COVID-19 direct and ancillary events have put risk management and rapid intelligent response (RIR), or sense and respond (SAR), front and center in the supply chain world. Risk management is defined as anticipating, preparing for, sensing, and responding to an event not yet part of the plan of record that requires a significant adjustment in your demand supply network (DSN). Every firm, on a regular basis, faces “risk situations” at various levels of the Kempf-Sullivan decision grid - although without the notoriety of a run-on paper towels or a chip shortage.

Successful RIR demands the thoughtful combination of data science and computational models to facilitate Feigenbaum’s community intelligence and end-to-end analysis of the DSN to anticipate structural weak points. To identify these structural weak points, you need a quality central planning engine (CPE), and resolving them often requires a change in the economic landscape. Join this incredible webinar with Dr. Ken Fordyce, Solutions Director, Supply Chain and Advanced Analytics at Arkieva, and learn about the ongoing challenge of implementing RIR to improve organizational performance with better decisions.

In this Webinar, we will discuss:

  • The core components and flow of a supply chain management system within the decision grid that serve as a foundation for successful rapid intelligence response (RIR)
  • The additional components needed to move from a good plan to RIR
  • The role of data science, computational models, and their synergy to avoid data-driven disasters or being an academic exercise
  • What structural data quality is and why it limits RIR
  • What community intelligence is and why it is critical to RIR
  • The challenge of structural vulnerability and the role of the economic landscape

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021 at 11AM PDT, 2PM EDT, 6PM GMT

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