This Week in Logistics News (October 10-14, 2016)

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Rwanda Launches World’s First National Drone Delivery Service Powered By Zipline. August 2016 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). Here are some additional details from the press release: In Rwanda, postpartum hemorrhaging is the leading cause of death for pregnant women. During Rwanda’s lengthy rainy season, many roads wash out becoming impassible or non-existent.

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Complex costs of transportation

Supply Chain Movement

10 questions about Freight Spend Management. There are numerous ways a shipper can reduce freight spend. And freight costs are continuing to rise, pushed upward by factors such as globalized distribution and unpredictable fuel prices. Supply Chain Movement and software vendor Eyefreight have developed this checklist to provide to pinpoint the key drivers of Freight Spend Management. This is an important aspect of managing freight spend. Rwanda.


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This Week in Logistics News (May 9-13, 2016)

Talking Logistics

March 2016 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). First, as reported by Reuters, “UPS is backing a start-up using drones in Rwanda to transport life-saving blood supplies and vaccine.” According to the article: UPS will provide a grant of $800,000 plus logistical support through the UPS Foundation to a partnership including Gavi, a group providing vaccines to poor countries, and robotics company Zipline International Inc for drone flights in Rwanda starting in August.

Delivery Drones are Taking Off! (Infographic)

Supply Chain Game Changer

In 2016, Zipline partnered with the vaccine non-profit Gavi to deliver blood samples and other urgent medical supplies to remote locations across Rwanda. Freight and Logistics Technology Transportation Delivery Logistics Drones Last Mile DeliverySubscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Delivery drones article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Simon Pleass at

Mindmap for Global Logistics Integration

Supply Chain Movement

Rwanda. Third, it is essential the system generate pre-invoices to reduce carrier invoice uncertainties, eliminate fraud, and manage freight spend. The world is becoming smaller and larger at the same time through globalization and the internet. Goods have to be transported across the globe and across the neighbourhood. To manage this logistics complexity while adhering to customer service standards and incurring reasonable costs, companies need Global Logistics Integration.

3PL Subway 2015: Strategic movements among logistics providers

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Rwanda. The Japanese freight mover Kintetsu World Express has expanded recently outside its home market with the acquisition of APL Logistics, which has a strong base in America and Europe. After years of declining revenues in European logistics services, the business started to stabilise in 2013/2014.

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