Transforming the GCC Chemical Industry with Supply Chain Integration – LogiSYM September 2020

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The GCC chemical industry is second largest manufacturing industry in value add, after refining. It is the fastest growing sector in the GCC with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates as the top producers. Overcoming these challenges, regional chemical manufacturers and suppliers are now forced to rethink and readjust their global supply chain model. Ocean Freight Visibility Spells new Opportunities for Supply Chains – LogiSYM September 2020.

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automakers and other manufacturers to cut production and alarmed the White House and members of Congress, administration officials said. United Arab Emirates’ state-owned weapons maker EDGE expects to be involved in the supply chain of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 war plane if the sale of U.S.


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Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations


Shipping Overseas Anyone who has shipped freight by air or sea can attest to the fact that international shipping is complex — in no small part because of the rules and regulations around certain goods. manufacturers do to better understand global supply chain operations when exporting goods abroad? To find the best prices for raw materials and the cheapest places to manufacture goods, the most logical answer is to travel.

23 logistics professionals share the #1 way to reduce logistics costs

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trillion on logistics and transportation services in the United States in 2018, an increase of 11.4% A shift to manufacturing critical goods like pharmaceuticals in the United States would lead to higher production costs, for instance.

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Japan and the United Arab Emirates on Thursday agreed to work together on technology to produce hydrogen and create an international supply chain, Japan’s industry ministry said. Maharashtra shuts most manufacturing, restricts e-commerce to fight COVID-19.

Slashing red tape helped airlines speed COVID vaccine shipments

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Using data provided by the manufacturer, airlines are required to determine the maximum quantity of dry ice they can carry on their aircraft. per hour compared to manufacturers’ guidance of about 1% per hour, Brennan said.