Total Manufacturing Cost Formula: Metrics that Matter


Maybe you could reduce shipping costs by making more bulk purchases or buying more locally. Improving communication between departments and comparing metrics across them. Maybe you could reduce shipping costs by making more bulk purchases or buying more locally.

Top 10 Metrics to Track and Manage Risk in the Supply Chain – Part 1


Under the current COVID-19 global pandemic, managing risk in the supply chain has taken on a renewed importance. Procurement teams continue to struggle with finding available suppliers and shipping capacity to enable supply chain responsiveness.


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CSR Initiatives in the Global Supply Chain

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

The global supply chain industry has by default, a large environmental impact, through its carbon footprint. As part of the CMA CGM Group, CEVA Logistics has a global reach, which means that we can make a global difference. Julien Topenot, Global Head of CSR at CEVA Logistics.

3 Core Metrics & 10 Soft Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance


3 Key Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance Beyond Cost Reduction. Promise time, lead time, cycle time, transit time, delivery time, unloading time, processing time, queue time, quality assurance time, processing time, turnaround time, receiving time, and shipping time to the customer, (and I bet you could think of more "times" to measure!). 10 Soft Metric Considerations in Measuring Supply Chain Performance.

The 10 Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2021


The pandemic’s global scale exposed largely unprecedented, supply chain vulnerabilities. That’s where Procurement Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) come into play. Procurement metrics and KPIs allow organisations to measure results and guide best practice performance.

Borderlands: Shipping container squeeze hits US soybean exporters

The Supply Chain Journal

This week: US agricultural exporters experiencing shipping container crunch; TForce Logistics expands last-mile delivery in Texas; Dachser expands operations in Arizona; and TexAmericas Center to expand rail service. US agricultural exporters experiencing shipping container squeeze.

Texas 83

A New Decade: Give Science A Chance

Supply Chain Shaman

The third story is a very profitable global brand with regional supply chain structures. The problem is that the manufacturing lines are 125% utilized, and there is an ongoing struggle to produce tonnage, much less ship the right product from the production lines to customers based on orders.

Container ships to soon ‘sea’ low-carbon investments


Container ships are the backbone of world trade. According to Statista, the world’s merchant container ship fleet grew from 11 million metric tons (mt) of deadweight tonnage (a measure of a vessel’s weight-carrying capacity) to 275 million mt in 2020—a 2500% increase.

Why Collect Shipping Doesn’t Work for CPG Brands

Zipline Logistics

Collect shipping or customer pick-up (CPU) delivery options are an often promising solution for brands working with large, nationwide retailers. . What is Collect Shipping or Customer Pick-Up Pricing?? . Collect Shipping and Loss of Supply Chain Control .

Which Metrics Matter? Interview with Philippe Lambotte

Supply Chain Shaman

My journey to understand supply chain Metrics That Matter started three years ago. Balance: The ability to balance a portfolio of metrics to maximize market capitalization and free cash flow. The early results from the ASU study will be featured in the book Metrics that Matter and it will be the core of the upcoming Supply Chain Global Summit on September 10-11, 2014 in Scottsdale AZ at the Phoenician. (We How do you balance metrics ? .

How to Optimize Global Demand Fulfillment


Global transportation is the nexus through which all related international transportation information flows. Capturing, aggregating, and analyzing all the global supply chain transportation and product/SKU level detail is foundational to having end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Why Samsung Might Turn to Blockchain for Its Global Supply Chain

Supply Chain Brain

In total, the company’s logistics division, Samsung SDS, will take on 1 million shipping units and 488,000 tons of air cargo. Business Strategy Alignment Global Supply Chain Management Global Trade & Economics Quality & Metrics Supply Chain Security & Risk Mgmt. SC Analysis & Consulting High-Tech/Electronics All Logistics Transportation & Distribution Global Logistics

Cargo 40

13 Reasons Why You Need a Global Transportation Management System (TMS)


In today’s turbulent trading environment, strong global transportation management capabilities deliver exceptional benefits and value. From optimizing freight movements and controlling freight costs, to supply chain SKU transparency and optimal inventory management, the value proposition for global transportation management is substantial and significant. Complexity in the global supply chain has increased dramatically since that time.

