Data Quality: Your Digital Transformation Depends on It

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Today, I’m going to add a qualifier — it has to be quality data. Just as any chef will tell you that anything less than the best quality ingredients can render a dish inedible, so too, bad data can turn any data-driven IT effort sour. So, what is quality data?

Supplier Quality Management: What it is, 5 Key Metrics to Know & a 4 Step Supplier Evaluation Process


Editor’s Note: This is the first in a three-part series on Supplier Quality Management processes and how to evaluate your suppliers from Chuck Intrieri of The Lean Supply Chain. When you choose a company to transport your freight or to supply you with the materials you need to manufacture a product, you are putting your hard work and reputation in their hands. First, what is Supplier Quality Management (SQM)? Cost of quality.


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Vizion’s Quality Data Enables Smarter Container Tracking

Gravity Supply Chain

Gravity partners with Vizion to help businesses make data-driven decisions, increase shipping reliability, reduce risks, and supply chain disruptions.

FedEx Freight reverses service suspensions after outcry from big retailers

The Supply Chain Journal

FedEx Freight (NYSE: FDX ) is walking back its recent abrupt suspension of service to a portion of its customer base after ruffling feathers of key stakeholders that made known their displeasure, according to communications from the company and logistics industry executives.

Freight Audit: 10 Freight Invoice Considerations Impacting Spend

Intelligent Audit

While traditionally these programs are called freight audits, it isn’t solely about LTL or FT. Freight Invoice Error Rates Remain a Constant Threat. But how often does a freight invoice contain errors? Single Source of Truth.

The Pros and Cons: International and Domestic Sourcing


It’s easy to oversimplify the differences between sourcing for parts locally or internationally. When considering where to purchase from, the prevailing idea seems to be that domestic sourcing allows for better control and shorter lead time, but international sourcing is more cost-effective.

Improving Global Freight Process Management

Talking Logistics

Many companies operating in the United States have achieved an inclusive look into their transportation spend, but unfortunately many companies that do business on a global level have struggled to achieve full freight process management. State-of-the-art transportation management systems (TMS) certainly help with planning and execution, but advanced freight audit and payment processes are also vital toward obtaining complete process management results.

Global 181

Responsible Sourcing! Making Sustainability Happen for Real!

Supply Chain Game Changer

What will ensure the delivery of quality products and services to consumers? I’m not talking about quality in the sense of perfectly constructed products. I’m talking about quality products; the ones built with social, environmental and commercial impact in mind. Sustainability is created at the source of our products, services, and consumption. Sustainability is created from Responsible Sourcing. How can you make Responsible Sourcing a Reality?

Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain

BluJay Solutions

The recent announcement by Google-owned Motorola Mobility that all new Moto X smartphones sold in the US will be manufactured in Texas, highlights the continued importance of the global supply chain and role of freight forwarders and logistics services providers (LSPs) in successful local sourcing strategies. The post Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain appeared first on Kewill Corporate.

The 7 Freight Audit and Payment Best Practices

Intelligent Audit

One critical but often overlooked component of successful shipping and logistics management remains freight audit and payment processes. Create a Clear Strategy for Freight Audit and Payment. Freight audit and payment protocols can benefit significantly from automation.

Five Tips on Sourcing Products From China


Google a phrase like “sourcing products from China” and you’ll instantly be faced by almost 39 million results! You need to source for products to sell at wholesale prices to your retail customers. Pricing, quality and variety are important considerations. And the place to source for most, if not all, of your products is in China. This blog post doesn’t aim to be the ultimate guide to sourcing goods from China. Sourcing Consultant.

Why a Freight Audit Matters Today More Than Ever

Intelligent Audit

Discrepancies and errors with invoices, records, communications, and processes represent the biggest issues facing companies today regarding freight management. Simple Freight Audits Have Evolved Into Much More Meaningful Value-Props. Freight Audit and Payment freight audit

Freight Market Update and Q2 Trucking Outlook

Zipline Logistics

Following an unprecedented downturn, the freight market has posted an almost full calendar year of impressive growth spurred by demand from a few sectors of the domestic economy. What to Expect in the Q2 Freight Market . Buying Trends Still Shaping the Q2 Freight Market and Beyond.

