Reimagining How You Purchase Transportation

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We recently announced our latest innovation, Procure IQ™ , which reimagines the way shippers purchase transportation. Developed inside our innovation incubator Robinson Labs , Procure IQ uses predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and C.H.

How to Procure Full Truckloads in Tight Capacity


The use of full truckload shipping is rising in popularity, resulting from its lower cost as compared to less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. Unfortunately, the use of full truckload shipments and expenditures have hit an all-time high, reports Kate Patrick of Supply Chain Dive. Decreasing capacity and increasing full truckload rates are expected to increase throughout 2018, reports Freight Waves. Fortunately, a solution exists.


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Procurement – How to Enable Spend Aggregation!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Check out Procurement: The Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course! Aggregating your procurement spend for the purpose of delivering greater value is a sound objective. Theoretically you should be able to generate better service, better terms and conditions, and better cost. We discussed these in greater detail in our post Procurement (Part 1!) – The Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course! This may be the head of Procurement, the CFO, the COO or the CEO.

Freight Benchmarking: What Is It? Why Do It?

Logistics Bureau

Whether your company is a big or small player in terms of shipping volumes, and regardless of your chosen transportation modes (road, rail, ocean, air), the health of your bottom line depends in no small part on the competitiveness of your freight prices. What is Freight Benchmarking?

Procurement and supply chain executives are struggling in the current environment of high inflation and missed deliveries.


The report was published in the last month, and reflects some of the increasing challenges and disparities that exist between procurement and supply chain executives. We surveyed 53 procurement and supply chain executives and managers about their organizations’ strategic priorities.

Top 4 Considerations for Supplier Management Software Solutions

EC Sourcing Group

Effectively managing your suppliers is an integral part of the procurement process (and important to the entire supply chain as well). Without goods and services, nothing can be produced, which would make procurement impossible. Supply Chain Management Cloud Software: Risk Minimization.

De-Carbonising Road Freight Operations: Bridging the Know-Do Gap

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

The sixth assessment report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published in August 2021 once again stressed the importance and urgency of decarbonising all sectors of the economy. It comes from the annual customer survey conducted by logistics software company Transporeon.

Procurement Challenges Condensed


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. I took on the challenge of writing a condensed version of all the current Procurement challenges. I believe the issue with these articles is the broad range encompassed by the word Procurement and the constant change within this domain. To my mind, your challenges depend on where you are in transformational change within your organisation, the scope of your function within Procurement and the nature of the organisation’s supply chain.

Imbalanced Investments: Transportation Spending vs. Procurement Technology (Part 1)

Supply Chain Network

Shockingly, though, companies are failing to invest in the necessary procurement tools to manage spend and optimize their transportation networks. Here’s the cliff-note version of the results; the full report is worth a thorough read : Transportation planning is sorely inefficient: According to the survey, only 25 percent of buyers are using a completely systems-based approach for procurement. Freight & Transportation Information Technology PaulMartyn Procurement

A Freight & Shipping Audit Checklist Guide

Intelligent Audit

With increased e-commerce shipping, high consumer expectations for delivery, and challenges in the supply chain, companies need optimized transportation systems and freight services. Consistently carrying out freight audits allows one to collect data from shipping invoices.

Black Friday 2022

Enterra Insights

Business reporter Jordyn Holman ( @JordynJournals ) explains, “In 2020, it was pandemic closures and social distancing. Yet store pickup of online purchases was gaining steam.” They note, “Every purchase starts with a moment of curiosity.”[4]

A Practical Guide to Using Digital Tachograph Tools!

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A functional digital tachograph can measure significant metrics like speed, driving time, and driver’s activity. The increasing cost of fuel, car maintenance and purchasing of vehicles can drain a company’s resources. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Responsible Sourcing! Making Sustainability Happen for Real!

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As we’ve learned from Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model (hyperlink), utilized as a framework to implement and achieve organizational change, the first 2 steps to create change boil down to one thing: People. It’s all about locating the right role models to make an initiative a reality. Implementing responsible sourcing within the line will allow your organization to create a process and locate a solution in various dimensions. Gauge Output, Report and Refine.

