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Lean Manufacturing: Is it Really Worth It? 16 Big Benefits Say, “Yes.”


Customer expectations of reliable quality and rapid delivery forces today’s manufacturers to either shorten cycle times or lose business. There are multiple good models for lean manufacturing operations. ISO publishes guidelines for conformance to its standards. Who Needs Lean Manufacturing? Inventory records, product specs, shipping documents contain errors. There are excess inventories of some materials and shortages of needed.

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Vendor-managed inventory and distribution planning in the food and beverage industry – here’s something to chew on


Among the many supply chain initiatives taking place today, vendor-managed inventory (VMI) has become an increasingly effective process and business model to help organizations share risk and information between vendors and customers — while benefitting from lower stockouts, reduced uncertainty and lower costs. As with any industry, food and beverage faces its own unique set of supply chain challenges, including: Expiring ingredients, manufactured product and packaged goods.

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What are the 3 Decision Rules for Inventory Control?


Effective inventory control is a process. It involves many areas of an organisation and is a delicate balance between the three categories of inventory costs. As one of a business’ greatest assets, inventory is also the cause one of the hardest decisions manufacturers, retailers and eCommerce businesses have to make. Therefore, it is important to establish a set of guidelines to improve inventory decisions and optimise inventory control.

ABC Analysis of Inventory: Optimize Business Bottom Line


The most common concern supply chain management experts struggle with is accurately identifying the causes of inventory inconsistencies. If a discrepancy is identified when users pick an item or perform a count, an inventory correction needs to be performed. Every inventory issue has a specific method that can be adopted to resolve it. Perform a recount of the inventory in question, preferably by someone who was not involved in the initial count. Inventory Management

The Beginner's Guide to Inventory Control and Management

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What is Inventory Control? Here we will try to answer most common questions about Inventory Control and also provide additional resources you can use. What is Inventory Control? Inventory Control can be defined as below: “Inventory control is the function responsible for all decisions about all goods and materials in an organization. Inventory control often starts with how to know the demand of particular product. What is Inventory Cost?

Omnichannel Retailing: The Savior of Non-Essential Retail for the COVID Crisis


Production and Manufacturing Shut Down. Almost all industries, be it fashion, communication, logistics, have encountered the brunt of this global pandemic, especially, the manufacturing, and production-based industries. The entire supply chain has gone for a toss as most production and manufacturing facilities are shut down uncertainly. Unsold Inventory and Overstocks. Stay home, stay safe have been the prominent pledge, lately, yet, how safe is your inventory inhouse?

Transportation Cost Drains

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Do they follow DOE guidelines? Transportation Cost Drain #4 - Supplier Shipping Terms. Supplier shipping terms are often under scrutinized because of the potential conflict with the buyer, purchasing department or vendor. Transportation Cost Drain #10 - International Shipping. Bill and his team engage as supply chain consultants helping manufacturers, distributors and others improve their supply chain.

4 Key Reasons Why Businesses Should Opt for Cloud-based WMS


Be it manufacturing or operations or managing communications, both internally as well as externally, the tech trends are set to reshape the entire business landscape. This has enabled the management team to have visibility on inventory, work tasks and performance of individual workers through user-friendly WMS interfaces. As businesses scale up their operations and inventory portfolio, dealing with multiple suppliers or vendors is common.

The Ecommerce Lifecycle with AJ Khanijow

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Prior to founding Fulfyld, AJ held business development and leadership positions in the manufacturing, technology, packaging, and consulting industries. Fulfyld integrates directly with e-commerce marketplaces and shopping carts to simplify your shipping process.

Metrics that Matter: Customer Service


Inventory accuracy and minimizing stockouts are very important to customer satisfaction, but a few other metrics also impact the ability to meet customer expectations. This measures the number of orders or order lines shipped on time and without backorders or shortages. This is calculated by dividing the total number shipped in full and on time by the total number scheduled. Improving forecast accuracy can help improve DIFOT without increasing inventory.

The Effects of a Recall Can Be Minimized With a Connected Supply Chain


If the supply chain processes are not connected from the beginning to the end of the entire procurement, manufacturing and distribution processes, or “field to fork”, you will have a bumpy road. Transportation Vessels – Trucks, ships, rail cars, tankers, etc. Food and Beverage manufacturers have been putting lot numbers on products for years. It seems like there are more product recalls now than ever before.

How order aggregation can eliminate costs in the automotive supply chain

The Network Effect

In my last two posts, I talked about new inventory replenishment policies and why a network model makes so much sense. Suppliers who ship either in truckload quantities or as part of a milk run may be requested to utilize future forecasted demand within their 830 authorizations to fill allotted space on the designated carrier. When there is a choice, the supplier should always ship the higher runner first. SMMt Ltd/Flickr.

