Sorting out Risk in FinTech Source Chains


But emerging technology is now beginning to create new ways to think about sourcing risk, which in the past has been a very manual, encumbered process. This has caused banks to look at the flow of activities in the “source chain”, which refers to the way that third parties use bank data for different opreations. Today, this end to end sourcing process has literally hundreds of different steps in the process. Let’s examine the source chain in more detail.

FDA’s Emerging Regulations for Reduced Sodium Intake in Food Implies Broader Transparency

Supply Chain Matters

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued long overdue guidelines targeted at cutting the daily salt content for both packaged food products as well as restaurant meals. When implemented, such guidelines are obviously going to impact food related supply chains, but a proactive approach could lead to both business and […]. Earlier in the month, the U.S.

Is Soy the Next Palm Oil?

EHS Sustainability Knowledge at Work

According to Trase , more than 42% of all soy exports from Brazil in 2016 were covered by a form of corporate zero-deforestation commitment made by soy traders, proving that many companies are now including soy as part of their sustainable sourcing policies.

Airbus and Boeing Report Q4-2018 and Full Year Operational Performance

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Last week, Bloomberg , citing knowledgeable sources, reported that Airbus would likely fall short of its annual 800 aircraft delivery goal.

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Green Sourcing for the Olympics


The Organizing Committee has just issued today a very ambitious “Olympics Sourcing Code” ‘ (access here ) which will apply to all products and service providers. The second and most important thing for us, is that the Code is not only focused on suppliers environmental/socials practices but also on their responsible sourcing practices.

Food Logistics Tips for Making Sure Perishable Foods Are Safe During Transit


Water sources, lines, nozzles or tanks should remain free of pathogens and biofilms — this prevents the spread of foodborne illnesses, too. Train and Educate Everyone involved in the supply chain and transportation process should be familiar with food safety guidelines and regulations.

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WSJ MANAGEMENT Top 250 List: SCRC’s Role as an Index Provider


As shown on the front page of the WSJ article, the authors reference the source of the indices used to form the list, which segments the top 250 companies out of a list of 750 total.

Sustainable Procurement Finally Getting Its Own Standard


For the basis of our framework we assessed if the code of conduct followed the guidelines specified in these and similar conventions. Corporate Social Responsibility Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Procurement Sustainability Strategic Sourcing Supply Chain Ethics Supply Chain Management SustainabilityA new post discussed the development of a sustainable procurement standard developed by the International Standards Organization.

Green Logistics: How to deliver efficiently while minimizing carbon footprint


Source The process and involvement of logistics department in every organization have become an essential part to the economic development for a long time now. Still, to the large extent, transport sector depends on non-renewable fuel sources along with the gases that emit carbon dioxide.

Why is Closing the Loop on Quality and Compliance key to promote Transparency?


Closing the Loop on Quality and Compliance Management means linking quality and compliance processes with performance data from different sources, and collecting audit, production, quality and traceability information all in one place.

Procurement Technology: An Update from Spend Matters in Baltimore


22,000 sourcing events. $50 An example was provided to show how a requisition can be generated in 90 seconds and drive locked in savings through a preferred source, and avoids over-specifying the requirement. Second, he talked about the information supply chain and the need to drive compliance to guidelines, laws, process, policy, rules, and regulations. “It matters what our suppliers do three levels down – and it depends on the country.

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ISO 20400: Building Value Through a New Standard for Sustainable Procurement


All this has become much easier since a new international standard for sustainable procurement was introduced in April 2017, outlining clear guidelines on how to align with sustainability goals. Recommended Reading: Incorporating Supplier CSR Ratings In The Sourcing Process: The Basics.

How “Process Robots” are Enabling Supply Networks

The Network Effect

and 18 months of effort given standard ERP development guidelines. Falling back to sourcing options, you determine that you could hire the 20 FTE’s in the US for $1.5M

The Branded Supply Chain


The Branded Supply Chain is the model for ensuring that your brand is more than just a collection of ideas, logos and guidelines. A primary objective of the act is to eliminate slavery and human trafficking as a source of cheap labor.

How to Manage Risk and Boost Transparency in the Raw Material Supply Chain


The London Metal Exchange just released a positon paper on responsible sourcing with special transitional provision for cobalt. A newcomer to the responsible mining space, Minespider , described its blockchain protocol for responsible mineral sourcing.

10 Commandments of Inventory Management

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Then, general guidelines for level of forecast can be found as below, - If your customer doesn''t share demand forecast with you, use your own historical data to make a forecast at SKU level - If you get POS data from customers, use it to make forecast at SKU/store level.

10 Inventory Management Hacks You Can Do in 10 Days

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Then, general guidelines for level of forecast can be found as below, - If your customer doesn''t share demand forecast with you, use your own historical data to make a forecast at SKU level - If you get POS data from customers, use it to make forecast at SKU/store level.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (to Buy a TMS Solution)

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Once only utilized by the largest organizations, cloud computing has brought TMS solutions to the masses with mid-sized and even small shippers able to source and implement solutions that are affordable and effective in automating their logistics processes. Here are some guidelines to consider when you’re tasked with choosing a TMS solution to implement. Selecting a TMS solution is a lot like having a baby.

