Infrastructure Planning Guidelines for Supply Chain!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Over the years, digital disruption has become a norm for all industries, and supply chain businesses are not an exception. The post Infrastructure Planning Guidelines for Supply Chain! Subscribe Here!

The Branded Supply Chain

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What do H&M and Whirlpool know about supply chains that many of their competitors don’t? It is that world-class supply chains embody world-class brands by delivering to the customers the promises made and stories told by their marketing departments. And that only happens when marketing and supply chain teams collaborate, which is probably not often enough. The Branded Supply Chain covers three main areas: loyalty, sustainability and leadership.


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Lots of Zeroes? Basic Guidelines to Managing Intermittent Demand – Part 2


Basic Guidelines to Managing Intermittent Demand – Part 2 was first posted on November 13, 2019 at 11:29 am. ©2017 ©2017 " Supply Chain Link Blog - Arkieva " Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only. In Part 1 of this blog, we closed with the following question: “OK, intermittent demand creates a challenge, but I still need a demand estimate, what do I do!”

Supply Chain Cybersecurity: Supply Chain Contractors Need to Improve Cybersecurity Risk


But if you perform work as part of a supply chain, you know that the stakes are especially high. Given that you’re part of a network of providers, vendors, transporters and managers, the impact of just one weak link in the supply chain cybersecurity “chain of custody” can be significant. Why Supply Chain Cybersecurity Is Essential Today It doesn’t matter which type of service you perform or which varieties of product you manufacture or help move.

The Mask Supply Chain!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. It got me thinking about where the masks were manufactured and was there a problem with that Supply Chain. What exactly is the Mask Supply Chain? The Mask Supply Chain. Supply Chain Management

Why The Future Of Smart Manufacturing Starts With Connected Workers


Bottom Line: Providing connected workers and teams with the tools they need to excel onsite and remotely while enabling shop floor operations to transition from one manufacturing process to another is the essence of smart manufacturing today.

The Essential Reference Guide for a Supply Chain Leader


In this blog he provides a simple reference guide to better yourself as a supply chain leader. and/or capabilities of the supplier and meet companies' short- and/or long-term supply needs. Supplier Development contributes towards 5 Key Work Streams in Supply Base: . 4) Improve Materials Management Competency in Supply Base. . Lead Time Reduction in Supply Chain.

The Remedy for Inefficiencies in Contract Manufacturing


Our health care industry depends on the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and they, in turn, depend on contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) for their outsourced manufacturing. Optimized Digital Manufacturing. Contract Manufacturing Supply Chain Continuity.

Still Don’t Know How Many Slaves Are In Your Supply Chain?

Talking Logistics

How many slaves are in your supply chain? Last week, the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), a leading international body representing purchasing and supply management professionals, issued a press release highlighting findings from a survey it conducted showing that relatively few companies are ready to comply with the UK’s Modern Slavery Act , which was passed in March 2015 with enforcement set to begin on April 1, 2016.

Lean Manufacturing: Is it Really Worth It? 16 Big Benefits Say, “Yes.”


Customer expectations of reliable quality and rapid delivery forces today’s manufacturers to either shorten cycle times or lose business. There are multiple good models for lean manufacturing operations. ISO publishes guidelines for conformance to its standards. Who Needs Lean Manufacturing? Delinquent and/or low quality suppliers remain in the supply chain. Lean Manufacturing Planning and Implementation. Manufacturing lean manufacturing

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TSC’s Best Supply Chain Resources – 2014


As we’re kicking off 2015, now is a great time to gather our best supply chain resources from 2014. Top Blog Posts: How to Overcome 4 Common Barriers to Supply Chain Collaboration Initiatives 2/5/2014. Companies can be very good at managing the costs that go directly into their manufactured goods, but may be unaware of or unsure how to tackle the other costs of doing business – their indirect spend. Cash is King—And So is Your Supply Chain.

The 5 ‘C’s’ for CMO Relationships in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain


by Bill DuBois I recently attended the LogiPharma conference in Princeton, NJ to hear a number of speakers give their thoughts on the state of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Of particular interest was a session on Contract Manufacturing Operations (CMO) relationships with Michael Daly, Director of Supply Chain for Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Well, we are living our lives in supply chains.