What You Need to Know About Full Truckload Freight Allocation


Poor visibility in freight allocation is a leading reason shippers experience difficulty in managing freight, and this problem is evidence of a disconnect between the person managing freight and company stakeholders. Goodwill notes shipment data granularity and analysis are linked with better freight allocation , which means making use of the full spectrum of available shipping options, including full truckloads. Yesteryear, freight allocation was simpler.

7 Essential Attributes of Strategic Supplier Partnerships!

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Whether the phrase refers to sourcing, procurement, relationships, or other matters, its use is prevalent. Based on my earlier post about supplier relationship management , I introduced a three-tiered model for segmenting and managing suppliers. The baseline metrics for performance of a partner are the same operational parameters used for other suppliers. One example is in the world of out-sourced software development. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

A Conversation with Vittorio Favati, TVS Supply Chain Solutions GFS

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

As part of LogiSYM Asia Pacific 2022, we had the opportunity to chat with Vittorio Favati, Chief Executive Officer – TVS Supply Chain Solutions GFS. Currently, I am leading the Global Forwarding Solutions (GFS) business of TVS SCS.

FreightWaves Classics: Emery Worldwide dominated air freight forwarding for 40+ years

The Supply Chain Journal

Emery Air Freight was founded in 1946 by John Colvin Emery, Sr. Initially a ground operation, Emery established itself as a reputable air freight forwarder of bulk goods, leasing space on various airlines and aircraft and tracking shipment progress. A vintage Emery Air Freight patch.

Freight railroads set green goals

The Supply Chain Journal

CP ’s ( NYSE: CP ) Climate Strategy , published in July, reflects many of the initiatives that the broader freight rail industry is pursuing. Scope 2 emissions, 1% of CP’s emissions footprint, are associated with electricity purchases in Canada and the U.S.

Shipping Less-Than-Truckload Freight in E-Commerce: Shipping Online Is More Than Just Parcel Shipments


According to Logistics Management, more parcel carriers are moving heavier parcel shipments to less-than-truckload freight in e-commerce because they’re overwhelmed. This creates a wonderful opportunity for shippers to eliminate the middleman costs by considering the use of less-than-truckload freight options for e-commerce. Looking for E-Commerce Solutions for LTL, Parcel, & FT for Your Shopping Cart? Get E-Commerce solutions.

Current State of the Logistics and Freight Economy


Meanwhile, the overall capacity of shipments is climbing higher, reports Jeff Berman of Logistics Management, and the driver shortage is becoming more essential as full truckload shipments decrease. Although an initial view of the logistics and freight industry seems stale, it represents how the flow of goods and services are sprouting and delivering more with fewer resources. Shippers are dealing with lost costs on 75 out of 500 trucks without an adequate number of drivers.

Pandemic Underscores Necessity of TMS and Other Supply Chain Tech Tools

Supply Chain Collaborator

Here are three reasons why logistics management software like TMS, YMS Freight Audit and others is essential to the survival of business during events like global pandemic. The best illustration prompted by the current situation comes from a Reuters report today. “A

FedEx Freight customer dump shows LTL carriers in driver’s seat

The Supply Chain Journal

Hundreds of shippers, including ones that supply big-box retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s, are scrambling for transportation after FedEx Freight (NYSE: FDX ) on Monday abruptly stopped truck pickups at many locations to help overwhelmed terminals restore productivity levels.

The Annual State of U.S. Logistics Report – Added Candidness and Need for More Synchronization

Supply Chain Matters

This week, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) , with sponsors Penske Logistics and consulting firm Kearney , released the 33rd Annual State of Logistics Report to organization members and the industry as a whole. This report provides a snapshot of the U.S.

A guide to optimizing your supply chain


Put simply, supply chain optimization means using technology to get inventory to the right place at the right time – at the lowest cost and highest profit for your business. Still, there are many opportunities to work with your supply network to find solutions. Optimization tools.

A guide to optimizing your supply chain


Put simply, supply chain optimization means using technology to get inventory to the right place at the right time – at the lowest cost and highest profit for your business. Still, there are many opportunities to work with your supply network to find solutions. Optimization tools.

QAD Solutions Guide: Offering Overview


Founded in 1979, QAD began as a small startup solution working with local companies to address a large gap in complete, integrated business software for manufacturing companies. What Solutions Does QAD Offer? Software Built for Global Manufacturing Businesses.

