing plant floor and into virtually any hands-on task within the enterprise. SCM #SupplyChain #technology #drones #augmentedreality #logistics #robotics.

What is a Multichannel Distribution Management System?

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A protein bar manufacturer may sell its product to a distributor, who then sells it to a grocery store chain. SCM #SupplyChain #ECommerce #Retail #Logistics #Distribution #Omnichannel. E-Commerce Freight and Logistics Guest Blog Post Omnichannel Retail Supply Chain Supply Chain Management Distribution ECommerce Logistics Retail SCM supplychainSubscribe Here! Email Address. Blog post originally published at [link] . Permission to publish provided by

Overcoming Trade War Myopia with Supply Chain Leadership!

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100M) that they are moving manufacturing out of the U.S. manufacturing facilities, distribution centres). SCM #SupplyChain #Trade #Tariff #Logistics #Distribution. Freight and Logistics Supply Chain Management Distribution Logistics SCM supplychain Tariff TradeSubscribe Here! Email Address. Check out Supply Chain Impacts of an Increasingly Protectionist World!

Screen Time! Is That Enough To Be Good In Supply Chain?

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Or do you really need to “Go Outside and Play” and go into Warehouses, Distribution Centres, Manufacturing facilities, Logistics operations, Planning and Purchasing offices, and more to really understand how the Supply Chain works? I have spent a phenomenal amount of time in Warehouses, on Manufacturing floors, in Distribution Centres, at Supplier locations, and in Customer offices. SCM #SupplyChain #Technology #IoT #HumanResources #Business #Supply.

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Imagining the Supply Chain of the Future!

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The back bone of all of it is Digital Technology: The Internet of Things (IoT) End to End Digital Connectivity Cloud Computing Blockchain Big Data Artificial Intelligence Predictive Analytics Machine Learning Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Voice Activated Technology Wearable Devices Robotics 3D Printing and On Demand, Additive Manufacturing Cyber Security Autonomous Vehicles Drones Software as a Service (SaaS) and much more. Subscribe Here! Email Address.