Smart Manufacturing in 2020: the year of product changeovers

Locus Robotics

2020 has been the year of product changeovers in supply chain. Most manufacturers that had plans to digitize in the future were hard-hit with manual changes. Manually changing processes to accommodate new manufacturing.

Why investors are looking at supply chain technologies in 2020


Since the coronavirus pandemic took hold earlier in 2020, supply chain has become a household word. Investors, like the public, have woken up to the fact that supply chains are the engine driving economic prosperity. Supply chain, it seems, is ripe for disruption.

Manufacturing Keeps Going Strong At Mar-Bal


Mar-Bal operates four manufacturing facilities in North America and a sales office in Shanghai, China. They manufacture thermoset composite products essential to the appliance, electrical distribution, and industrial marketplaces. Mar-Bal continues production under the guidelines set forth by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. These supply chain fluctuations wreak havoc on Mar-Bal’s production scheduling.

Ohio 47

Supply Chain Best Practices during a Quarantine


Shortages, extreme demand, and panic buying are causing issues up and down supply chains. Times are tough, so we’ve gathered some guidelines to help your supply chain get back on track, or at least to shore it up during these challenging times. Where possible, provide daily updates and/or schedule weekly meetings to work through different options for securing an adequate supply of essential high-demand items.

DC 49

Mindmap for an ethical supply chain

Supply Chain Movement

As a result of the growth in the outsourcing of manufacturing worldwide, ethical problems are also increasing in the supply chain: a catastrophic fire in a contract manufacturer’s overcrowded factory in Bangladesh and recalls of branded products containing harmful substances, to name but a few. Mindmap for an ethical supply chain. The global manufacturing landscape is changing considerably, and rapidly.

Is the Food Supply Chain Breaking?

Enterra Insights

It has also underscored the importance — and brittleness — of global and national supply chains. Recently, John Tyson, Chairman of the Board at Tyson Foods, published a full-page ad in several newspapers asserting the food supply chain is breaking. This means one thing — the food supply chain is vulnerable. Trouble in the supply chain. Minnesota has already issued new guidelines for the meatpacking industry.

Food 100

A Checklist for a Manufacturing Company Internal Audit!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Today, manufacturing firms face increasing threats from cybercriminals targeting weaknesses in SCADA (supervisory, control, and data acquisition) systems. Regulatory bodies recognize the data security challenges that manufacturers face, and have initiated various requirements and standards of operations meant to safeguard data. Primary Cybersecurity Threats Facing Manufacturing Companies. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Mind Map for medtech supply chains 2014

Supply Chain Movement

Together with logistics service provider DSV, Supply Chain Movement has created a mindmap outlining the route for the medical device supply chain, including road signs indicating potential hazards along the way. >>Please Mindmap for medtech supply chains 2014. At the same time, new sales markets are emerging for manufacturers of medical devices, and innovative technologies such as 3D printing are making a breakthrough.

The Pandemic Motivates Changes in the Food Supply Chain

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The novel coronavirus outbreak piqued interest in supply chain operations, particularly in the food supply chain. ” In addition to personal safety instructions, this guidance stated: “ If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule. ”.

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Patient-centered Care a Focus for Med Device Manufacturers


If you’re a medical device manufacturer, your main goal is to produce innovative products that help people. In an effort to improve healthcare and support the development of innovative new products, medical device manufacturers are looking more and more at shifting to cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for improved device management. Medical device manufacturers can now enhance their patient experience as well as patient outcomes.

Supply Chain Metrics: Make Sure They Are Aligned with Your Strategy!

Supply Chain View from the Field

Here are a few guidelines I’ve encountered over the years that might help people think more about selecting and establishing metrics for your supply chain. Step 1 – Translate Organizational Objectives Into Supply Chain Metrics. Before beginning to establish supply chain metrics, managers must first take the time to ensure that they fully understand key organizational objectives.

What does increasing regulatory oversight mean for the pharma supply chain?

The Network Effect

Due to more complex supply chains, policy makers worldwide are enforcing stricter regulations for manufacturing and logistics. Selected manufacturing problems and growing public pressure have caused the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to strengthen GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices) and control them more strictly. The number of FDA inspections of drug and biologics manufacturers has also grown.

Supply Chain Planning: Is Trying to Do Everything Worse Than Doing Nothing?