‘The Johnny Tightlips’ and Two Other Popular Approaches to Supplier Relations

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If you are a public company, are SEC guidelines – especially insider trading rules – being followed? Image Sources: Johnny Tightlips (modified) | Open Book | Castle ]. Process Improvement Supply Chain Strategy Challenges Company Culture People purchasing Sourcing Suppliers Wild West “Before you send that email, there are a few lines I want to take out. We don’t want to share that information with that supplier.” ” “Really?

The Procurement Economy in 2019: The UK and the European Union


There are dozens of potential implications due to World Trade Organisation guidelines, each of which may impact procurement teams. Procurement and supply chain organisations will need to continue their sourcing efforts to find alternative suppliers, consider what-if scenarios, and jump on new opportunities. In our last blog post we examined the factors impacting the 2019 economic climate in the United States.

[INFOGRAPHIC] AI Technologies: The Role of Humans & The Application in Logistics


Using AI driven product nature of being and smart attributes, data can be structured to support the needs of ERP applications as well as strategic sourcing and Value Analysis activities , all from one data set.

Metrics that Matter: Customer Service


For example, use a product configurator rather than an engineering approval process, and use built-in parameters to ensure that order discounts are within guidelines. Very little has more impact on a company’s success than customer satisfaction.

The Effects of a Recall Can Be Minimized With a Connected Supply Chain


The supply chain can be the roadmap to follow to determine the how, the what, the why, the when and the where’s the source of the problem as the supply chain covers the entire cycle of the process from ingredient to finished product.

Live Updates: The Kumamoto Quakes Could Devastate Smartphone Manufacturing


In emergencies, transparency is a powerful guard against disruptions—it can be achieved by opening up communication channels to everyone involved and setting clear guidelines for individual responsibility.

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The G.4 – Part 1 of 3 – Major Transparency Shift on Extended Responsibility in Supply Chains


The second part of the G4 project public comment session ended on September 25th and received more than 1263 formal feedback.The new Guidelines are planned to be released in May 2013 , provided they are accepted by the GRI’s governance bodies. With the GRI Guidelines being the de facto sustainability reporting framework, the addition of supply chain key performance indicators is a clear indication of the maturity of sustainable procurement.

How to Improve Freight Labeling for Transport and Logistics Management


Incorrect or missing labels are a source of frustration for packers, handlers, freight forwarders, customs officers, haulers and those receiving the goods. Freight labeling guidelines are strict and the slightest error, or absence of a label, gives receivers the right to refuse delivery.

U.S. Intelligence Illuminates Critical Need for Supply Chain Planning and Risk Mitigation

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The video aims to increase knowledge of elevated supply chain threats due to the growing reliance on globally sourced commercial information and technologies for essential systems and services. The U.S.

Guest Viewpoint: What’s Driving Freight Costs Higher?

The Logistics of Logistics

The impact of rising yet fluctuating fuel prices, increased labor wages with the shortage of drivers and higher truck / equipment costs coupled with more restrictive Federal Guidelines reveal a future of higher costs. Utilize lower cost transportation; alternate sources such as Aerocraft airship or rail.

What is Procurement’s Place in the Value Chain?

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I speak with Procurement, Sourcing and Purchasing professionals every day, from various globally functioning organizations, and there’s a resounding similarity in every one of those conversations…. Source: Porter (1985). Procurement drives business from the source to the end customer.

Paving the Way for Sustainable Public Procurement


Although public procurement policies vary widely from country to country, most national governments issue purchasing guidelines for state-owned enterprises. Public spending is big business.

Challenges of global fast fashion supply chains (Part IV)

Supply Chain Movement

In this series on global fashion retail we have discussed about network design and inventory location in Chapter 1, stores replenishment in Chapter 2 and sourcing and manufacturing lead times in Chapter 3. Chapter 3 about sourcing and manufacturing lead times. Talent development.

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Overcoming Challenges to IoT Implementation

Enterra Insights

”[7] He adds, “Develop and share with your partners, suppliers and customers, clear guidelines on how data is managed and share between stakeholders in various processes.” One of the first things an organization can do is invest in a cognitive platform capable of integrating both structured and unstructured data so all teams are working from a single source of truth.

For Your Supply Chain KPIs to be Meaningful, Apply Some Golden Rules

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They can also be an excellent source of guidance to get started with meaningful KPI measurement. 9 Golden Rules for Meaningful Supply Chain KPIs.

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Provenance is looking for a Marketing Manager!


Source and test new digital channels and areas for growth. Develop the Provenance brand profile, marketing materials and comm’s guidelines with a clear tone of voice that anyone in the Provenance team can follow.

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