The View from Houston: DHL Global Energy Conference 2015

Supply Chain View from the Field

Schlumberger is also using them with oil field workers to do inventory monitoring – the worker uploads a picture of the inventory in the field to connect with a remote technician, who can see what the oil field worker sees, and who can give them guidance on material handling. Oil and Gas Procurement Project Management Strategic Cost Management Supply Chain Innovation Supply Chain Management Transportation Planning

The Many Types of Inventory Management Technology


There are diverse types of inventory management technology and systems, designed to properly sort, control and act upon information with a company’s inventory. As explained by Kenneth Hamlett of the Houston Chronicle , the two dominant types of inventory management technologies include manual and automated systems. But, there are additional levels of inventory management in between. Automated Inventory Management Technology.


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The Story Continues…. Let’s Don’t Sugar Coat the Real Issue

Supply Chain Shaman

The people on the ground–my contacts in the 3PL, freight forwarding and transportation industry–know that the labor strife is only a part of the larger story. The flows assume that transportation can move without an interruption. Today, this is not a valid assumption, and most manufacturers lack the inventory buffers for inconsistent flows. Uncategorized cargo global trade inventory ports supply chain visibility

This Week in Logistics News (August 19-23, 2013)

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I went to Home Depot earlier this week to return a purchase, and the customer in front of me wanted to exchange a defective power tool with the same model, but he couldn’t find any on the shelf even though the store’s inventory system said 5 units were in stock. Manhattan Associates Launches 2013 Inventory Optimization Release. Ryder Announces New Transportation Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry.

Hurricane Harvey - Effects, Forecasts, and Operational Best Practices


Harvey is not the first lethal and damaging flood to hit Houston: Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 killed 41 and caused $9 billion in damage, as well as flooding in 2016 that shut down the city for days. Houston’s expansive sprawl lacks drainage systems and has ample bodies of water that are easily exacerbated by heavy rains. Rising flood waters in southeastern Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey have shuttered numerous airports in and around Houston, including George W.

Hurricane Harvey Updates


The rain has stopped in Houston, Texas, but the traumatic conditions left by Tropical Storm Harvey have not yet cleared. Tropical Storm Harvey lashed Houston, Texas — America's fourth largest city — and has proven to be extremely traumatic to tens of thousands of people and businesses. Another option being explored is for carriers to unload cargo at other ports in order to take in lighter loads upon entering Houston. The mayor of Houston issued a 12 a.m.

This Week in Logistics News (April 4-8, 2016)

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Marten Transport Ltd. Shippers are under enormous pressure to cut transportation costs and seem not to be satisfied with the massive fuel surcharge reductions racked up over the past year and a half.”. The orders are being fulfilled from about 160 Best Buy stores in markets that include Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Supply Chain Update


The Port of Houston is experiencing equipment shortages. to Asia export bookings, especially in markets with low container inventory. Business - Transportation Industry News International Logistics airline industry cargo carriers China coronavirus COVID-19 logistics manufacturing ocean cargo risk management shippers suppliers supply chain supply chain disruption supply chain opportunities supply chain vulnerabilities trucking US China trade US ports

Provoking the Industry to Move Past Incrementalism

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When we study 600 public companies by peer group, at the intersection of inventory turns and operating margin, only 5% drive improvement. There are many forms of decision support—price optimization, revenue management, transportation planning, spend management, network design. Houston, We Have a Problem. In this case, the metrics are operating margin and inventory turns. of revenue on IT are we improving inventories. Houston, we have a problem.

New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS


A transportation management system (TMS) can help shippers weigh the pros and cons of each option. The trade-offs are especially critical for destinations in a “battleground” region that stretches from Detroit in the north to Houston in the south. For example, a higher cost could be part of a strategy to win market share and align product transportation with that mission. If high-value items are being shipped, it’s important to minimize inventory levels.

Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


Transplace is closely monitoring the outbreak and the impact the reaction is having on the transportation market. Toward that end, we would like to provide you with four types of updates: 1) what we are seeing in the transportation marketplace, 2) what our customers are experiencing, 3) some best practices we recommend with regard to bidding, and 4) the actions we are taking to protect our employees and community. Port of Houston is experiencing equipment shortages.

Harvey’s Impact on the Global Supply Chain: The Role of Analytics


Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast and Houston with driving rains that left many businesses struggling with flooding, with little advance warning. Entire warehouses full of products, as well as significant links in the global supply chain could be affected, as well as transport and other nodes. Houston is a center for plastic resin due to the string of refineries in Texas and Louisiana, and the kind of commodities that are impacted include all plastic parts manufactured in the US.