Why a network model makes sense for today’s automotive suppliers

The Network Effect

Supply chain organizations within the automotive supplier industry contribute to manufacturing excellence in many ways, including quality, cost, and delivery to their OEM and subsystem customer base. Focused on outcomes, a competitive supply chain capability not only assures the on-time delivery of component material, but also the execution of inbound supply to ensure the shipment of quality finished goods at a competitive price while delivering on-target margins for the manufacturers.

The Pandemic Motivates Changes in the Food Supply Chain

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In addition to government guidelines for the food supply chain, the Consumer Brands Association (CBA — formerly the Grocery Manufacturers Association) started a review of supply chain infrastructure, particularly that portion associated with food industries. Retailers requiring additional resources to fulfill needs at grocery stores are provided links to sellers that have available product inventory, shipping/transportation services, supplemental labor, and warehousing services.

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An Overview of Best Practices for Efficient Purchase Ordering


PO’s also form part of an organisations inventory control practices; they help to increase purchase efficiency and serve as a legally binding contract, enforcing the deal between purchaser and supplier. The first step is to develop best practice purchase ordering is to create written guidelines with clearly stated policies and practices for procurement staff to follow. Including important information such as purchase quantity, price, shipping details and any taxation on the goods.

8 DC and Warehouse Slotting Considerations for More Efficient Warehouse Operations


If you are a manufacturing company or distributor, you most likely are using a warehouse or distribution center to make sure you are able to store inventory, replinish store fronts, and easily send goods to customers or receive goods for manufacture or distribution. This would often be the case in a full pallet picking operation where a lift truck operator can only pick one pallet at a time before returning to the starting point or the shipping dock.

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Walmart again Raises Chargeback Stakes

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Reporting on this development, Jennifer Smith ( @jensmithWSJ ) and Sarah Nassauer ( @SarahNassauer ) write, “Looking to cut inventory while meeting e-commerce demands, the retailer wants more of the goods it orders delivered on time and in full. 2] She wrote: “There’s no doubt about it: manufacturers who fail to meet a retailer’s vendor standards can get into financial trouble. Walmart recently made headlines when it toughened delivery demands for its suppliers.

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Why investors are looking at supply chain technologies in 2020


No one’s saying we’re going to replace them any time soon, so the CFO can continue to get his financial and inventory data, but we can better manage execution decisions in transportation or a planning decision around inventory positioning using AI/ML and real-time data.”.

Supply Chain Best Practices during a Quarantine


Times are tough, so we’ve gathered some guidelines to help your supply chain get back on track, or at least to shore it up during these challenging times. Suppliers are also seeing issues with shipping companies being overwhelmed. Make sure you communicate with your carriers and be sure they can ship your orders out by the time your buyer needs them. Your buyer may also need to work on directing inventories to more active locations.

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3PL Warehousing 101

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It’s home base for sophisticated eCommerce operations, high-velocity retail distribution, vendor managed inventory, and a variety of other services. Common WMS capabilities include: Inventory management : The WMS will record and manage your products according to key characteristics like warehouse location, available quantity, pallet ID, serial number, lot number, and expiration date. FedEx, USPS and UPS) for real-time shipping updates. Vendor-managed inventory (VMI).

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8 key benefits of effective supply chain management

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Data-driven SCM provides visibility from end to end for monitoring the flow of information, services and goods from procurement to manufacturing and delivery to the end consumer. Likewise, process guidelines can help suppliers comply with your company’s quality requirements. Without real-time data, companies often don’t have time to initiate plan B, resulting in issues such as out-of-stock inventory or late shipments to end consumers.

Putting the “S” Back in the S&OP Planning Process

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Working with different companies as part of our S&OP research, we found that there is often considerable separation between the demand-generating sales & marketing functions and the demand-satisfying supply chain management and manufacturing functions, which are the main functional areas involved in the planning process. Based on our research we formulated 3 crucial strategic guidelines for setting up or re-designing a company’s S&OP process.

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Supply Chain Talk: 4 Effective Strategies for Creating a Robust Scheduling Process


Creating a robust scheduling process that adheres to the overall S&OP plan is essential to reducing inventory costs and excess waste. To support the S&OP process, the schedule must adhere to the S&OP guidelines. Creating a robust schedule is easy if we are willing to insulate the changes with piles of inventory. Given that, manufacturing assets are as adaptable as we can make them, how do we create a schedule that can absorb changes?

