How to Procure Full Truckloads in Tight Capacity


The use of full truckload shipping is rising in popularity, resulting from its lower cost as compared to less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. These rates will have natural implications for smaller shippers seeking to lower overall transportation and freight spend, and paired with a “blurred lines between peak shipping and shopping seasons,” shippers will experience increasing trouble when trying to procure full truckload capacity. Staying attentive to the market.

Procurement and Suppliers on the Same Page: How to Craft an Effective Terms & Conditions Sales Document


Editor's Note: Today's blog is the second part of Chuck Intrieri's series on how procurement and suppliers can avoid issues with their contracts. In part two, Chuck focuses on how to draft your terms and conditions. Procurement and suppliers often assume that small print is highly complicated legal jargon that is both boring and largely irrelevant. Consider your use of websites, how often have you read the terms of use? How to Begin Your Terms.


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10 Key Logistics & Procurement Supply Chain Practices to Know and Master to Reduce Spend.


Getting the raw materials needed to maintain production is one of the most important parts of the whole supply chain. If raw materials are unavailable, all subsequent processes are affected, which may result in increased costs to consumers and the respective companies as well. However, following these 10 practices can help you learn how to reduce spend in the procurement supply chain. Consider Cyber Security Concerns in the Procurement Supply Chain.

Procurement – How to Enable Spend Aggregation!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Check out Procurement: The Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course! Aggregating your procurement spend for the purpose of delivering greater value is a sound objective. Theoretically you should be able to generate better service, better terms and conditions, and better cost. Yet there can be many obstacles in your way to achieving this seemingly simple goal. To overcome the Spend Aggregation obstacles there are a series of enablers you need to enact to make this successful.

How to Reduce Fraud in Logistics


Fraud in logistics is a major problem. So many resources are wasted on trying to negate the issues, and although numerous risk analytics systems have been developed to try to improve the situation, nothing has proven foolproof. Blockchain technology may be the closest thing we have to a solution, and therefore, it has the potential to drastically change the industry as we know it. Fraud in Logistics and Supply Chain s Is Rampant.

WMS Software Procurement Lifecycle: How to Evaluate, Select, Implement, Modify, & Realize ROI

Veridian Solutions

The WMS software procurement lifecycle remains a challenge for many supply chain leaders. As explained by Tom Gresham of Inbound Logistics : . Forty trucks lined up down the road trying to get into a warehouse is a sign of a bad WMS installation. The Challenges of the WMS Software Procurement Lifecycle. Supply chain leaders will face challenges when beginning the WMS software procurement lifecycle. Employees within the company may be reluctant to change.

How to Capture Full Divestiture Value with a 3PL

Talking Logistics

Today, shippers face increased regulations, unstable market conditions and capacity concerns that make it near impossible for a newly divested company to achieve all of its goals without the expertise and support of a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. A 3PL provider offers customers with outsourced, or “third party,” logistics services for part or all of their supply chain management functions. This tactic of ‘letting go’, is how many companies are growing, even thriving.

3PL 136

How to Lower Your Ocean Freight Costs!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Ocean freight article and permission to publish here provided by Katherine Barrios at Freight forwarders and shippers/BCO s are on a constant quest to have a better understanding of their ocean freight costs and ultimately have larger margins. Both the suppliers and shippers will need to monitor market conditions and costs on an ongoing basis as they enter carrier rate negotiations. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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Green Logistics: How to deliver efficiently while minimizing carbon footprint


In a standard supply chain process, it has been observed by the economists the rising concern on climate change and growing pressure on the firms to decrease the carbon footprint. Source The process and involvement of logistics department in every organization have become an essential part to the economic development for a long time now. How can companies enable Green Logistics?

Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016

Supply Chain Movement

Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016. URL: Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016, sponsored by SAP, is the most important educational event of the year for organizations using SCM, PLM, manufacturing, and procurement solutions to fortify their business operations and infrastructure with proven methodologies and measurable, value-driven results.

SCM 60

How to Sustain a Lean Culture in Manufacturing & Supply Chain


Today I will discuss how a company can sustain a lean culture once they have implemented lean practices in order to achieve continuous improvement. Your company has started the lean journey, but how do you sustain it? Let's first talk about first setting the stage, then give you practical practices and tactics to achieve a sustainable lean culture, and then provide core key performance indicators (KPIs) to track your progress. Lean is a challenge to implement.

