Guidelines for Filing Freight Claims

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When a large number of consignments are being transported over a significantly long distance via Logistics Company in India to international destination by sea etc. In this situation, here are some important guidelines and tips about the process that you must know about: .

Publix Vendor Guidelines Updated for On-Time Delivery

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Why Do Publix Vendor Guidelines Matter? . According to the company’s supplier guidelines , “Publix expects 100% of deliveries to be on time.” . Vendors that struggle with on-time performance frequently do so because of misaligned production and transportation operations. . If you are unable to measure your retail transportation performance effectively, it could be beneficial to work with a specialized logistics solutions provider. .

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Utilizing a 3PL to Apply Transportation Management Best Practices For E-Commerce


Transportation Management Challenges in E-Commerce Although e-commerce represents an excellent opportunity for shippers, it results in the creation of additional challenges in managing freight spend and moving products. Benchmark existing freight spend and use of transportation modes.

9 General but Important Tips and Guidelines for Better & Sustainable Freight Management


Using Transportation Management System/Software. Mobile apps are excellent about some tasks, but they are still inferior to the freight management software, or often referred to as a transportation management system , and its capabilities. Transportation and freight management service providers will be able to provide you with more information on the subject and who should be involved in moving your freight for you. Freight Transportation Freight Management

Transportation Cost Drains

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Transportation expense can cost 5%-10% of gross revenue and will be going up if not managed effectively.” Transportation cost drains drive up costs. Many companies are experiencing dramatic increases in transportation expense that have turned into cash and quality drains for their organization. Savvy financial managers know transportation cost can cost 5%-10% of gross revenue and will be going up if not managed effectively. Do they follow DOE guidelines?

C-TPAT: An Update to Supply Chain Security and Trade Compliance


Becoming a member of the C-TPAT program can deliver many benefits for shippers and transportation providers alike, including: Fewer customs inspections. In May 2019, the CBP announced that it has added Minimum-Security Criteria (MSC) requirements to the C-TPAT guidelines in order to help further mitigate risks. We are committed to the C-TPAT compliance guidelines and are always working to increase our operational and administrative standards.

How to Improve Freight Labeling for Transport and Logistics Management


To combat the problem here’s a way to improve freight labeling for transport and logistics management. Equipping transport fleets with computers and printers can improve freight labeling. Freight labeling guidelines are strict and the slightest error, or absence of a label, gives receivers the right to refuse delivery. Exported goods with missing or incorrect labels are likely to be more problematic and costly because freight labeling guidelines are usually stricter.

Back to the future of public transport

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An artist and a cartoonist for the magazine, Strothmann envisioned the future of transportation in 2001: Flying buses and trams, sky stations, and private zeppelins instead of cars. We may not have met Strothman’s vision for public transport in 2001, but what if we had? Imagine if an air transport vehicle is rescheduled onto the same route as another vehicle or if the system assigns a driver without the right certifications for a particular vehicle?

5 Trending Transportation Updates: May 2017

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Drivers face long-waits when seeking exemptions due to vague medial guidelines. Regulations Intermodal Transportation News Challenges transportation news Drivers UberMore Diabetic Drivers Seek Exemptions. Insulin-dependent drivers are requesting exemption to stay behind the wheel, but the current approval process is inefficient. However, over half of drivers seeking exemptions are getting the FMCSA approval stamp, compared to 39% two years ago. Read more here ).

The FAST Act: America’s Infrastructure Promoting the Transportation Industry


While the parodies are quite “terrifying,” the problem remains, but one piece of legislation, passed in December 2015, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act ), offers a solution, and actionable steps are being laid out to define a way to dramatically reshape the infrastructure-landscape in several key ways. Additional guidelines defined truck size and weight requirements that all projects receiving funding from the FAST Act must meet.

How New GHG Regulations Affect the Future of Transportation

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On August 16 th , the Obama administration released the final rule on Phase 2 of greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations for the transportation industry. Additional truck and trailer requirements, including fuel-efficiency guidelines and CO 2 emissions standards, will be implemented in 2021, 2024 and 2027. Phase 2 GHG emission regulations will affect every business involved in freight transportation.