The Impact of Poor Quality


Quality is one of the most discussed and least understood subjects in the apparel industry. In many organizations, quality still equals the state of the product during final inspection, or even when it arrives in their warehouses or stores, or worse, with the customer. In fact, the quality inspection process should start much earlier than that in order to minimize the impact for the brand. Products with poor quality can have a negative impact for companies in many ways.

Worker Shortages and More Pose a Challenge to Freight Companies


Today, trucking, shipping, air shipping, and other logistics services are all experiencing disruption: As consumer expectations evolve, businesses are constantly pressured to deliver high-quality goods in the shortest amount of time. But issues surrounding labor and rising fuel prices pose real threats to the freight industry. Technology Comes to the Aid of Freight Companies. truck drivers transportation freight trucking

How to prepare for freight market shifts in 2020

CH Robinson Transportfolio

As we begin 2020, we can anticipate more balance in the transportation marketplace, according to industry sources. In terms of available freight, economic and market analysts suggest for-hire truckload volumes will be plus or minus 0.5% 2020 brings balance.

Worker Shortages and More Pose a Challenge to Freight Companies


Today, trucking, shipping, air shipping, and other logistics services are all experiencing disruption: As consumer expectations evolve, businesses are constantly pressured to deliver high-quality goods in the shortest amount of time. But issues surrounding labor and rising fuel prices pose real threats to the freight industry. Technology Comes to the Aid of Freight Companies. truck drivers transportation freight trucking

European Commission Questions Quality of Customs Data Provided by Logistics Services Providers for ICS

BluJay Solutions

Supply chain data quality was one of the key issues under scrutiny, and has been classified as requiring urgent action. Stay up to date on industry software tools such as Freight Forwarding (Software) , Logistics (Software) , Supply Chain (software) , Transport Management (Software) , Warehousing Management (Software). The post European Commission Questions Quality of Customs Data Provided by Logistics Services Providers for ICS appeared first on Kewill Corporate.

6 Trends Affecting Inbound Freight Management!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Successful inbound freight management depends on a strong logistics management program. Shippers need to have a robust set of controls in place, a high-quality inbound freight routing guide , automated tracking technology, reporting capabilities, and much more. Shippers need to understand the trends throughout the industry affecting inbound freight management and how to plan accordingly. Congress Will Affect Successful Inbound Freight Management. Subscribe Here!

7 Freight Costs Considerations That Will Have Shippers Rethinking In-House Transportation Management


Freight costs are eminently controllable, however, efficiently managing this major budget item requires expertise. For the company determined to try, it is critical to maintaining constant guard on cost controls at every turn in every transaction, a daunting proposition for most companies whose competencies are not developed with optimal freight costs control as a core area of focus. The freight manager attempting to operate without this authority cannot be ideally effective.

How These 2020 Food and Beverage Trends Will Affect Your Freight

Zipline Logistics

Source: [link]. Source: [link]. Source: [link]. Most non-dairy alternatives require refrigerated freight, but some almond, flax, coconut, and hemp milks are shelf stable. Even though many fresh food products are focused on convenience, they must also maintain quality.

Blockchain’s Coming to the Supply Chain - Eventually

Supply Chain Brain

Show notes: A previous podcast episode about blockchain in the freight industry. Sourcing/Procurement/SRM All Technology EDI Communication (XML/EDI) Global Trade Management SC Planning & Optimization Supply Chain Visibility Quality & Metrics Supply Chain Security & Risk Mgmt. When it comes to the deployment of blockchain in the supply chain, or anywhere else for that matter, these are still early days.

Integrated Supplier Management: Plan, Execute and Adapt


Even without a global pandemic and its aftershocks, manufacturing supply chains are often brittle and can break easily when disruptions occur, leading to over- or under-utilized resources, premium freight costs, inventory write-offs, lost orders and faulty decision-making.

More LTL carriers may follow AAA Cooper to the altar, consultant says

The Supply Chain Journal

The truckload-LTL relationship was mostly confined to truckload carriers handling shipments of overflow LTL freight weighing more than 8,000 pounds if LTL capacity was too tight to meet the demand. . The focus will not be on whether freight moves truckload or LTL.