Demand Solutions

Supply chain planners have embraced this attitude as much as anyone else. In a recent article titled “ The Seven Principles of Effective Supply Chain Planning ,” APICS’ Peter A. Bolstorff writes: “Question: Is best practice supply chain planning simply a function of incorporating more leading practices? Bolstorff doesn’t encourage manufacturers and distributors to try to incorporate every leading practice that comes along.

The Importance of Supply Chain When Reopening the Economy

3PL Insights

While the country recovers, supply chain will have an important role to play in stimulating the economy. To safely store, package, and transport products during times of crises, supply chain is vital to maintaining the flow of goods to keep businesses operating. So, what role can we expect from the supply chain industry as the country begins to re-open? As people stop buying these products in high quantities the manufacturers are able to catch up.

The Effects of a Recall Can Be Minimized With a Connected Supply Chain


The best way to begin this process is by analyzing the components of the supply chain. The supply chain can be the roadmap to follow to determine the how, the what, the why, the when and the where’s the source of the problem as the supply chain covers the entire cycle of the process from ingredient to finished product. Information needs to be accessible from all points on the supply chain.

Top 2016 Supply Chain Strategy Posts from the Supply Chain Link Blog


Over the past year, the Arkieva Supply Chain Link Blog provided thought leadership and informative posts on supply chain strategy tips, trends, and news. Just in case you missed some of our supply chain strategy posts , we’ve compiled a list of our popular supply chain posts from 2016 below (ranked based on shares and views). Here is a list of the Top 20 Supply Chain Strategy Blog Posts from 2016. Happy new year!

Supply Chain Cybersecurity: The Weakest Link in the Chain is Your Biggest Risk!

Supply Chain Game Changer

But if you perform work as part of a supply chain, you know that the stakes are especially high. Given that you’re part of a network of providers, vendors, transporters and managers, the impact of just one weak link in the supply chain cybersecurity “chain of custody” can be significant. Why Supply Chain Cybersecurity Is Essential Today. It doesn’t matter which type of service you perform or which varieties of product you manufacture or help move.

Supply Chain Risk Blog Series#1: Why Supply Chain Risk Management Should be a High Priority

BluJay Solutions

Managing the inherent risk in a supply chain has always been critical for businesses, but has become ever more so as supply chains have extended globally. It is therefore imperative that any business looking to not only survive but to thrive in today’s global economy has a clear understanding of all potential risks in their supply chain and understands how and when they need to react when a risk impacts the flow of goods.

The Role of Traceability in the Pharma Supply Chain


But that’s no easy feat in such a huge supply chain. As more companies offer new medicines and health solutions, watchdogs and regulators also lay out stricter guidelines. The battle against counterfeit drugs is at the forefront of many of those guidelines. The PMMI states that contract manufacturing of packaging for pharmaceutical products in developed markets is forecasted to grow at six percent CAGR through 2018. The U.S.

U.S. Intelligence Illuminates Critical Need for Supply Chain Planning and Risk Mitigation

Oracle SCM

National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) recently announced its plans to help industry and government address supply chain risks. As a part of this campaign, the NCSC released a video outlining threats that foreign entities, criminals, and hackers present to the private sector supply chain—and in turn to the public sector organizations that use goods and services from the private sector. How do you manage your own supply chain risks?

Pharma Supply Chain Management: The Key to Solving Pain Points


With a maze of regulations across global jurisdictions and even more complex, temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and healthcare product requirements, the life sciences supply chain is under pressure to adapt. And from the EU’s Good Distribution Practice guidelines to Brazil’s stringent serialization laws, regulatory compliance is only increasing. How are supply chain leaders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries coping?

50 expert tips on supply chain management

6 River Systems

The COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented global supply chain disruptions, impacting the flow of parts and finished goods around the world. At the same time, supply chain disruptions resulted in shortages of vital parts and components, and retailers such as grocery stores faced challenges keeping items like toilet paper, hand soap and sanitizer and disinfecting wipes on their shelves. Build flexible supply networks to minimize the risk of disruption.

26 supply chain pros reveal the single most effective way to create a winning supply chain strategy

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With new supply chain innovations , trends in logistics technology and advancements like automated robots making a big impact on operational efficiency, it seems that supply chain optimization is within reach for more companies than ever before. ” Meet Our Panel of Supply Chain Professionals: Trey Howard Emmanuel Frost Michael D. “We see first hand how supply chains fail due to…” Poor business continuity practices.