Expert Research, What Happened with IMO 2020 Fuel Prices?

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As of today, the highest VLSFO costs I see are in Houston, TX at $526/MT. IF380 in Houston, TX is at $375/MT. . In today’s state, that transparency does not exist (or rarely exists), and it makes it very difficult for Transportation Operators to budget costs for 2020.

Expert Research, What Happened with IMO 2020 Fuel Prices?

Aborn and Co.

As of today, the highest VLSFO costs I see are in Houston, TX at $526/MT. IF380 in Houston, TX is at $375/MT. . In today’s state, that transparency does not exist (or rarely exists), and it makes it very difficult for Transportation Operators to budget costs for 2020. Chris was director of supply chain at SharkNinja where he was responsible for procurement, inventory management, and new product development. An update on how things are developing with IMO 2020/VLSFO.

How Supply Chain Will be Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Material Handling & Logistics

Hurricane Harvey has struck a significant blow to the Houston, Texas metro area, home to the sixth largest import terminal in the world, as well as all of the shipping lanes in the Gulf Coast area. For manufacturing, those metrics are new orders, production, employment, supplier deliveries, and inventories of input materials. Production, new orders, and inventories of input materials comprised the second group.

Road Report: 2018 OPEX Oil and Gas Summit


I recently had the opportunity to attend the Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas Summit held in Houston. One attendee I spoke to worked in the supply chain division for a large petroleum refining, marketing, and transportation company. The steering team is focused on digitizating operations, maintenance planning, scheduling, inventory management, asset integrity, and change management.

Get Your Supply Chain Back on Track in the Wake of the Hurricanes

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While the eye of the storms have passed (we hope; the latest news is that Tropical Storm Nate could develop into a hurricane this weekend), their effects will be felt for months to come, particularly as they caused closures at major ports including the Port of San Juan, the Port of Houston, the Port of Miami, Port Everglades and the Port of Savannah. Beyond that, assessing the state of inventory and machinery (What’s unusable?

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Global Vendor Management: What It Is & Why It’s Essential for Your Shipping Strategy

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Imagine you are at your desk in Houston and you need to determine whether a completed order left the warehouse in China. Transportation, consolidation, warehousing, and customs services can be combined with P.O. That means the company never handles the shipments, or has to put them into inventory or reship the freight. management that is enabled by a single, global technology platform, can reduce the complexity of tracking all transportation movements.

29 warehouse & automation experts share insights on how warehouse robots will impact industry employment

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It also allows existing employees to spend less time lugging boxes or finding inventory and more time doing the more complex parts of their job that are difficult to automate. Plus, warehouse robots (drones, AMRs and AGVs) are still very fickle and fragile and require intense programming and integration with inventory systems and networked devices. Those inventory systems require more attention because of this (a human gig), as do programming and maintenance.

Answering the Call in Times of Disaster

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So in this case, armed with data-driven software tools that afforded it real-time visibility into production at the mill level, as well as inventory at the warehouse level, and transportation capacity across multiple modes, the manufacturer could give the big-box chain, one of its biggest retail clients, options for covering the expected short-term spike in demand. Meanwhile, other tools can provide visibility into available inventory at specific warehouses.

26 logistics professionals reveal the biggest trends in logistics technology

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AI will be able to survey an area or room and create an accurate inventory in seconds, including weights and volumes, and determine damage on items. “The logistics industry is one of the biggest industries that will profit most from the digital revolution in 2019…” From quicker deliveries to more sustainable ways of transportation, harmonizing big data and automation efforts will ensure exponential growth in the industry.

20 warehouse professionals and business leaders reveal the single most important first step when designing a warehouse layout

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“Identify your production and supply chain methods first…” For instance, if you’re following the Lean Production Method, it means that you don’t need to stock minor accessories because most of your inventory consists of the finished products. When we had to redesign our warehouse a few years ago due to expanding inventory, we pushed on ahead without seeking feedback from our staff.

2017 in Review: Disruptions Drive Rates Up

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2017 was a wild year, as freight transportation faced one disruption after another. This period of elevated rates is only the beginning of a "new normal" era in freight transportation. Then the retailers took over, shuttling goods to stores via private or dedicated fleets, to balance inventories in time for Thanksgiving weekend. mainland destroyed lives and property, and caused massive disruptions in freight transportation all over the country.