Logistics in 2020: The Future of Road Freight

BluJay Solutions

In a recent white paper , Kewill has looked at the issues facing the global supply chain, and how it may look in 2020, including the future picture for road freight. Road freight represents a major part of most Logistics Services Providers’ (LSPs') strategies. By 2020, the price per barrel of oil will be on average about $150, with much higher peaks possible (source: International Energy Agency Oil Market Outlook 2011).

How to Avoid Damage to Your Freight

GTG Technology Group

3 Tips to Avoid Damage to Your Freight. Freight damage may only occur in less than 1% of shipments, but with almost 50 million tons of freight moved daily, that equates to around 500,000 tons of freight damaged per day. Lost or damaged freight can cost transportation companies and their clients thousands of dollars. Freight damage is often preventable with a few best practices to keep your freight safe. Package Your Freight Properly.

8 Green Freight Trends to Watch in 2017


Demand for greener freight transport is coming primarily from the largest companies. Lowest cost freight transport will increasingly be lower emission as well. Freight shippers increasingly realize that you can have both highly efficient low cost service and low emissions at the same time. In 2017 highly efficient firms will continue to source as locally as possible. Long haul overland freight will increasingly move by rail for lower rates and emissions.

Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

Supply Chain View from the Field

Globalization is now increasingly linked to labor costs in countries such as China, as well as fuel costs and regulatory shifts, which are in turn driving a dramatic impact on where companies source, where they produce, and the complexity of processes required to sell to the customer. Another major source of risk is the unreliability of global logistics channels, especially the challenges associated with ocean freight lines, which are becoming increasing unreliable.

From Exports to Delivery: Simplifying PPE Shipping

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Over the past several months, China has been the main source for PPE. So, it’s important you’re up to date on the latest regulations to avoid your freight being held up. Metered freight solutions. As ocean freight catches up, it can significantly reduce your freight spend.

C5’s 9th Advanced Forum on Customs Compliance

Supply Chain Movement

Aimed at a senior level audience, the forum will also cover high level customs challenges facing multinational companies, including on-going issues surrounding customs valuations, how to make the best use of duty relief programmes and trade agreements to keep customs duties at a minimum whilst retaining high quality products. Due diligence obligations on freight forwarders. Strategic sourcing through duty relief programme and trade agreements.

5 Ways Temperature Controlled Shippers Can Boost Supply Chain Efficiency

CH Robinson Transportfolio

The increased need for adaptability and agility sums up what nearly everyone is feeling these days—this is particularly true for companies shipping temperature sensitive freight when timing is critical. Freight and Transportation Services Temperature controlled Truckload services

Eight Key Takeaways From FreighTech 2018:TLV


The catalyst was fairly simple – there are freight conferences and tech conferences, but few that really mesh both very well. There was also some startling consensus on some core ideas: Freight is complex and transformation won’t happen overnight. Freight used to start with a golf game or a phone call. Quality visibility. The crux of visibility is that given how complex supply chains are, there’s no one data source that is a single source of truth for everything.

Cargo 146

This Week in Logistics News (December 5-9, 2016)

Talking Logistics

The sky and what’s beyond, an endless source of creativity and imagination for kids and adults alike. DAT’s Accelerated Freight Matching Launches with New Load Board App for Carriers and Paperless Onboarding Service for Brokers. R2 Freight & Logistics, Inc. October Air Freight Demand Up 8.2% – Fastest Growth in 18 Months (IATA).

The Benefits of a Weighbridge for Your Business

Supply Chain Game Changer

Source: Needpix. Millenium Mechantronics offer high quality weighing machines and load cells to businesses in Australia. Freight and Logistics Guest Blog Post Supply Chain Management Freight ManagementSubscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

China’s Full Truck digital freight platform pulls back curtain in prospectus

The Supply Chain Journal

billion in investments from several private equity sources. In the prospectus, Full Truck said it is the world’s largest freight platform if measured by the benchmark of gross transaction value. A second is a freight brokerage service, launched in January 2018.

China 52