Will Trucking Challenges Transform JITS in North America?


Cost savings in warehousing and floor space along with associated reduction in personnel required. Trucking Challenges in North America. While the challenge may be looming globally, the North American automotive manufacturing base may be more inclined to try and dilute their just-in-time-sequence (JITS) supply loops. But why just in North America? Automotive retail sales models in North America are also disparate compared to places like Europe.

A Tipping Point?

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The merged company will be the third largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth in the world. The goal is to drive organic growth in North American and global expansion by combining Kraft’s brands with Heinz’s international platform. For the larger supply chain (the larger freight infrastructure of the North American market), I worry. Expect Major Shifts in the North American Transportation Market.

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This Week in Logistics News (February 5-9, 2018)

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TBSx3 Launches Consortium With Freight Industry Giants to Fight Trade in Fake Goods with Blockchain (BlockchainNews). Ocado uses £150m from shareholders for warehouse robots (The Guardian). CX North America Expands Driver Mobile App with Digital Proof of Delivery Update. Our guinea pig Cow died this morning. The kids named him Cow when he was born. He was a tiny little thing when he was born, smaller than the palm of your hand.

Top 25 3PL warehousing companies in 2020 (by revenue)

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Third-party logistics companies ( 3PLs ) specialize in distribution, warehousing and fulfillment services. Today, there are many top 3PL warehousing companies that handle warehousing, fulfillment, logistics and distribution services for companies of all sizes. Many metrics can be used to determine the top 3PL warehousing companies, such as company revenue, the number of warehouses, total warehouse square footage , etc. Warehouse Operations

Freightera to Build North America’s First Low Emission Freight Marketplace


Freightera to Build North America’s First Low Emission Freight Marketplace, Partners with SmartWay to Showcase Certified Carriers. has partnered with Natural Resources Canada’s SmartWay program in an initiative to reduce fuel costs and emissions from freight transportation. Freightera’s Go Green option now allows shippers to choose freight quotes by lower emission, in addition to price and shipping time.

The Last Fast Mile


Once you have identified the right partners for you, you can also build on the First Mile and freight consolidation benefits. You can get closer to your customers by having warehousing capabilities without having to rent or build facilities. Image: Column 3PL/Logistics Features & Opinion North AmericaA conversation with Chuck Moyer, Board Member, Customized Logistics and Delivery Association and CEO, Express Courier, Inc. (an

Transportation TIP List: Week of June 2nd, 2019


and the CVSA’s current roadcheck inspections across North America. For three days in June, enforcement officials will be conducting International Roadcheck at more than 1,500 roadside locations across North America. Spot Van, Reefer Rates Show Signs of Life : Spot truckload freight volumes continued to build during the week ending May 26 and improving van and refrigerated load-to-truck ratios contributed to higher rates on major lanes, according to DAT Solutions.

Why Now is the Time to Choose LCL Shipping

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What freight qualifies for LCL shipping. Only freight that can account for added transport time is a good fit for expedited LCL shipping. LCL shipping vs. full container load (FCL) or air freight. The most obvious cost savings for LCL shipping is in comparison to air freight. By using shipments in transit as “inventory in transit,” LCL shipping can even help lower warehousing and inventory costs, which in turn can help reduce your tariff spend per shipment.

Greg Lehmkuhl Named President of Con-Way Freight

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Gregory (Greg) Lehmkuhl has been named President of Con-way Freight Inc., president and CEO, who has served as interim President of Con-way Freight since August 2010. Greg Lehmkuhl’s team-building experience and management skills have been instrumental in returning operating stability and profitability to Con-way Freight,” said Stotlar. “He These strengths will serve him well as he assumes the leadership reins at Con-way Freight.”. Con-way Inc.

How currency changes are affecting logistics providers

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This creates an increase in North American imports and weaker export activity. European companies gain in selling products into North America. This means more air and sea freight on Europe-North America lanes, cross border feeds from Mexico and Canada, and increases in domestic North American transportation and warehousing for imported products. epSos.de/Flickr. Flickr. Note: This post was written by Valerie Bonebrake, SVP Tompkins Int. .

Reconfiguring the Automotive Post Pandemic Supply Chain

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An optimistic estimate of 95% of automotive assembly plants in Europe and North America remain close. Because of the unevenness and uncertainty in sourcing parts, transportation capacity and warehousing availability, the use of 4PLs will increase. Indeed, we noted in our Global Freight Forwarding Report that freight forwarders are evolving into such roles as supply chains grow in complexity, and the need to manage and analyze all data in one central location grows.