What $70+ oil means to container, tanker and dry bulk shipping

The Supply Chain Journal

And that means higher costs for ship operators, and in the case of the container sector, more fuel surcharges passed along to cargo shippers. Higher bunker (marine fuel) costs affect different shipping segments differently. Ships with scrubbers can continue to burn cheaper 3.5%

Global Luxury Management “Lifestyle” brands require push supply chain design customization

Supply Chain View from the Field

More and more global luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and others are promoting themselves as Lifestyle brands, spanning many products including fragrance, home collections, apparel, paint, wallpaper, foods, and many other products. Such brands may ship small runs of five bags, gowns, or shoes that cost thousands of dollars, whereas typical apparel products are produced in volumes of hundreds of thousands going to low cost retailers.

Supply chain risks in the spotlight: Effects of Hanjin Shipping filing bankruptcy protection


by Dr. Madhav Durbha Supply chain risks in the spotlight: Effects of Hanjin Shipping filing bankruptcy protection. A few days ago, the world’s seventh largest container shipping company by volume, Hanjin Shipping, filed for bankruptcy protection. A lot of the products being shipped by Hanjin are headed to US and European retailers getting ready for the holiday season (toys, electronics, clothing, furniture, etc).

Wanted: Supply Chain Architects!

Supply Chain Shaman

The flows are typically linear and the analysis is on alternate modes and best shipping lanes. While executive leadership teams will often use these terms interchangeably, seeing the impact on a geographical map for a global network stimulates a different level of dialogue. I then pack my bags and scoot out the door to sign books and discuss the research completed for the S upply Chain Metrics That Matter book at the ISM event on Thursday, May 14th in Atlanta.

23 Reasons the Ideal TMS is best for LTL Freight Shipping


Using less-than-truckload for medium-sized shipments is one of the great innovations in shipping. It produces results at a fraction of the cost of full truckload (FT) or small package shipping. However, the needs of the modern shipping industry have reached an optimal point, and the only way to further push the envelope is by using a dedicated transportation management system (TMS). It is hard to monitor the performance of employees in today’s global economy.

Dry bulk ships generating 300%-plus more revenue today than 6 months ago

The Supply Chain Journal

The effects of COVID-19 on international shipping are still actively unfolding ?— but not only at the West Coast ports where there is a “parking lot” of containerized cargo ships waiting in droves. Before COVID-19, ships hauling dry bulk ?—

Global Trends in Digital Supply Chain - 2018 Review


reduced costs, shorter lead times and better product quality associated with the implementation of ISO 14000 standards, which provide a framework for environmental management issues) Source As the public becomes more aware of environmental issues and global warming in 2018, consumers are asking more questions about the products they are purchasing. In the past, by using more natural gas for its ground fleet, UPS decreased CO2 emissions by 100,000 metric tons in 2016.

13 Reasons Why You Need a Global Transportation Management System (TMS)


In today’s turbulent trading environment, strong global transportation management capabilities deliver exceptional benefits and value. From optimizing freight movements and controlling freight costs, to supply chain SKU transparency and optimal inventory management, the value proposition for global transportation management is substantial and significant. Complexity in the global supply chain has increased dramatically since that time.

The Challenges of Global S&OP


Cost reduction, expansion in to new geographies and visibility across the company are common goals I hear many global companies discuss. Let’s discuss some of the challenges companies face as they roll out a global S&OP process and take a look at how one company is successfully navigating through the process. One of the key challenges to a successful global S&OP process is the language barrier. The following is an excerpt from European Business Review.

Global 100

Maersk enters agreement for 8 methanol-powered vessels

The Supply Chain Journal

The vessels are expected to save around 1 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. The time to act is now, if we are to solve shipping’s climate challenge. Shipping groups want action on $5B fund for zero-emission fuels, tech.

Connect Big Data with Predictive Analytics for Increased Visibility and Control Over Global Supply Chains

Supply Chain Network

percent per year, over 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea for a total of 23 million tonnes of cargo traveling by ship every day. Global supply chains are one of the longest and most complex of business process systems due to the many moving parts, multiple transfer points, diverse company types/players involved and the sheer length of these supply chains. Spire Global has worked with

Ware2Go offers free carbon offset program to merchants

The Supply Chain Journal

Ware2Go , the UPS ( NYSE: UPS ) company that focuses on enabling merchants of all sizes to achieve one- to two-day shipping, announced a carbon emissions offset program for all customers shipping small parcel, less-than-truckload, truckload and air shipments within its network.

