Tapping into Big Data to Enable Actionable Supply Chain Visibility and Predictive Analytics

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This results in lower customer service levels, increased expedited freight, lower margins and the need for more buffer stock. And while unplanned disruptions will always occur, the emergence of newer technologies provides the ability to predict potential future disruptions and act on them accordingly, moving to a more proactive view of visibility. TransVoyant is at the forefront of the predictive analytics space. Supply Chain predictive analytics TransVoyant

Connect Big Data with Predictive Analytics for Increased Visibility and Control Over Global Supply Chains

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Shippers, carriers, freight forwarders and third party logistic firms are currently spending millions of dollars in resources on ‘estimating’ important metrics such as container Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs). Going forward, competitive advantage in digital age will come from harnessing as many sources of relevant big data as possible and then utilizing advanced Predictive Analytics and AI tools to make the best use of these sources.

Redefining Logistics Management in a Digital World

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While historically it has been far more common to see medium-sized and large organizations embracing technology to manage their freight activities, today more logistics operations of all sizes are increasing their adoption of tools and technology to solve business problems.

Visibility in Transportation Management Leads to Supply Chain Excellence

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Freight Cost Management eliminates post-audits and disputes. in Freight Cost Savings Per Shipment: Logistics Sourcing activities improve negotiated rates. Use predictive and prescriptive analytics to support your visibility goals.

Real-time Capacity Matching: Making Brokers More Efficient

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The real-time freight visibility space was particularly hot in 2017, with two major acquisitions announced last year, including Descartes’s acquisition of MacroPoint in August 2017. is what drove the first wave of demand for real-time freight visibility solutions. The further out you book freight, the less expensive it is,” explained Cicerchi in a video interview I conducted with him at the user conference.

Preparing Your Supply Chain for Capacity Challenges


Below are some of the key insights shared during our conversation about how shippers can plan for ongoing capacity challenges and optimize that plan through analytics, feedback and consistent updates. Preparing Your Supply Chain for Capacity Challenges.

Revenue Management for Rail Freight Profitability

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The current outlook for the rail freight industry is, at best, mixed. Where rail freight once was the price-competitive transport mode of choice, low fuel prices and increased availability of trucks in the spot market have resulted in low freight rates that are expected to remain low¹.

On the Track to Profitability: The Power of Pricing Analytics in Rail Freight

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The current outlook for the rail freight industry is, at best, mixed. Where rail freight once was the price-competitive transport mode of choice, low fuel prices and increased availability of trucks in the spot market have resulted in low freight rates that are expected to remain low.

Ten Steps to Managing Inbound Freight: A Coordinated Dance between Shippers and Suppliers

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Both inbound and outbound freight require carefully choreographed steps for a successful dance. A more efficient inbound freight program streamlines processes to achieve greater savings. However, many businesses overlook inbound freight management since making it successful is not easy.

Carbon Emissions in Logistics: The Road To Green International Freight


Carbon Emissions in Logistics: The Road To Green International Freight. Two major emitting industries, international freight and aviation, had been exempted from COP21 on a technicality. Carbon Freight Emission Statistics. Green freight doesn’t isn’t only about technology.

The Ultimate List of Top Logistics Startups – Blog


And it’s about to get hit by a freight train of innovation. How much do we love freight innovation? And we found that freight innovation is hot. Supply chain platform matching drop-ship retailers, manufacturers, distributors and freight forwarders. Freight Forwarding.

This Week in Logistics News (February 4-8, 2019)

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The real-time freight visibility space was particularly hot this year, with two major acquisitions completed in recent months ( Descartes acquired MacroPoint and Trimble acquired 10-4 Systems ). I wrote that back in December 2017 as part of my supply chain and logistics predictions for 2018.

Supply Chain Predictions!

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These are the innovative technologies that I predict companies must use to undergo this transformation within their supply chains: Cloud-based technology deployments lower cost of ownership due to not having a large capital expenditure on hardware and upgrades. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Why is Supply Chain Such a Great Career Path?

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Some people want physical activity, some want something more intellectual or analytical, and still others want some combination of both. Freight and Logistics Human Resources Inventory Management Procurement Reverse Logistics Supply Chain Management jobs LogisticsSubscribe Here!

This Week in Logistics News (October 1-5, 2018)

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Enable dynamic, predictive delivery times : ETAs are available pre-pickup through to delivery, dynamically change with every data point and are responsive to real-time conditions, including traffic patterns, weather and road conditions.

6 Major Delivery Logistics Trends!

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In the context of the supply chain for most businesses, big data and predictive analytics are still an untapped resource that can potentially provide insights which help anticipate or respond to events or disruptions. SCM #SupplyChain #Logistics #Freight #ECommerce #Business.

The Top 5 Impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Logistics!

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The tech is fundamentally changing the way packages move around the world, from predictive analytics to autonomous vehicles and robotics. Here are the top five ways in which Artificial Intelligence is transforming the logistics industry as we know it: 1) Predictive Capabilities Skyrocket When AI in Logistics is Implemented. The capabilities of AI are seriously ramping up company efficiencies in the areas of predictive demand and network planning. Subscribe Here!

