The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Transportation Sourcing Solution

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If you are buying widgets, there are many ways to make your purchase, from going to a retail location, ordering online or using a standard procurement software tool that allows you to order lots of widgets and receive them over a specified period of time.

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North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia sit squarely in the storm’s path. Transportation will become more variable; and even scarce. Work closely with transportation carriers. Last year transportation price increases were 2-5%.)

The History of Supply Chain Management! (Infographic)

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In the mid 1950s, this concept was extended to transportation management with the development of intermodal containers together with ships, trains, and trucks to handle these containers. Check out Why don’t you have a TMS (Transportation Management System) Solution yet? .

2019 Logistics & Supply Chain Events to Attend in the US


Savannah, Georgia. At this event, you will get the opportunity to be part of a huge network of more than 2,500 global supply chain and procurement professionals. Atlanta, Georgia.

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Guest Commentary: Is Your TMS Pulling Its Weight?

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Like Santa’s reindeer-powered conveyance, your Transportation Department has options available to get the job done. Drive savings across your enterprise by using your TMS to manage your transportation network, domestic and international, inbound and outbound. With constantly changing markets and rates, procuring and maintaining the best possible rates can be a nightmare. Every interaction within your transportation management process creates a data trail.

Supply Chain Management:The Learning from the 2012 Holiday.

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Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. PST on December 22, and shipped to Fayetteville Georgia in-time for Christmas opening. This not only challenged "last mile" delivery providers FedEx and UPS to complete deliveries of online orders, it also disrupted last-minute shifts and/or replenishments of inventories as transportation became severely disrupted. Procurement Blog. About Us.