The Story Continues…. Let’s Don’t Sugar Coat the Real Issue

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As a country, I think that we need to rethink supply chain flows for chassis, drayage and the unloading of larger ships. I don’t think that the ports are up to the challenge of moving the high-levels of freight with larger ships without rethinking unloading space, equipment and flows. It takes 2 to 3 days to unload a ship. Today, the number of chassis required for a ship is between 2,000 and 5,000. The ships are getting larger.

Global Vendor Management: What It Is & Why It’s Essential for Your Shipping Strategy

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Imagine you are at your desk in Houston and you need to determine whether a completed order left the warehouse in China. That’s why you need a global shipping strategy with a comprehensive global vendor management program. The important rule is to ship so that products never go to the company’s facility. Instead they are shipped from the vendors to the customer, with possible stops at a distribution center in between.

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Hurricane Harvey Updates


The rain has stopped in Houston, Texas, but the traumatic conditions left by Tropical Storm Harvey have not yet cleared. Tropical Storm Harvey lashed Houston, Texas — America's fourth largest city — and has proven to be extremely traumatic to tens of thousands of people and businesses. This has alerted shipping lines and prompted some to entertain rerouting cargo to New Orleans and Alabama, and even as far away as the Bahamas and Mexico. The mayor of Houston issued a 12 a.m.

Hurricane Harvey - Effects, Forecasts, and Operational Best Practices


Harvey is not the first lethal and damaging flood to hit Houston: Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 killed 41 and caused $9 billion in damage, as well as flooding in 2016 that shut down the city for days. Houston’s expansive sprawl lacks drainage systems and has ample bodies of water that are easily exacerbated by heavy rains. Rising flood waters in southeastern Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey have shuttered numerous airports in and around Houston, including George W.

Expert Research, What Happened with IMO 2020 Fuel Prices?

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The amount of fuel used is dependent on the speed of the ship. The smaller Panamax ships (~5,000 TEU capacity) will consume ~63,000 gallons of marine fuel per day when operating between 20-25 knots. Fuel consumption can drop by almost a third when ship speeds are reduced by 10% (called slow-steaming). As of today, the highest VLSFO costs I see are in Houston, TX at $526/MT. IF380 in Houston, TX is at $375/MT. .

New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS


These enterprises are no longer reliant on the Suez Canal route for shipping freight on Post-Panamax container vessels to the United States. As described in my previous blog post , the enlarged Panama Canal can handle container ships up to 13,000 TEUs in size. Cargo can enter the country via East coast or West coast ports depending on variables such as the type of product being shipped. If high-value items are being shipped, it’s important to minimize inventory levels.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Supply Chain Update


Cargo flows and ship calls are rebounding in China as the situation normalizes. The Port of Houston is experiencing equipment shortages. to Asia export bookings, especially in markets with low container inventory. Coronavirus COVID-19 Supply Chain Update. With the global spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), vulnerabilities in supply chains continue to be exposed.

How Supply Chain Will be Affected by Hurricane Harvey

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Hurricane Harvey has struck a significant blow to the Houston, Texas metro area, home to the sixth largest import terminal in the world, as well as all of the shipping lanes in the Gulf Coast area. For manufacturing, those metrics are new orders, production, employment, supplier deliveries, and inventories of input materials. Production, new orders, and inventories of input materials comprised the second group.

Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


The expectation is that two mega ships will arrive at the ports to pick up empties this week as the equipment is needed in China. Industrial and chemical sectors are maintaining at seasonally expected shipping volumes as of this time. The major lanes between Houston/LA (I-10 Corridor), Chicago/Ohio, NJ/Eastern PA, and Atlanta remains the same with ample capacity however lead times have shortened. Cargo flows and ship calls are rebounding in China.

20 warehouse professionals and business leaders reveal the single most important first step when designing a warehouse layout

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For instance, conveyor systems are bulky and fixed in place, so warehouses with conveyor systems often must design the warehouse layout around this infrastructure while allocating adequate space for other warehouse functions, such as sortation and packaging and shipping. “First of all, assume you’re going to grow…” You don’t want to be incapable of packaging and shipping your product if your business booms and end up losing customers immediately.

29 warehouse & automation experts share insights on how warehouse robots will impact industry employment

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It also allows existing employees to spend less time lugging boxes or finding inventory and more time doing the more complex parts of their job that are difficult to automate. Plus, warehouse robots (drones, AMRs and AGVs) are still very fickle and fragile and require intense programming and integration with inventory systems and networked devices. Those inventory systems require more attention because of this (a human gig), as do programming and maintenance.

26 logistics professionals reveal the biggest trends in logistics technology

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AI will be able to survey an area or room and create an accurate inventory in seconds, including weights and volumes, and determine damage on items. Companies can accurately forecast demand, timely order raw materials and manage inventory more efficiently. Christoph Seitz is the Co-Owner of CFR Rinkens , a global leader in the shipping of commercial cargo, specializing in the containerized shipping of motor vehicles. dba Cabrella Shipping Insurance Intelligence.

Answering the Call in Times of Disaster

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So in this case, armed with data-driven software tools that afforded it real-time visibility into production at the mill level, as well as inventory at the warehouse level, and transportation capacity across multiple modes, the manufacturer could give the big-box chain, one of its biggest retail clients, options for covering the expected short-term spike in demand. Recent estimates suggest that Hurricane Harvey destroyed a minimum of 100,000 homes in the Houston-Beaumont, Texas, area.

2017 in Review: Disruptions Drive Rates Up

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E-Commerce Changes Shipping Patterns. Container ships docked in Los Angeles or Long Beach, the freight was unloaded, sorted and moved on rail intermodal or van trailers to regional distribution centers across the country. Then the retailers took over, shuttling goods to stores via private or dedicated fleets, to balance inventories in time for Thanksgiving weekend. 2017 was a wild year, as freight transportation faced one disruption after another.

Perspectives on the Global Trade Environment: A Panel Discussion


In February 2016, Cheniere became the first company to ship LNG from a commercial facility in the contiguous United States. Bill H: “We have two trade zones in Oklahoma and Houston, and are under construction to produce one in Corpus Christi. Our negotiation strategy is to reduce the impact on the end customer by carefully understanding the components of cost, timing of inventory already produced and potentially a shared role in the cost.

World's Most Important Chemical Made Rare Commodity by Harvey

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in Baytown outside Houston, and Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. Chemical and plastics buyers can continue operating only so long without replenishing their inventory, Ahmed said. Rail shipping has been constrained by train tracks damaged by flooding or still under water. Polypropylene producers could face an average delay of two weeks to ship their product via rail because of the storm, according to IHS.