Lean Manufacturing: Is it Really Worth It? 16 Big Benefits Say, “Yes.”


Customer expectations of reliable quality and rapid delivery forces today’s manufacturers to either shorten cycle times or lose business. There are multiple good models for lean manufacturing operations. ISO publishes guidelines for conformance to its standards. Who Needs Lean Manufacturing? Lean Manufacturing Planning and Implementation. Develop a plan for a lean manufacturing test run in a single operational area. Manufacturing lean manufacturin

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[Infographic] American Manufacturing: How Important is “American Made”


American manufacturing has a long history, ranging from the creation of 95 percent of all clothing sold in the US in New York City, reports Highsnobiety , to startups designing mobile device covers and protectors, explains The New York Times. Does “American Made” Benefit Manufacturers?

Manufacturing and Logistics: Manufacturers Look towards Logistics Efficiency to Stay Competitive


A traditional viewpoint of manufacturers reveals many flaws in the efficiencies of standard shipping, transportation, and other logistics processes. Inherently, manufacturing and logistics go hand in hand. Why Is Manufacturing and Logistics Efficiency Important?

How to Improve Manufacturing Productivity In Harsh Environments


Remaining competitive in an ever-changing market requires you to constantly improve manufacturing productivity. So-called ‘best practices’ to improve manufacturing productivity tend to focus on the performance of people. Your Manufacturing Productivity Pain Points.

[WHITE PAPER] Yes, Robotics are Coming, But People Still Power Manufacturing


In a previous guest blog, The Rodon Group along with Rethink Robotics wrote, titled " Can Robots + Humans = The Ideal Workforce in Manufacturing? ": Robots such as Baxter can also help companies save money and increase productivity. People Power Manufacturing: Instill Power in the People.

Live Updates: The Kumamoto Quakes Could Devastate Smartphone Manufacturing


Consumer electronics could be facing months of supply chain disruptions after the Kumamoto quakes rattled manufacturers in Southern Japan. Renesas , Sony , Fuji , and Mitsubishi are all manufacturers of semiconductors and solar cells that have, of this writing, been shut down.

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Free Trade: Why U.S. Trade With Mexico and China Could Not Be More Different


manufacturing decline. Mexico’s manufacturing sector is integrated with U.S. For example, 40 percent of the inputs to finished manufactured goods in Mexico come from the United States. Manufacturing

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A Personal Invitation

Supply Chain Insights

Additional community guidelines are found in the Terms & Conditions, and the Code of Conduct sections of the site. . . Today, I am excited to announce the launch of a community to help the supply chain professional.

[Infographic]: How Visual Aids Can Improve Safety in the Workplace


Our aim at Cerasis continues and will always be to provide the most important information to those in the manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, and logistics industry. Quick Guidelines for Safety in the Workplace from OSHA.

Supply Chain Cybersecurity: Supply Chain Contractors Need to Improve Cybersecurity Risk


Why Supply Chain Cybersecurity Is Essential Today It doesn’t matter which type of service you perform or which varieties of product you manufacture or help move. In some cases, you’ll be held responsible for damages if formal laws and guidelines apply. The integrity of the data associated with these goods is critical, which is why cloud providers find themselves bound by ever-stricter guidelines.

What’s New with MMOG/LE Version 5?


The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and Odette International are releasing the fifth version of the Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) assessment this summer. What is MMOG/LE?

How Would a Hard Brexit Impact UK/EU Trade?


Manufacturers in the EU may be adversely impacted if they source raw materials from the UK. Thus, if a manufacturer is exporting to a non-EU country that has a free trade agreement with the EU, the goods would be subject to tariffs and cost more to land in that country.

Mindmap for an ethical supply chain

Supply Chain Movement

As a result of the growth in the outsourcing of manufacturing worldwide, ethical problems are also increasing in the supply chain: a catastrophic fire in a contract manufacturer’s overcrowded factory in Bangladesh and recalls of branded products containing harmful substances, to name but a few.

The Effects of a Recall Can Be Minimized With a Connected Supply Chain


If the supply chain processes are not connected from the beginning to the end of the entire procurement, manufacturing and distribution processes, or “field to fork”, you will have a bumpy road. Food and Beverage manufacturers have been putting lot numbers on products for years.

Mind Map for medtech supply chains 2014

Supply Chain Movement

At the same time, new sales markets are emerging for manufacturers of medical devices, and innovative technologies such as 3D printing are making a breakthrough. Manufacturers of medical technology (‘medtech’) must choose a clear strategy: Plan.

Metrics that Matter: Customer Service


For example, use a product configurator rather than an engineering approval process, and use built-in parameters to ensure that order discounts are within guidelines. Very little has more impact on a company’s success than customer satisfaction.

What does increasing regulatory oversight mean for the pharma supply chain?

The Network Effect

Due to more complex supply chains, policy makers worldwide are enforcing stricter regulations for manufacturing and logistics. Within a decade, the number of FDA warning letters sent to medical device manufacturers has increased threefold, from 61 letters in 2002 to 181 in 2012 (EC A 2012).

