Supply Chain Agenda of Pierre Mille, VP Group Planning & Customer Service Excellence at Carlsberg Group

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Pierre Mille, VP Group Planning & Customer Service Excellence, Carlsberg Group. For Pierre Mille, VP Group Planning & Customer Service Excellence, this was an opportunity to unleash its untapped value. His task – together with his colleagues from procurement, production and logistics – is to simplify the global supply chain while acknowledging that consumers are often very emotionally attached to a particular beer brand.

50 expert warehouse optimization tips and techniques

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Optimizing your warehouse means examining every corner of your infrastructure and every facet of your workflows and processes to identify and correct inefficiencies. Not only does warehouse optimization result in a healthier bottom line, but it also improves key warehouse metrics like accurate orders and on-time delivery. Of course, warehouse optimization isn’t something you do just once; it’s an ongoing process, and a complex one at that.

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Grouped or Kit Fulfilment


Grouped item fulfilment against a sales order is a common challenge across many sectors. Grouped Item Fulfilment. Any invoice created could be sent directly from the procurement systems or sent via a finance system. Effectively Automating Grouped Item Fulfilment.

HCL Tech signs global alliance agreement with JDA Software Group

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From IIFL: “HCL Technologies, a leading global IT services provider, announced today that it has signed a global alliance agreement with the JDA Software Group, Inc, leader in supply chain management. The alliance addresses the unique supply chain challenges for business in the areas like planning, procurement, production, distribution, warehousing, inventory, transportation and customer services.

Procurement – How to Enable Spend Aggregation!

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Check out Procurement: The Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course! Aggregating your procurement spend for the purpose of delivering greater value is a sound objective. We discussed these in greater detail in our post Procurement (Part 1!) – The Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course! You may be trying to aggregate spend within your company or across companies, or you are trying to outsource this to a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). Subscribe Here!

Material Handling and Fleet Management: Uncovering Opportunities for Cost Savings and Other Business Benefits

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But fleet management can mean other things, especially in warehouse operations. “We That includes all material handling equipment within a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing site, such as forklifts, personnel carriers, yard spotters, sweepers, and booms. It is virtually impossible, therefore, to have complete, integrated visibility to its usage and to standardize equipment procurement and utilization.

Procurement Challenges Condensed


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. I took on the challenge of writing a condensed version of all the current Procurement challenges. I believe the issue with these articles is the broad range encompassed by the word Procurement and the constant change within this domain. To my mind, your challenges depend on where you are in transformational change within your organisation, the scope of your function within Procurement and the nature of the organisation’s supply chain.

4 Ways To Improve Procurement For Increased Customer Satisfaction


Though it’s often overlooked as an element of customer satisfaction, procurement is an essential component for delivering that satisfaction. Procurement involves buying goods and services that keep an organization operating; it ensures warehouses are well-stocked with the proper supplies at all times. Procurement can be responsible for up to 70 percent of a company’s revenue , so small changes in procurement functions can have a major impact on profitability.

Three Ways Material Handling Equipment Is Changing with Rise of E-Commerce

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E-commerce has also forced warehouses to operate on an almost 24/7 basis, which requires improvements in MHE to handle more orders and increase efficiency. With that in mind, it is also important that organizations pilot AGV technology to make sure it is smoothly integrated into the warehouse workflow and the benefits are proven. #3 Data analysis is used to compare maintenance costs, ensuring MHE procurement choices are cost-effective.

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The New Value Equation in Contract Logistics

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That was the main question I addressed with Greg Boring, VP of Sales at Kenco Group , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. In light of all these factors, has the way companies procure logistics services and manage relationships changed? 3PL Episode Highlights e-commerce Kenco Group logistics outsourcing procurement supply chain visibility

The user experience ensures that procurement policy is followed


For those companies, like Ivalua ,that develop a software solution for the Procurement Departments of large groups, paying attention to the user experience means ensuring better adoption of our software and, in the end, an increased compliance with procurement policy for our customers. Expectations will be different for our procurement optimisation solutions and will depend on whether the user is an experienced buyer, an occasional requestor or a Procurement Director.

This Week in Logistics News (October 8-12, 2018)

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Alexa Heads to the Warehouse (WSJ – sub. Transplace Acquires Yusen Logistics’ Intermodal & Freight Brokerage Group. Warehouse Space Growing Tighter on Rising E-Commerce Demands (WSJ – sub. So if you can provide warehousing, transportation and/or material handling equipment to support disaster relief efforts, I encourage you to contact ALAN. Alexa in the Warehouse. Transplace Acquires Yusen Logistics’ Intermodal & Freight Brokerage Group.

