Early winter storms could cause freight schedules to slip

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That means a lot of freight delivery schedules are going to slip. It also snowed in Chicago, Omaha, and Kansas City, but nobody gets quite so worked up about that. Storms freeze freight flows. It’s snowing at the wrong time and in all the wrong places.

This Week in Logistics News (November 7-11, 2016)

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Amid tightening budgets, Alphabet decelerates drone projects (Omaha World-Herald). September 2016 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). Brexit passed. The Cubs won the World Series. Donald Trump won the presidency. What’s next?

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Spring Starts Slowly


The high levels of inventories held at the retail and wholesale levels are restraining the freight markets. . ATA reports a mixed freight market with soft volume with oil fracking/production and manufacturing putting a drag on the market. . Retail Sales . .

Economic challenges continue springtime


It’s no wonder that the freight recession continues with tepid demand for goods from manufacturing and retailers. On a non-seasonally adjusted basis the freight tonnage actually increased 10.2 The first quarter is traditionally the slowest freight time of the year. .

Where to Find Flatbed Loads in the Off-Season

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Hot Markets for the week included Medford, OR; Rapid City, SD; Omaha, NE; Little Rock, AR; Shreveport, LA; and Montgomery, AL. Rates are derived from DAT RateView and are based on actual rate agreements between freight brokers and carriers.

The Economy is on a Roll


Confirming the trend, the Cass Freight Index Report for October showed shipments increased 2.7 Congratulations go to the transportation team for growing revenues during a tough freight market. .

A New Year, a New Administration Begins


It should be noted that freight volume and load-to-truck ratios started out higher than normal for this time of year and it’s usual for load counts to decline. . Whenever a large infrastructure bill is passed and the time comes to shovel the dirt, history has shown us that people would prefer to be home and report to a job site as opposed to going out on the road to deliver freight. The rising Consumer Price Index ( CPI ), up 2.1