LSPs and Freight Forwarders optimistic on market recovery

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Amidst the ongoing doom and gloom of commentary on the macro-economy, logistics service providers and freight forwarders are optimistic that the economy overall will continue to grow, and provide opportunities for expansion in 2013, according to a recent survey by Transport Intelligence (Ti) and Kewill. The post LSPs and Freight Forwarders optimistic on market recovery appeared first on Kewill Corporate.

Factors Affecting the State of Capacity

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Total spend of shipments as well as the volume of shipments declined for all of North America in October. In the past month freight shipments have dropped 4.7% Brokerage Distribution Supply Chain Transportation Dedicated Fleets supp WarehousingIn fact, October shipment indexes have fallen to the lowest levels since 2011 1. All modes of transportation have seen a decline including truck and rail shipments. READ MORE.

Freight Forwarding Outlook for the U.S. Market May Not Be Rosy in 2020

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A number of freight forwarders have enjoyed positive revenues from the U.S. For example, through September, Kuehne + Nagel’s revenue for the Americas region grew the fastest at 13.9% While Latin America and Canada is included in this region, the U.S. The latest U.S.

This Week in Logistics News (October 1-5, 2018)

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HighJump Launches Warehouse Control System at CSCMP Edge 2018. For Cloud Logistics, this acquisition will help the company expand its solution footprint (which today is mostly over-the-road and intermodal transportation) and grow its geographic presence beyond North America.

Berlin Packaging opens 231,000 sq ft warehouse in Ontario, California


Strategically located near the busiest seaport in the United States, the adjoining ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, and with easy access to highways I-10 and I-15, the 231,000-square-foot Ontario mega-warehouse strengthens Berlin Packaging's operations in Southern California. The warehouse has 23 dock doors, a fully secured yard with two separate entryways, and a training facility.

This Week in Logistics News (September 28 – October 2, 2015)

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July 2015 North American Freight Numbers. These include freight rating, carrier selection, load tendering and visibility as well as match pay. SendSuite Tracking Online, which is designed for small and medium businesses, is available in 12 countries across North America, Europe and Asia.” According to the press release: The Stack Sleeve system can be used in the warehouse and during delivery for both route and bulk customers from one vehicle.

This Week in Logistics News (December 5-9, 2016)

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Warehouses promised lots of jobs, but robot workforce slows hiring (Los Angeles Times). DAT’s Accelerated Freight Matching Launches with New Load Board App for Carriers and Paperless Onboarding Service for Brokers. R2 Freight & Logistics, Inc. October Air Freight Demand Up 8.2% – Fastest Growth in 18 Months (IATA). Ryder has a network of over 800 service locations in North America today.

Top Supply Chain and Logistics Automation Trends to Watch for in 2019


Changing Regulations Will Make Drivers’ Jobs Easier According to John Paul Hampstead of Freight Waves , a new regulation reached by the Federal motor carrier safety administration will allow drivers to use cameras as a substitute for two rear-view mirrors. ” The Uberization of trucking also holds great promise in fully automating the freight scheduling process. The concept of automating processes and activities is a major sticking point for supply chain and logistics.

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State of Logistics Outsourcing: Plenty of Room for Growth as Shipper Dissatisfaction & Technology Expectations Increase


After China, other regions that have growth potential, according to 3PL and supply chain executives, are North America, Asia (not including China and India) and Western Europe, in that order. Other emerging markets include South America (not including Mexico), India, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Mexico. Even North America and Europe, which are well-established markets, have plenty of room for growth.

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

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Click the links below to compare this year's innovations to those from previous years: Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2017 : exoskeletons, autonomous forklifts, flying warehouses, last-mile delivery, and more. Warehouse Automation.

The Truth About Working at a Fulfillment Centre!

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Keys to Success in Warehouse Management/Order Fulfillment! That can mean low wages and demanding quotas for warehouse workers, as employers scramble to turn a profit. To us, that doesn’t just mean that we strive for error-free work from the pickers and packers on the warehouse floor (we do). Amazon runs one of the largest fulfillment operations in North America. Last Week Tonight reported horrific conditions at various fulfillment warehouses.

28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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Our supply chain involves a contract manufacturer, a third-party testing facility, warehouses to store inventory and a freighting company. For example, if my contract manufacturer is late with an order it can cause me to incur excess costs with the freighting and warehousing companies, respectively. This initially necessitated the expansion of our warehousing provision, revision of our stock rotation and warehousing policies and associated costs, which we had to bear.