The 10 Most Important Food Industry Software Features


ERP software for the food industry comes in a range of shapes and sizes, but what should you look for when you’re thinking about using it for your business? Read more: The food manufacturing software your business needs 1. This is where inventory control software comes into play.

How Connecting Your TMS Saves Time and Money

CH Robinson Logistics

In your personal life, you can use a variety of devices to make purchases—from your phone to your smart TV, it’s all possible within whatever device you’re using. In fact, today you can procure freight rates from your transportation providers right in your TMS.

Retailers Could Start Holiday Sales Before Halloween

Enterra Insights

As anchor-woman Ashley Thompson ( @AshleyCBS46 ) reports, “A supply chain crisis is forcing shoppers to buy their holiday gifts earlier than usual.”[1] ” Journalist Stephanie Boland predicts much of the revenge spending will be done online.

Retail 130

Freight Data Trends for 2019 and How a TMS Will Grow in Value


The application of data can help shippers gain control of shipping costs and make informed decisions, and the top freight data trends for 2019 exemplify how the use of a transportation management system (TMS) can further this cause. Shippers need to consider how the freight data trends will affect dropshipping, omnichannel shipping, reporting capabilities, and much more. As omnichannel shopping becomes the standard for consumers, the use of freight data will excel.

Trends 120

The Importance of LTL Freight Management in your Supply Chain

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Consumers now have higher expectations regarding their purchase experience—convenient pickup and delivery options; an increased demand for accurate, real-time visibility to their order; and easy to use, low cost transportation purchasing options are critical.

What the Canadian election could mean for freight

The Supply Chain Journal

Canadian voters went to the polls on Monday in a national election that has boiled down to a tight, two-horse race: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and a Conservative Party led by Erin O’Toole.

TMS in the SMB Market: The Evolution Toward Software-as-a-Self-Service

Talking Logistics

One of my supply chain and logistics predictions for 2015 was that 3PLs and software vendors would focus more on acquiring small and midsized business (SMB) clients this year. As I wrote back in December: For a variety of reasons (the high cost of sales being one of them), most 3PLs and software vendors have historically underserved the SMB market, focusing their sales efforts on large companies instead. Having a solution that is simple to activate, configure, and use.

Supply Chain And Logistics Trends That Could Be Big In 2020

Logistics Bureau

The circular supply chain is a model in which the supply chain does not terminate with products in the hands of end-customers. However, new technologies, services, and providers are helping SMEs to play more effectively and at less cost on the global stage.

Are These the 5 Biggest Fallacies in Supply Chain or is it Fake News?

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Argentus is a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement. Some massive companies have pledged to eliminate excess waste in their supply chains entirely in the coming years, and there’s a lot of talk that sustainability helps the bottom line by improving sales and lowering costs (e.g. This one is a bit of a sacred cow in the world of Supply Chain analytics. Argentus is a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement.

13 Amazing Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Applications


In today’s competitive business environment, getting the correct products to the right place at the right time via the most cost-effective manner is paramount for your business’ success. To stay ahead, tech-smart operations, savvy professionals are using logistics and supply chain mobile applications as must-have tools for operational excellence. Using every tool available to you will allow for improvement in supply chain functionality, productivity, and profitability.

Embark Trucks tallies 14,200 prelaunch reservations for driverless software

The Supply Chain Journal

SPAC-sponsored autonomous trucking software developer Embark Trucks expects to make significant progress toward its first-year revenue target based on 14,200 reservations it has collected from partner carriers including Knight-Swift and Anheuser-Busch. .

6 Trends to Make Supply Chain Managers the Heroes of Their Company!

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In other words, the simple act of providing reports to executives and upper-level managers could be considered a form of data visualization, and better reporting will be a fundamental improvement in supply chains throughout 2018, explains Craig Guillot of Supply Chain Dive.

17 Wholesale Software Features For SMEs To Look For


For any wholesale business, software has become critical to survival. So what should you keep an eye out for when you’re shopping around for wholesaling software? Learn more: Handle your wholesale orders with confidence Why is dedicated software so crucial for a wholesale SME?

Pandemic Lessons For Supply Chain Leaders

Supply Chain Shaman

The Failure of Existing Demand Planning Solutions. During the pandemic, supply chain leaders turned off their demand planning solutions. Also, the solutions lacked flexibility. Next Steps: Start to model demand based on market data to align the organization on baseline demand.