Procurement Dashboards – 2020 analytical vision


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. Follow our 5 steps for 2020 procurement dashboard vision. Follow our 5 steps for 2020 procurement dashboard vision. Why build procurement dashboards? With the huge amount of business information available and data visualisation tools to use, dashboards have become essential tools for Procurement. Identifying the key information requirements for your procurement dashboards is critical.

This Week in Logistics News (June 20-24, 2016)

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Behind those Amazon Prime boxes, a bull market in warehouses (Reuters). From a supply chain perspective, Brexit will have a ripple effect on procurement, trade agreements, customs, and other areas. And if the news from Werner Enterprises and Covenant Transportation Group this week is any indication, the industry remains in low gear. Late Tuesday, Covenant Transportation Group Inc.

Procurement Dashboards – 2020 analytical vision


5 steps for 2020 procurement dashboard vision. Why build procurement dashboards? Then you could benefit from building procurement dashboards. With the huge amount of business information available and data visualisation tools to use, dashboards have become essential tools for Procurement. Identifying the key information requirements for your procurement dashboards is critical. Start by considering what your procurement dashboards need to contain.

28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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Our supply chain involves a contract manufacturer, a third-party testing facility, warehouses to store inventory and a freighting company. For example, if my contract manufacturer is late with an order it can cause me to incur excess costs with the freighting and warehousing companies, respectively. This initially necessitated the expansion of our warehousing provision, revision of our stock rotation and warehousing policies and associated costs, which we had to bear.

50 expert tips on logistics planning and strategy

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“A centralized group can also help to resolve another common concern: it’s hard for an expert to have credibility across the company when he or she is remote and attached to a particular business unit. Implement supply chain actions, including with internal procurement teams, with suppliers and through broader collaboration, and develop measurable targets for these efforts. Think about how your warehouse might look in 2030. Warehouse Operations

The Case for Less Silos, More Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

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Logistics, Manufacturing, Procurement, Sales and Marketing — these functional groups, for the most part, continue to operate independently from each other, each driven by their own objectives and metrics. And to make matters worse, none of the product groups would talk with each other, so multiple promotions might run the same week. Break down your supply chain functional silos. This advice is not new.

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The Supply Chain Team’s Impact on Capital Projects


In industries that are going through a lot of Capital Expenditure investments, including construction of pipelines, LNG facilities, and mining operations, the role of procurement on the success of the organization is somewhat different. Here are some of the areas where procurement has the opportunity to make an impact. This responsiveness will allow companies to improve efficiencies in our inventory management, warehouses, procurement and accounts payable transactions.

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25 supply chain experts reveal the best tactics to optimize a supply chain

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From raw materials sourcing to warehouse operations , logistics technology , order fulfillment and beyond, there are dozens of points throughout the supply chain, all of which contribute to overall supply chain efficiency. William Crane, Founder & CEO of IndustryStar Solutions , is an entrepreneur and experienced executive in supply chain with demonstrated results starting, launching and enhancing procurement, logistics, supplier quality and manufacturing companies globally.

The View from Houston: DHL Global Energy Conference 2015

Supply Chain View from the Field

I had the opportunity to speak to a group of oil and gas executives at the DHL Global Energy conference this week, held in the Petroleum Club. The conference was a great opportunity to interact with logistics and procurement executives in an environment of open dialogue and discussion. All of a sudden, everyone is “knocking on the door” of procurement and logistics, asking for cost improvements.

The Industrial Internet of Things, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics: Where Are We & Where Are We Going?


Simply using common calendar tools, such as Google, means you are using the IoT, but the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) leads to the use of connected, smart devices to reduce inefficiencies, delays, and inaccuracies throughout the product lifecycle, including procurement as well. Warehouse Management. Warehouse management of the IoT is built the same principles of overall IoT-based supply chain management.