Increasingly slim capacity driving soaring costs in US logistics


The need for smaller, more costly warehouses has spiked. Extremely high utilisation of existing truck fleets limits available freight capacity and drives up rates. Tight US labour market and higher wages for truck drivers and warehouse workers; attracting and retaining labour in general remains challenging for transportation and logistics companies. Premium`: Freemium`: Channels: Supply Chain Logistics Region: North America Article Type: Press Releases Publish as a report

This Week in Logistics News (April 20-24, 2015)

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Swisslog acquires warehouse automation provider FORTE Industries in the United States. February 2015 North American Freight Numbers. AWS revenues grew 49 percent in Q1 2015 compared to Q1 2014, while the rest of its North America business grew 22 percent. In the warehouse automation realm, Swisslog announced that it has acquired FORTE Industries, a warehouse automation system integrator based in Mason, Ohio.

Business intelligence critical for logistics firms as IT investment environment improves


Transport and logistics companies are investing into four key areas above all others: Business intelligence; transportation management; warehouse management; and supply chain visibility. Service providers spending on robust transport management and execution systems will find themselves set for a reduction in freight costs, more granular access to last-mile delivery data and asset-tracking across complex distribution networks.

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

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With how quickly new technology, tips and warehouse management techniques are emerging, wouldn’t it be nice to take a page from someone else’s book? Bed Bath & Beyond @BedBathBeyond Bed Bath & Beyond has discovered a way to save millions of dollars on freight over the next few years, thanks to a new 755,000 square-foot distribution facility slated to open in the fall of 2019. In 2016, the company increased its EBIT in the Americas by 40%, with continued growth.

Are High Freight Rates in December the New Normal?

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Both those markets are distribution hubs for e-commerce, which has stretched the traditional holiday retail freight season well into December. A lot of holiday freight heading into the Northeast ends up in distribution centers in Allentown, PA, which has led to higher inbound rates there. Most holiday freight arriving by sea is already here, so the ports are less active than they were in November.

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Increasingly slim capacity drove soaring costs in US logistics in 2018


The need for smaller, more costly warehouses has spiked. Extremely high utilisation of existing truck fleets limits available freight capacity and drives up rates. Tight US labour market and higher wages for truck drivers and warehouse workers; attracting and retaining labour in general remains challenging for transportation and logistics companies. A report from A.T.

Top 15 Biggest 3PLs in the US - 2017

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The service most frequently outsourced to a 3PL is transportation management (24%), followed by warehouse management (19%). CEVA Logistics (The Americas). CEVA Logistics (The Americas). CEVA Logistics provides both freight management and contract logistics services for a range of customers across all sectors. Coyote became a UPS company in August 2015, adding UPS asset utilization, air freight, ocean freight and customs brokerage to its portfolio of services.

This Week in Logistics News (July 7-11, 2014)

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May 2014 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). Cass Freight Index June 2014. The big news this week was the announced merger of Accellos and HighJump, which creates “a market leader with 11,000 customers in 23 countries with operations in North America, Asia and Europe” and “brings together a unique set of technologies, including networked trading partner connectivity, warehouse management, transportation management, and route delivery.”.

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ScottsMiracle-Gro Improves Distribution System in Sustainability and Customer Service

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warehouse will be added to The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company’s operation in Lebanon, Conn. By installing a warehouse in this region, the Company expects to improve its environmental footprint by reducing the number of miles traveled within its distribution network while also reducing costs and improving its customer service levels. The warehouse is part of ScottsMiracle-Gro’s high-service distribution model that the Company began implementing across the U.S. A new 100,000-sq.

Market Update: Transportation Industry News

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This month’s Market Update highlights key factors that impact the transportation industry in North America and will keep you up to speed on the latest news and topics that matter to your supply chain and business. On February 20, the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) announced their tentative five-year contract. Market Update: Transportation Industry News.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

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That said, implementing Lean concepts would undoubtedly be part of that strategy, for example, - Lean Warehousing : Many firms (both retailers and manufacturers) are now aggressively rolling out Lean in their warehouse operations. It is safe to say that if a warehouse operation is not implementing Lean, it is falling behind its competition. Eliminate Before You Automate : Automation is critical to large, efficient warehouse operations.

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American Airlines deploys new cargo platform


Business functions that have been fully integrated into the iCargo solution, include cargo sales, cargo terminal operations, warehouse management, ULD management and cargo revenue accounting.

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