Avoid Disputes with iTradeFresh


While BBS has Transportation Guidelines that provide general parameters for the conditions for transporting perishables, there is significant room for error that can lead to these disputes. In June, Blue Book Services ( BBS ) published an article in which a Claims Analyst discussed the complexities of determining whether carriers kept products within an acceptable temperature range.

What is the FMSCA’s Unified Registration System (URS) And What is the Impact on Transportation & Logistics Management?


Effective transportation management can be a hassle. Transportation managers must keep up with the ship dates of inventory, where inventory is currently located in the transportation process, what insurance information is being used and appropriated for each shipment, and many more factors. Many logistics providers and entities in the transportation management industry are unsure of what exactly the final rule on the URS means and how it affects business on a daily basis.

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11 Best Practices to Ship Parcel Like a Pro


Consider Event-Specific Labeling Guidelines. Certain events, like trade shows and fairs, may have specific labeling guidelines and requirements for all incoming freight. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post 11 Best Practices to Ship Parcel Like a Pro appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Freight Omnichannel Small Package Supply Chain Transportation Management ship parcel

Viable Visibility with Ocean Carriers

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Shippers are constantly seeking new ways to gain more visibility into their supply chain to ensure on-time deliveries and meet cost guidelines. Global Supply Chain 3pl Freight Forwarding Ocean TransportationAs in many areas of logistics, visibility during the ocean shipping process continues to be a challenge for both shippers and carriers alike.

Supply Chain Cybersecurity: Supply Chain Contractors Need to Improve Cybersecurity Risk


Given that you’re part of a network of providers, vendors, transporters and managers, the impact of just one weak link in the supply chain cybersecurity “chain of custody” can be significant. In some cases, you’ll be held responsible for damages if formal laws and guidelines apply. The integrity of the data associated with these goods is critical, which is why cloud providers find themselves bound by ever-stricter guidelines.

Trending Transportation Updates: April 2020

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There were many new transportation updates in the shipping industry last month. Check out some of the top stories and transportation updates in April 2020! Trending Transportation Updates: April 2020 Economy to reopen due to President Trump state-issued guidelines On April 16, President Trump announced that lockdown measures will be loosening for businesses. Blog transport topics transportation updates trending updates

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This Week in Logistics News (October 17-21, 2016)

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Acquires IDS Transportation Services, LLC. Department of Transportation (DOT) issued federal policy for the safe testing and deployment of automated vehicles. This week, as reported by Reuters, California proposed making those voluntary guidelines mandatory in the state, “which industry officials [including Google and leading automakers] said could hobble their efforts in the home to much of self-driving vehicle testing and development.” How was the JDRF Death Valley Ride ?

Start Managing Your Inbound Freight More Effectively Today

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In fact, it’s often the “final frontier” for companies that are trying to cut additional costs out of their transportation spend. This will establish a set of mandatory guidelines that will be used for all vendor-controlled (VDS) and customer pick-up (CPU) shipments. Utilize a transportation management system (TMS) to maximize inbound freight management.

Maximize Your TMS Investment with Excellent Customer Support

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Deciding to buy a transportation management system (TMS) is a big decision and there are a lot of factors to consider. Establishing those communication guidelines will lead to continued success to maximize your investment. Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - LeanLogistics Transportation Management Systems customer support LeanLogistics TMS transportation management systems

What Supply Chain Transparency Really Means


By Alexis Bateman and Leonardo Bonanni In this article, we offer some clarity on the meaning of supply chain transparency and guidelines to map and extend progress.

Guest Viewpoint: What’s Driving Freight Costs Higher?

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The latest Master of Logistics 20 th Annual Study of Transportation and Trends Study reports that in 2011 the highest percent of transportation costs was ground freight at 76.1%, of which US long haul trucking holds a major position at 64.4%. Ground freight, especially long haul trucking, is a major portion of transportation activity and costs. Utilize lower cost transportation; alternate sources such as Aerocraft airship or rail.

Food Logistics Tips for Making Sure Perishable Foods Are Safe During Transit


Certain foods and items, for instance, can’t merely get tossed on a transport truck and left to chance. Conservative estimates show the financial impact of transportation-related food safety failures exceeds $2 billion annually.