Sorry, I’m Not Sure: Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2018

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I also believe that many of the trends everyone continues to talk about today — Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Mobile Devices and Applications, Drones and Driverless Trucks, Robots and Warehouse Automation, and Supply Chain Operating Network s — will continue to move forward in 2018, as will many of the predictions I made last year. Kenco Group (a Talking Logistics sponsor) is a great example. Source: Evan, Flikr. “I

5 Strategies for Retailers to Combat the Coronavirus Impact


With this, retailers can also save a lot on costs in terms of stock procurement. The post 5 Strategies for Retailers to Combat the Coronavirus Impact appeared first on Vinculum Group. Automated Catalog Listing Inventory & Order Management Omnichannel Experience Warehousing & Fulfillment Multi-brand Retailers 3PLs Sellers Industry Insights eCommerce Corona Virus Covid-19 Retail Industry

Strong Supply Chains Required For an Economic Rebound: Six Steps To Take

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The healthcare value chain was slow to respond—the majority of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was in Chinese warehouses. To adapt, I recommend that companies form two groups: Operational/Business Continuity Group. This cross-functional group (sales, procurement, manufacturing, and distribution) is an operational team to manage the day-to-day issues and exceptions in the supply chain. Today, I am reflective.

Supply Chain KPIs You’ll Want Every Morning


In our experience across hundreds of implementations, we find that while every company has its own unique dynamics that must be measured, most businesses fall into one of three operational types – and these types can be grouped by a focus on customers, products, or operational efficiency.

Data integrity is a real problem in the operating room


This one has about 450 beds, with its own warehouse that stocks items at a separate location. The hospital relies on Group Purchasing Organizations to order many of the thousands of items it carries in its different wards, as well as the drugs and biologics it must keep in its pharmacy. In some cases, purchasing works through the local Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), which operates under the theory that buying in bulk will render lower prices.

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Optimising M&M Spares Supply Chain – LogiSYM August 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Additionally, M&M SBU has created a closed-loop process for monitoring procurement and warehouse activities to support the fulfilment of the sales plan. Blue Yonder Group Inc. 10% increase in both forecast accuracy and revenue. 15% decrease in inventory.

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Job opening: Associate Director European Distribution at Astellas

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Knowledge of best practices in warehousing and transport for pharmaceutical distribution in Europe and worldwide. Experience in procurement. The group’s EMEA headquarters are based in London, with affiliates throughout Europe engaged in research & development (R&D), manufacturing and sales & marketing. Keywords: Distribution, Logistics, Pharma, Farma, Planning, Supply chain, Warehousing, Pharmaceutical distribution.

26 supply chain pros reveal the single most effective way to create a winning supply chain strategy

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You also have to consider storage costs, warehouse maintenance costs, ordering new items, packaging, vendor costs — all these require spending money. If the right technology is infused with your warehouse and inventory management processes, it can greatly streamline your entire operations and grant value to your organization. It will also track your goods right from the moment an order is received, its journey through the supply chain until it leaves the warehouse for shipping.

Artificial Intelligence is Driving Real Supply Chain Improvement

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Source: ARC Advisory Group Strategic Report. Integrated AI in Warehouse Management Systems. What’s actually enabling a lot of the warehouse automation, when you look under the covers of it, is the advancement being made in terms of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep neural networks —these sorts of capabilities,”. Just as the success of TMS is enhanced by integrating artificial intelligence, so too is that of the warehouse management system (WMS).

Visibility: If Only I Could See

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Examples include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management (WMS_ or Advanced Planning (APS). Most deployments focus on functional excellence–manufacturing, transportation, customer service or procurement. In this shift, the legacy SAP Business Warehouse (BW) implementation are especially problematic. The resources focused on B2B connectivity (usually located in IT) have little exposure with the deployments in customer sales and procurement teams.

Trends and Predictions 2020: Supply Chain

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Supply chains will be able to procure, source, manufacture and handle logistics across a broad array of players including small to medium businesses. ”[3] Madhav Durbha, Group Vice President of Industry Strategy at LLamasoft, predicts AI and Machine Learning will move beyond its current “hype cycle” to offer more tangible use cases that deliver real business value.”[4] Greeting the new year is like walking into a dimly lit room from the bright sunlight.

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[How to] Sell Online on Philippines Marketplaces


Using existing online platforms with respect to Filipino’s buying habits and market behavior depends on the category of products and services being procured. The post [How to] Sell Online on Philippines Marketplaces appeared first on Vinculum Group.

Tips to improve your eCommerce invoice generation process


The audits performed are to check and invigilate against any malpractices by an individual or a group. The taxes incurred by your organization while procuring some goods have to be levied to the buyer.