Lean 182

How to Get a Job in the Supply Chain Sector

Logistics Bureau

You are not alone, especially as in the time since we first penned this article, one huge and unforeseen event has raised awareness of the global importance of this vital sector—and shown it to be an attractive career choice. This is expected to widen to 9 to 1 in the years ahead.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

Supply Chain Opz

Companies of all sizes have been capturing the value from Global Supply Chain to increase the economies of scale and scope for years. Due to the rapid change in global business environment, managers find it difficult to gain the edge over competitors. In this article, we will show you tips from worldwide experts that you can use to streamline your global supply chain operations. Keep it Simple : It’s important to not over complicate things.

Global 216

Recruiters Reveal How to Land Dream Supply Chain Jobs

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According to O*NET OnLine, a supply chain manager earns $103,530 per year in average. That''s why we decided to find out what the experts in the industry will say and the answers are listed in the order they were received in: 1) Bronwen Hann from Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting In my opinion, the single most actionable tip for landing a Supply Chain dream job is to put together an accomplishment-based resume. If you’re an inventory planner, how many SKUs did you manage?

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10 Tips Shippers Can Use to Reduce Costs in LTL Procurement with Better Request for Pricing Bidding


As a third-party logistics company focused on over the road transportation management, and having an LTL rating engine and web-based TMS for nearly 20 years (web-based even before Google!), at Cerasis, we know a thing or two about the nuances of LTL procurement. LTL procurement is something we do very well. So we thought we would impart upon all the shippers out there some tips on how to reduce overall costs for effective LTL Procurement.

How to Shift Your Logistics Management for Omnichannel Selling


Omnichannel selling is an approach to retail sales that is designed to give the customer seamless brand experiences, whether they’re making a purchase online, over the phone, or inside a store. Businesses that want to increase their bottom line in the coming years must get on board with omnichannel sales, or they risk being left behind in favor of their competitors. Here's a closer look at omnichannel sales and how businesses can take this next step.

CML advises businesses on how to utilise logistics at Brexit Procurement & Supply Chain Forum

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

On the 15th of November, Paul Bambrough-Smith, Global Logistics Manager at CML, was invited to speak at the Brexit Procurement & Supply Chain Forum at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London

How to Recruit and Organize Supply Chain Talent to Unlock Your Supply Chain’s Potential

Talking Logistics

Recently it seems that more and more organizations are recognizing that their supply chains are a key component to the organization’s success. From the increasing adoption of a chief supply chain officer at major organizations to discussions of legislative changes , the influence of the supply chain on competitive advantage is more recognized than ever. Not everyone has the necessary skills to be a successful supply chain design analyst.

3 Warning Signs of a Siloed Supply Chain – and How to Fix Them

ModusLink Corporation

Supply chains need to move even faster. How do you know if you’re stuck in a siloed system? Here are a few warning signs to look out for: You’re operating […]. The post 3 Warning Signs of a Siloed Supply Chain – and How to Fix Them appeared first on ModusLink Global Solutions. Simplified & Sustainable Supply Chain Logistics manufacturing supply chain support returns planning Distribution Siloed Supply Chain Procurement Delivery

IKEA’s IWAY Lessons For Procurement!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. How To Differentiate With A Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Program! IKEA article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Sam Jenks at [link] . Looking at him now laying on the cushion in the corner of Kodiak Rating’s office sound asleep, I feel proud that we took the time and effort, to lay the foundation, to help him become the dog he is today. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

The Demand Powered Supply Chain: How to Win as the Bar Continues to Rise in the Retail Industry

CH Robinson Transportfolio

For many, a complex global supply chain became even more challenging to navigate. There’s a desire to meet and exceed heightened consumer expectations. Industry volatility and logistical complexity creates a risk of high on time in full (OTIF) fines.

Supply Chain Innovation: How to Build an Award-Winning Supply Chain


What does it take to create an award-winning supply chain? The two companies’ shared similarities—bold initiatives, transformative supply chain changes, big results and innovative technology—help answer the question—How to build an award-winning supply chain. High-demand products and parts must be available immediately; lower-demand items need to be delivered the same day or next morning. Costa Express also had a bold initiative to dramatically improve their business.

Tips for Effectively Managing E-Commerce Logistics


Yet, as few as 33 percent of shippers have taken advantage of a transportation management system (TMS), reports Michael of Levans of Logistics Management. As e-commerce continues to expand, shippers must adapt to the changing needs of consumers and accommodate returns rates of up to 400-percent than that of traditional, brick-and-mortar purchases. What Are the Challenges in Managing E-Commerce Logistics? Offer multiple shipping options to consumers.