Reduce Lead Time in Your Global Supply Chain with Lean Thinking

Material Handling & Logistics

But it only takes a ship two weeks to travel from China to Australia [where I live], so what is happening for the other 10 weeks?” The time to ship the goods from your supplier on the other side of the world to you is usually only a fraction of the total lead time. For example, to ship goods from China to the U.S. Delays in arranging shipping. The future state map will also define improvement metrics and set clear improvement targets for those metrics.

Maersk invests in bio-methanol production company WasteFuel

The Supply Chain Journal

Møller – Maersk is putting more pieces of the puzzle in place to decarbonize its shipping fleet. This announcement follows two August agreements Maersk signed to build eight methanol-powered ocean vessels and produce the carbon-neutral e-methanol to power those ships.

Supply Chain Goals: Gracefully Overcoming the Hurdles of Global Sports Events

BluJay Solutions

million shipped items and 60 metric tons of air freight.*. Large global events like the World Cup underscore the requirements involved in the daily work of logistics and supply chain. Companies are confronted with an ever-more challenging, multifaceted environment, and a global economy. With an end-to-end supply chain platform and Global Trade Network, organizations get competitive advantage to deliver on their goals and win more customers.

The Global Supply Chain is Evolving – Are you ready?


The global supply chain is evolving every day, adding complexity to the roles of shippers and their third-party logistics providers (3PLs). Their concerns include: infrastructure, economic stability, freight and supply chain transparency, tax regulations, security, and cross border shipping details. The following is a list of the most influential new requirements driving the modern supply chain to adopt change: Globalization of Business. Advanced Analytics / Metrics.

How Microsoft & ThroughPut are helping Global Manufacturers increase Output during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and how every Operations Professional can help


While the Tokyo Olympics are being postponed, but heroes of a different calling are assembling together daily to achieve medal-worthy feats in keeping the base-line global supply chain operating. This is what we already enable every day at ThroughPut for our global industrial customers.

5 Strategies for Successfully Outsourcing Shipping Logistics

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Be prepared to discuss your desired metrics and future expansion plans. In a more global world, success requires both cost reduction and value creation. The post 5 Strategies for Successfully Outsourcing Shipping Logistics appeared first on Transportfolio. Often in my work in the C.H. Robinson Green Bay office, customers will ask us how they can improve the odds that their logistics outsource will be a success.

Stranger things: Air cargo becomes value play over ocean freight

The Supply Chain Journal

That’s what happens when container shipping rates exceed $20,000 per box and air cargo, normally used for high-value goods and perishable products for which speed to market is critical, doesn’t seem budget-scary anymore. Shipping by air at the time was 12 times more expensive than by ocean.

Cargo 83

Control Towers: If Only There Was A Clear Definition

Supply Chain Shaman

I was at a customer last week that shipped to distributors and did not know the site of customer facilities. The focus is on functional metrics, but are unable to get to overall supply chain metrics. Global Supply Chains Inventory Management Market-Driven analytics control tower performance measurement Supply chain excellence visibilityWe finished dinner. I pressed my neatly folded napkin to my lips. As we waited for coffee, silence hung heavy in the air.

Global Healthcare Organization Streamlines RFP Process and Reduces Costs with automated LTL RFP Processes

The Supply Chain Journal

Add to the mix any requirements beyond the most basic specifications, such as international transportation or shipping across multiple business units—all under the same RFP—and these complexities can quickly turn into cost inefficiencies, lead to poor visibility, or become catastrophic errors.

Global Process Excellence: A Journey From Disarray To Best In Class!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Check out Global Process Excellence: Defining the Roadmap to Achieve Best In Class Results. I wanted to spend time doing an in depth tour of the entire facility, literally walking through every operation, meeting the people and understanding each process, the metrics, the organization, the products and the customers. This was the start of what we soon named “Global Process Excellence” Critical Observations. The Global Process Excellence journey had begun!