Experts Choice Of Top Online Logistics Resources


So much so that it is split into seven topics – aircrafts, airports, capacity and demand, carriers, freight trends, traffic and viewpoints. With over 60,000 monthly viewers, Transport Topics is a prime destination for freight buffs, especially those who specialize in trucking.

The Top 5 Changes That Occur With AI in Logistics


The tech is fundamentally changing the way packages move around the world, from predictive analytics to autonomous vehicles and robotics. For example, DHL analyzes 58 different parameters of internal data to create a machine learning model for air freight.

E-Commerce Shipping Strategy Challenges to Consider for Perfect Implementation


Characteristics of a Winning E-Commerce Shipping Strategy According to Inbound Logistics, creating the shipping strategy necessary to facilitate e-commerce will require re-evaluation of existing processes and the use of technology to maintain control over freight spend.

Imagining the Supply Chain of the Future!

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Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Voice Activated Technology are key enablers that will allow for Intellectual Automation. They will need to understand I/T systems, end to end processes, and high level analytics. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

What the success of Prime Day means for your supply chain.


This can be done by using a TMS with supply chain technology and real-time, predictive analytics, with artificial intelligence. . FreightPrime Day comes at a time of year that has been traditionally slow for the supply chain industry.

Increased Visibility

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Freight location and status updates, along with advanced predictive analytics capabilities, are making load tracking a valuable tool for shippers, brokers, 3PLs, and carriers

Citations of Excellence Awards 2016

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The Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Freight Transport by Pooling Supply Chains. Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform Supply Chain Design and Management. Each year, Emerald awards certificates to highly cited papers, hereby also taking into account the content of the papers ( see my previous post ).

What are the main 3PL Services?

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Among the services which they provide are transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding. Predictive Analytics. Admiral E.

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Trends—December 2015

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Transportation and logistics deal value continues to rise; distribution centers prepare to reduce picking errors; mobile-based freight brokerage; predictive analytics and Internet of Things revolutionize procurement

Wearable Technology in the Supply Chain: 3 Core Benefits


The best predictive analytics systems in the world are only as good as the data the process. Unfortunately, most predictive analytics systems rely on manual and automated data capture. Do you ever watch Undercover Boss?

10 Key Logistics & Procurement Supply Chain Practices to Know and Master to Reduce Spend.


Many suppliers and manufacturers may have existing, internal analytics tools, but using these tools for benchmarking processes may be ill-fated. Cluster and Consolidate Shipments to Create More Predictable Demand for Suppliers and Carriers. Manufacturers must work to consolidate incoming supplies and outgoing shipments to make their incoming and outgoing freight more attractive to major carriers.

Deliver On-Time and In-Full with a Retail Consolidation Program

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You want to get the freight from those vendors into one distribution center and deliver it as one load to the retailer.”. It requires sufficient talent with subject matter experts at various levels such as solutions design and analytics teams to analyze the data in order to design the right solution for all parties, and account managers who really understand both the retail industry and all of the issues we discussed previously, as well as understand all of the shipper and carrier issues.

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The Role of Emerging Technologies in Managed Transportation Services

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Of course, the technology landscape is very different today compared to 5-10 years ago, with blockchain, machine learning, real-time freight visibility, and other emerging technologies dominating the headlines. He notes that trucks have been equipped with GPS-enabled devices for over 30 years, but new solutions are making real-time freight visibility more broadly available.

Machine Learning and the Business of Tomorrow

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Machine learning is providing the needed algorithms, applications, and frameworks to bring greater predictive accuracy and value to enterprises’ data sets and contributing to diverse strategies succeeding.”[1] ”[1] Dr. Nipa Basu ( @nipabasu ), Chief Analytics Officer at Dun & Bradstreet, adds, “Machine learning is changing the way businesses look at data and presenting new analytics opportunities for companies of all sizes.

The Top 6 Trends in Logistics Impacting Shippers in 2017


Providers will need to focus on predictive analytics to get ahead of tomorrow’s needs by adjusting operations to reflect today’s immediate demand. The election is over, but the race is just starting for logistics providers.

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Supply Chain End-to-End Visibility Finally a Possibility


Advanced Analytics. Why do you need to combine collaborative network with advanced analytics? Thus, you need prescriptive and predictive analytics to take the appropriate actions to support your visibility goals.

The Transportation Supply Chain: Transportation’s Role in Supply Chain Management to Lower Total Costs


Freight transportation costs in the United States amount to about 6% of the GDP, which means that a large portion of a company’s supply chain costs come from transportation. When freight costs are high, even seemingly small oversights can result in unneeded expenses that could have been avoided and thus cut into overall profit margins. When transportation systems feed into a predictive analytics scheme performance will be improved across the board.

Cloud Supply Chain Management: SCM’s Head is in the Clouds…and For Good Reason


In business, the cloud is enabling the growth of predictive analytics and big data processing. However, most supply chain companies have historically only used a TMS when the company had more than $20 million in freight spend.

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