26 supply chain pros reveal the single most effective way to create a winning supply chain strategy

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We may want to review their manufacturing facilities and perform some sort of quick assessment (for example, explore their process capability and yield of the product and how they handle returned parts). Cut inventory costs Be it a brick and mortar store or an online business, inventory is always present and it costs money. To avoid skyrocketing inventory expenditure, you need to keep accurate inventory count. How much inventory should we carry and where?

Learning to Work with Machines That Learn What the Experts Know


Optimized decisions in manufacturing would lead to inventory shortages or surpluses in other parts of the chain. These studios will benefit by having “super-users” interact with them, forming “playbooks” that provide guidelines on decision-making in the face of uncertainty. If an individual is working from a different role, whether in shipping, logistics, or procurement, they will be coming at the system from a very different frame of reference.

Is Your Supply Chain Producing Too Much Waste?


Transportation time and expenses are wasted when any part of the raw material or finished product are shipped without cause. Packaging waste happens when the wrong type of good in the wrong packaging is produced or excess inventory must be repackaged. Some supply chains have regulatory guidelines put onto their waste supply, forcing them to comply with standards. Unilever has officially achieved zero waste , and now it wants to help other companies follow suit.

5 Tips for Writing a Transportation Management Plan


An illustration is as follows: Create an inbound load that will get shipped Assign a stipulated route and rate to the load created If there is more than one shipment, you can consolidate them into one load Place a confirmation for shipping with respect to the load Set a date on which the load will is to reach Track the check-in and check-out points of the driver concerned with the delivery 3. Every transportation firm sees the utility of having a transportation management plan.

Calculating the Projected ROI on your Supply Chain Planning Project


The same executives will readily spend millions of dollars on a robot that helps in manufacturing but would resist spending a much smaller amount on a supply chain planning project. Typically, management teams have certain guidelines around what kind of ROI is acceptable and what is not. Things like inventory reduction, air shipping reduction, and increase in revenue are all examples of tangible savings.

20 warehouse professionals and business leaders reveal the single most important first step when designing a warehouse layout

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For instance, conveyor systems are bulky and fixed in place, so warehouses with conveyor systems often must design the warehouse layout around this infrastructure while allocating adequate space for other warehouse functions, such as sortation and packaging and shipping. “First of all, assume you’re going to grow…” You don’t want to be incapable of packaging and shipping your product if your business booms and end up losing customers immediately.

50 expert tips on supply chain management

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Importantly, flexible supply chains cut costs and improve cash flow, in part through a 10% to 40% increase in inventory turns. The next-gen supply chain model is a networked ecosystem – suppliers, partners, manufacturers, distributors and retailers will all have access to relevant cloud-based data to make the best decisions based on real-time signals.” China trade war has already put regionalization of manufacturing back on the table.

A Comprehensive Warehouse Safety Guide!

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Having a safe work environment requires establishing clear and effective warehouse safety guidelines. This lets you measure your performance and encourages you to run an even tighter safety ship. Then, some workers simply don’t know the guidelines for warehouse safety and go about their day in ignorance. OSHA is your first source of safety information and guidelines for the warehouse business as well as all other American industries. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Top 2016 Supply Chain Strategy Posts from the Supply Chain Link Blog


Arrange your inventory based on how often you need to use it. If you use certain items frequently, keep them closer to the working or shipping area. View the full post or view the snippet below: Over the last 5 years, I have seen many companies launching inventory reduction programs. When launching an inventory reduction program, companies should be aware that inventory, as a part of Cash, should always be balanced with Cost and Service. Happy new year!

A Comprehensive Warehouse Safety Guide for Managers & Executives to Know


Having a safe work environment requires establishing clear and effective warehouse safety guidelines. This lets you measure your performance and encourages you to run an even tighter safety ship. Then, some workers simply don’t know the guidelines for warehouse safety and go about their day in ignorance. OSHA is your first source of safety information and guidelines for the warehouse business as well as all other American industries.

What is the FMSCA’s Unified Registration System (URS) And What is the Impact on Transportation & Logistics Management?


Transportation managers must keep up with the ship dates of inventory, where inventory is currently located in the transportation process, what insurance information is being used and appropriated for each shipment, and many more factors. However, this rule represents another painstaking, yet simple process in shipping, tracking, and documentation management. Effective transportation management can be a hassle.

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The 3 Cs for a CEO to See What’s Really Important in a Supply Chain

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Forecasting, inventory accuracy and “sell-through”. Transport budgets should be managed properly, but a finance department too eager to slash transport costs may cause inventory costs to rise instead. Separate applications to manage warehousing, transportation, manufacturing and other functions may hinder overall cooperation. Inventory Availability. Delegation of supply chain responsibilities? Employee empowerment for better supply chain performance? Absolutely.