3rd CEE Procurement & Supply Forum

Supply Chain Movement

3rd CEE Procurement & Supply Forum. More than ever, suppliers have to go beyond simple product delivery – they are innovation and value-creation partners. How to effectively identify and benefit from these potentials will be the main focus of the 3rd CEE Procurement & Supply Forum. Download the brochure>> Register now >> Events BME CEE Central Europe Eastern Europe event Forum innovation logistics Procurement sourcing supply chain

Sustainable Logistics: Quantifying Sustainability Measures of Your Logistics


Calculating the carbon footprint of a company’s comprehensive logistics framework is tremendously complex. Creating more sustainable logistics is even more important for the trucking industry. According to the American Trucking Association, in the USA trucks move 11 billion tons of freight each year; deliver 100 percent of all consumer products and 70 percent of all freight tonnage; and deliver to the 80 percent of U.S. Logistics

Indirect Procurement – It’s Time to Rise and Shine!

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Yet the lack of attention and focus that Indirect Procurement is often given is inconsistent with the true importance of this area. Indirect Procurement takes a back seat to Direct Procurement unfortunately. But it is time for Indirect Procurement to stand up and be counted! The Importance of Indirect Procurement! Indirect Procurement is referred to by many different names. The very labels applied to these names (ie.

How to Be a Preferred Shipping Customer: Strategies for the Coming Capacity Shortage

Talking Logistics

The economy is continuing to regain momentum. But these positive developments are beginning to be overshadowed by concerns about the ongoing driver shortage: CNN has reported there are currently 30,000 open slots for drivers. Estimates are that carriers will need to hire 100,000 drivers annually in the. coming years to keep pace with demand. To increase driver retention rates, more and more carriers are dedicating themselves to accommodating driver concerns.

Survey: How to benefit from electronic invoicing


automation and digital transformation, when it comes to invoicing, we still live in a mainly analogue, non-electronic, non-automated world. To gain a clearer picture on the real effects of e-invoicing, we conducted a scientific survey. The majority of the participants was handling invoice creation or processing in the accounting, procurement and logistics departments. The post Survey: How to benefit from electronic invoicing appeared first on SupplyOn

How to Successfully Implement a Transportation Management System

Talking Logistics

What are the key ingredients to a successful TMS implementation? Those are some of the questions I posed to Geoff Milsom, Senior Director at enVista , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. Most people think of implementation as the next step after companies select and contract for a TMS, but in a recent guest commentary for Talking Logistics , Geoff suggests that a successful TMS implementation actually begins before a solution is even selected.

The Importance of Using Supply Chain Management Software in Procurement

EC Sourcing Group

When you’re trying to control the entire procurement process within the supply chain, you want to make sure that you have the best software for your needs at your side so that everyone—you, vendors, and suppliers, are getting their needs met within the supply chain.

Technologies that Impact Procurement


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. Technologies and Procurement Table. There are a lot of articles around on what Procurement needs to do; how Procurement needs to change; and how technology will fundamentally change Procurement. Rather than repeat these and try to tell you what you already know, that change is a good thing if it produces better results. 2 Technologies and Procurement Table. Virtual Procurement Agents.

Current Trends in the Transportation Market and How to Respond

Talking Logistics

Those words certainly could apply to the transportation market, especially this year. How might it change in the weeks and months ahead? Read more Current Trends in the Transportation Market and How to Respond.

Top 15 Logistics Blog Posts of 2014


We continue our top blog posts of 2014 from our main categories today by focusing on something at Cerasis we are experts in : Logistics. If you are familiar with the term logistics, then you undoubtedly know it conjures up a different meaning to different people , different countries, and different companies even. There are countless number of logistics service providers who offer many different types of broad and niche services. Top 15 Logistics Blog Posts of 2014.

How to Attract the Best Talent to Your Supply Chain


In a market where consumers are demanding instant gratification from brands, the importance of supply chain to a business’s success has never been greater. With the “first generation” of supply chain professionals preparing to retire, businesses will need to invest in new talent to fill roles across logistics, operations, planning, procurement, and more. What should the supply chain industry be doing to encourage the best talent?

How to Fix the Supply Chain Talent Shortage


This is a follow-up piece to our previous post, 4 reasons for the supply chain talent shortage. It involves universities and corporations working together to provide the right education, understand how to evaluate performance, and change the public perception of what “supply chain” really means. Professor Richard Wilding spoke about a board game he developed with several companies, which focuses on educating young children about logistics and transportation.