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This Week in Logistics News (April 11-15, 2016)

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February 2016 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). Considering that there are multiple ports, countries and carriers each developing their own guidelines, the need for a global process standard is critical. the Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI) fell 0.7 3PL Global Trade This Week in News Transportation Management Amazon CargoSmart Descartes Freight Transportation Services Index GT Nexus ocean shipping Omnitracs Paragon Software Systems SOLAS

What does increasing regulatory oversight mean for the pharma supply chain?

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China published new GMP guidelines in 2012 and called on pharmaceutical companies to pursue GMP certification by the end of 2013. Hand in hand with GMP standards, governments and international organizations such as WHO, have established and increased their requirements for Good Distribution Practices (GDP) – these standards define how life sciences products, particularly pharmaceuticals, have to be stored, transported and handled.

Blockchain for ELD Roadcheck: How the Technology Aids ELD Management


Supply chain leaders and transportation providers need to understand what’s going wrong with ELD use in today’s trucks, why blockchain is well-suited for ELD improvements, and how to use blockchain for to reduce risk amid woes.

The Ultimate Guide to Plastic Pallets


As well as design and weight capacity you’ll need consider export and import guidelines as these will influence which pallets you required. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post The Ultimate Guide to Plastic Pallets appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. It can often be tricky selecting the correct plastic pallets for your business.

7 Distribution Technology Trends Worth Discussing


Value-added services have also taken on a technology-like role as more companies want to use a comprehensive transportation management system (TMS) to thorough document and optimize their processes. Hours of Service Guidelines Are Evolving. Hours of service (HOS) guidelines are also changing for drivers. This can result in the dispatch of a secondary driver from another location to intercept the original driver and continue transporting the shipment.

How Would a Hard Brexit Impact UK/EU Trade?


Customs authorities must accept the declaration and assign a unique identifier to your shipment before it can be transported. Transportation Documentation. The trade and transportation challenges presented in a hard Brexit requires agile adaptation of tools, processes and services to handle the new rules and regulations that would be implemented. QAD Precision’s solution allows shippers to manage global trade , trade compliance and transportation from a single platform.

Case Study: People and Processes Drive Supply Chain Improvements at Honeywell


Then you’ll be able to leverage your transportation management system (TMS) to execute, automate, and optimize those processes, as well as gain visibility to business intelligence to drive continuous improvement. Shipping guidelines and lead time: One of the first priorities was to synchronize our logistics team to a more efficient shipping process that included new lead time rules for initial booking requests and arranging transportation.

What Supply Chain Transparency Really Means [Harvard Business Review]


By Alexis Bateman and Leonardo Bonanni In this article, we offer some clarity on the meaning of supply chain transparency and guidelines to map and extend progress.

Walmart’s OTIF Policy Will Continually Impact Forecast and Planning Strategies


Previously under the Must Arrive By Date (MABD) guidelines, suppliers of fast-turning products, as well as perishable … The post Walmart’s OTIF Policy Will Continually Impact Forecast and Planning Strategies appeared first on Chainalytics. Blog Demand Planning Intelligence Consortium Integrated Demand & Supply Planning Transportation In Full On Time OTIF Walmart

Logistics Alert: What the New IMO 2020 Emissions Standards Mean for the Shipping Industry


Below, I’ll examine what shippers need to know about the new fuel guidelines and discuss how it could affect their business. Changes to Global Fuel Guidelines. Business - Transportation Industry News International Logistics Transportation Management capacity carriers emissions fuel IMO international marine maritime ocean carriers ocean freight operations rates regulations shippers supply chain vessels

10 Tips To Be A Successful Freight Broker!

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The transportation industry has seen a rapid influx of interest and growth over the last several years, and this includes the professionals who work as intermediaries between shippers and carriers. Licensed freight brokers operate around the country in various markets, helping make the transport of goods a reality for their customers. This requirement provides protection to the broker’s customers in the event business transactions do not follow federal guidelines.

4 Air Freight Packaging Pointers from Securing Drums to Pallets


Editor’s Note: Cerasis focuses on North American transportation management. Further, we focus on over the road transportation management to include the modes: LTL, Full Truckload, and Small Package. Nationally and internationally, whether the shipper transports the cargo in plastic storage boxes by truck, crates by train, or cases by ship, the keys to success in proper air freight packaging lie in doing the job rapidly, efficiently and safely.