Is Soy the Next Palm Oil?

EHS Sustainability Knowledge at Work

And it is these extra layers of supply chain that create more complexity for those at the end of the chain, such as manufacturers and retailers. As such, the Chinese soy industry, under the Sustainable Soy Trade Platform , is developing China Responsible Soy Sourcing Guidelines.

Real Results Magazine: Must-Have Tips to Boost Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Nation

They include: Global electronics manufacturer TE Connectivity , which uses an 18-month rolling forecast to drive sales and operations planning, gaining a granular view of demand and improving inventory turns, customer service, agility and forecast accuracy. What’s on your summer reading list?

CBD and Marijuana Logistics

Logichain Solutions

You can now ship CBD products across the United States with USPS and some courier services, but certain guidelines must be followed. USPS issued new guidelines in March 2019, requiring anyone to ship CBD products to meet the following criteria and documentation: 1.

Blockchain and Reverse Logistics: Recapturing Costs and More


Manufacturers and shippers have a duty to ensure sustainability, reports Supply Chain Dive , and an effective sustainability program must consider what happens to products after their lifespan.

Play it Cool | 6 Top Tips for Industrial Computer Cabinet Use to Limit Heat


Computers are working harder and faster than ever before to keep up with the demands of modern manufacturing. Computers and any peripherals must be setup within an industrial computer cabinet in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Manufacturing

Supply Chain Cybersecurity: The Weakest Link in the Chain is Your Biggest Risk!

Supply Chain Game Changer

It doesn’t matter which type of service you perform or which varieties of product you manufacture or help move. As technology cements its place in our industrial and personal lives, the security of our networks, as well as our personal and corporate data, has become central to several sectors: Military contractors must abide by guidelines like ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and others, which help vouchsafe sensitive military data in third-party hands.

Which Industrial Winch? 3 Great Questions to Ask When Hiring and/or Buying Industrial Equipment


For other businesses, such as manufacturing company or other industrial company, that use them incidentally, buying a winch would be a complete waste of money and time. Everyone is out there looking for a good deal, and some manufacturers are going to capitalise on that fact.

Procurement and Suppliers on the Same Page: How to Craft an Effective Terms & Conditions Sales Document


Also, when using this website's particular services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services, which may be posted and modified from time to time. All such guidelines or rules are at this moment incorporated by reference into the TOS. Reassuring people that their information is safe and that your company follows all the guidelines that the law demands will be comforting to readers.

10 Commandments of Inventory Management

Supply Chain Opz

Then, general guidelines for level of forecast can be found as below, - If your customer doesn''t share demand forecast with you, use your own historical data to make a forecast at SKU level - If you get POS data from customers, use it to make forecast at SKU/store level.

Supply Chain Risk Blog Series#1: Why Supply Chain Risk Management Should be a High Priority

BluJay Solutions

With customers operating in all areas of the supply chain, from manufacturers to retailers and distributors to freight forwarders , customs brokers and logistics service providers , Kewill has identified a number of different types of risks that especially expose the supply and demand chain to weakness. Managing the inherent risk in a supply chain has always been critical for businesses, but has become ever more so as supply chains have extended globally.

The Essential Reference Guide for a Supply Chain Leader


People: Are our SCM people aware of Quality Manual or Guidelines available in business? Dr. Muddassir Ahmed is a Manufacturing Operations, Procurement and Supply Chain leader from international multi-site manufacturing experience in Electrical, Hydraulics and Internet industries. Editor's Note: Today's blog is by Dr. Muddassir Ahmed of muddassirism.com. In this blog he provides a simple reference guide to better yourself as a supply chain leader. Why Focus?

Trends—January 2011

Inbound Logistics

Why a network model makes sense for today’s automotive suppliers

The Network Effect

Supply chain organizations within the automotive supplier industry contribute to manufacturing excellence in many ways, including quality, cost, and delivery to their OEM and subsystem customer base.

10 Inventory Management Hacks You Can Do in 10 Days

Supply Chain Opz

Then, general guidelines for level of forecast can be found as below, - If your customer doesn''t share demand forecast with you, use your own historical data to make a forecast at SKU level - If you get POS data from customers, use it to make forecast at SKU/store level.

5 Common Problems Vendors Have with Routing Guides

PLS Logistics

Routing guides contain routing instructions and an established set of guidelines and requirements for manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors to follow when fulfilling orders and shipping products or materials to a specific location, warehouse or DC.

The Fashion Supply Chain: Unraveling the Reality


Cambodia, China, Taiwan, India – look at the ‘made in’ labels on your clothing and you’re likely to find these popular clothing manufacturing countries. It’s still not clear whether these new guidelines will be voluntary, or enforceable regulation.

Trends—January 2011

Inbound Logistics

The Role of Traceability in the Pharma Supply Chain


As more companies offer new medicines and health solutions, watchdogs and regulators also lay out stricter guidelines. The battle against counterfeit drugs is at the forefront of many of those guidelines. The U.S.