5 Supply Chain Collaboration Essentials to Mitigate Disruptions

Logistics Viewpoints

Experts from North Carolina State University and GEP conducted a survey on supply chain, procurement and IT leaders to determine their challenges and priorities, focusing on examining gaps in the supply chain. Alex Zhong is Director of Product Marketing at GEP.

A Radical New Way to Think About Supply Chain Management

Logistics Viewpoints

They have a complex network of suppliers, internal assets, and transportation and manufacturing partners, many of whom are changing on an ongoing basis. Saving money in manufacturing operations does not necessarily lead to saving the most money across the entire interconnected system.


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5 Reasons why eAuctions Drive Better Savings


Comparative Of Standardization Offerings: Manufacturers present their bids throughout a specific website in a standard manner, allowing the eAuctions infrastructure to evaluate proposals, offerings and bids, then to provide reliable results for a said company. Thank You | GEP.

Are Procurement and Logistics Executives Aligned When Faced with Current Supply Chain Challenges?


Procurement and supply chain executives are on the “same team” – and in general, a recent study conducted by the SCRC and GEP suggests that there is strong alignment between the two functions when it comes to prioritizing lower risks and reducing uncertainty in supply chains.

Catalog Management Systems market trends


North America is the leading region across the world in terms of market share as it holds large manufacturing units and adopts technology faster contributing to the growth of CMS. and GEP.